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CNet is offering a new course for everyone who wants to learn or update his fundamental digital audio skills. In five lessons, the technology publisher who has assigned the delivery of this course to digital music expert Andrew Webster, will put in the condition to copy ... read more

Robin Good - December 16, 2004

Researcher, educational technologists, instructional designer, writer, reporter, information architect, trends watcher, lecturer, public speaker, software developer, system analyst, distance trainer, philosophy professor, critical thinker, activist, change agent, futurist. If you don't know Stephen Downes it is about time you do. I went out to interview him online ... read more

Robin Good - December 12, 2004

This wiki radio thing has been playing on my PC for over two weeks now and anytime I open up my multi-tabbed Avant Browser bringing me back to the last 36 Web pages I am working on, I can hear the rock guitar intro of the ... read more

Robin Good - December 3, 2004

"Cyberspace does not belong to any single group and, because it is simultaneously everywhere and nowhere, it does not lend itself to conventional terrestrial legal mechanisms. Nevertheless, it is vital to create a sense of trust in the technology for learning purposes, and to protect the ... read more

Philip C Candy - via Stephen Downes - November 25, 2004

As I wanted to make my small contribution to the Global Learn Day event which is taking place online at this very time (PC Windows users log in here), I just thought of making my own little presentation (with no slides ::: just my talking head) ... read more

Robin Good - November 21, 2004

The grassroots online audio-based conference showcasing live, educational technologists, futurists, and pedagogical e-learning evangelists from all around the world is about to start today for a 24-hour non-stop show: This is Global Learn Day, and it starts today. Organized by the Benjamin Franklin Institute, this event ... read more

Robin Good - November 20, 2004

All of us have great ideas from time to time. Most often, those bright sparks extinguish quickly, usually because a great idea unshared is nothing more than that - a great idea. But if you have a great idea that you'd like as many people as ... read more

Robin Good - November 19, 2004

Web search leader Google on Wednesday unveiled Google Scholar, a new search product aimed at helping users search scholarly literature such as technical reports, theses and abstracts. Google Scholar enables you to search specifically for scholarly literature, including peer-reviewed papers, theses, books, preprints, abstracts and technical ... read more

Robin Good - November 18, 2004

The debate has long been raging, with the traditionalists having always a highly skeptical judgment on such an educational approach, and only a few brave open-minded scholars taking the gaming matter with courage to the class. Alice Mitchell and Carol Savill-Smith of LSDA in the UK come ... read more

Alice Mitchell and Carol Savill-Smith - LSDA - November 13, 2004

The Creative Commons has just release a new revolutionary, free killer app that allows individuals to upload, CC tag and share their audio recordings to the Internet at large via the Internet Archive, while keeping some of their rights fully intact. CC Publisher is indeed a revolutionary ... read more

Robin Good - [via Joi Ito] - November 9, 2004

Bill French, co-founder of MyST Technology Partners just sent me an email referencing my recent article covering good examples of RSS newsmastering applications and where he gently shows me their progress as validation of the emerging NewsMater role. Bill French writes:"This Edu RSS item caught my ... read more

Bill French - Myst Technology Partners - October 28, 2004
Thanks to Stephen Downes who has been promptly pointing at this very interesting resource brought together by Brian Lamb and Alan Levine. I truly like their open-ended approach to popularizing these new concepts and ideas as they start to emerge in the academic world. Unless you have ... read more

UBC - Various Authors - [via Stephen Downes] - October 27, 2004
Mark Pesce has recently published a lengthy, punchy, strong piece anticipating a take over of what used to be major broadcast media by the unstoppable emerging forces of P2P network distribution, personal syndication, and low-cost transmission technologies. Professor Pesce, now happily emigrated to Australia to coordinate ... read more

Robin Good - October 15, 2004
As any researcher will tell you, research is a process. However, it is rarely a seamless, end-to-end flow of integrated tasks and one of the key skills of information professionals is to be able to provide neatly distilled, easy-to-digest products for the end-user, without necessarily inundating ... read more

Robin Good - September 28, 2004
Second Life, is the latest 3D digital world imagined, created and owned by its own inhabitants. In it you can chat, play games, build houses and meet with other people. In second Life you can have your own land on which you can literally "build" any ... read more

Robin Good - September 27, 2004
Should researchers and analysts worry about increasing demand for ever-diminishing returns? Is small really that beautiful and is less really more? Marydee Ojala, Editor of Online Magazine, has written a very thought-provoking piece, entitled "Information - Short and Sweet" in the latest issue (Vol. 28 No. 5 ... read more

Robin Good - September 24, 2004
As an information professional, it's not that often you come across a tool that is both (a) extremely easy to use and (b) can create a whole range of simple, effective and ultimately indispensable new services for your users. If that tool also allows you to ... read more

Robin Good - September 23, 2004
Released today, Web Collaborator is a new online collaboration tool which allows online groups to work effectively around the same document. A wiki at its foundations, Web Collaborator has been designed with maximum ease-of-use in mind, and with an extra layer of security and control over ... read more

Robin Good Recommends - September 20, 2004
Stephen Downes brings back some great stuff from his keynote presentation delivered at ITI in Utah. The central tenet of his essay is the acknowledgement of a vast, growing tension between the producers of media, both online and traditional, and the consumers of this same media. ... read more

Robin Good - September 9, 2004

Most advanced PC users run a note-taking utility on their computer. They are available in several shapes and sizes. Sticky notes utilities are a specific category, allowing you to quickly jot down a note and stick that to your desktop. A good example is the well-designed ... read more

Robin Good - September 7, 2004

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