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Vimeo is another online free video hosting and delivery service dedicated to short high-quality clips. Chris Pirillo mini-clip for TheWeblogProject Originally conceived by Jakob Lodwick, it was recently brought to life by him together with Zach Klein. On Vimeo you can upload just about any video format though not ... read more

Robin Good - June 28, 2005

Stephen Downes, has just published a links to three new interesting aticles about critical thinking in education. Critical Thinking "is a term used to refer to those kinds of mental activity that are clear, precise, and purposeful. It is typically associated with solving complex real world ... read more

Stephen Downes - OLDaily - June 21, 2005

To effectively deliver a PowerPoint presentation or screen recording on the Web, the traditional means of converting individual slides to GIF and JPG image files is not effective anymore. It is cumbersome, it takes time, it forces you into a fixed screen resolution, it pushes accepting compromises ... read more

Robin Good - June 20, 2005

Due to the enormous and ever-increasing information flow we are all submitted to, the only way to improve our ability to access and use the information that is really important to us, must take place by scaling up one notch our ability to filter, aggregate and ... read more

Robin Good - June 15, 2005

If you want to show your computer screen, a presentation or a set of documents to someone connected to the Internet who lives across the ocean, you need to use a "screen sharing" software or online service. Photo credit: Jorge Del Toro While most popular web conferencing systems ... read more

Robin Good - May 24, 2005

Multi-user and group blogs are a new, rapidly emerging reality, representing one of the most interesting aspects of the strong market adoption and diversification process that the new generation of online publishing tools is giving life to. Photo credit: Alexander OPL As blogs are about to get their ... read more

Robin Good - May 16, 2005

If the word "Open Source" makes you think only of Linux computers and geeky programming languages, it's time to update yourself. Open Source software is now available for every category of productivity, research and programming you can think of and the number of open source applications that ... read more

Robin Good - May 8, 2005

It is just more than a month since I have presented this short audio and video presentation to iCohere Virtual teams 2005, an online conference which focuses on online collaboration, tools, technologies and resources that facilitate online cooperation and teamwork. Andres Ojeda The presentation is 37' minutes long ... read more

Robin Good - iCohere - May 5, 2005

Two new, very cost-effective, real-time collaboration tools open up new ways to share and present Microsoft Office documents on the Web. The first, Instacoll, fully integrates with your Office tools and provides an easy and immediate approach to PowerPoint share presentations, Excel spreadsheets, Word documents, without needing ... read more

Robin Good - April 30, 2005

Companies in the U.S. spend about $60 billion a year on training their employees, but there's a good chance much of that is wasted. The reason: most training sessions are just too dull. Photo credit: Sean Okihiro A recent article in the Technology Section of the The Wall ... read more

Robin Good - The Wall Street Journal Online - April 29, 2005

"In general, filmmakers have been very slow to effectively use the web. The main problem is that we don't think of the web as an integral part of the filmmaking process. Today, a filmmaker might have a website, a Quicktime trailer of the film, some press ... read more

Robin Good - April 19, 2005
Although Podcasting and, more recently, Vodcasting (or video-casting) have taken the online world by storm, with geeks and their like adopting these new RSS 2.0-based digital content broadcasting and distribution technologies with huge enthusiasm, their impact outside of geek-dom has, so far, been quite limited. ... read more

Peter Meng - April 16, 2005

With Ineen, the first fully-featured open-standards compliant audio and videoconferencing desktop tool is here. Available for both Mac and PC users, Ineen allows nested conferences allowing unlimited number of people to join in real-time and talk. Ineen is another P2P real-time communication jewel integrating all of the ... read more

Robin Good - [via Alessandro Perilli] - April 2, 2005

If we pay our state to create public works like art, music, architecture, research, is it right that these creations are then exploited for commercial uses by a restricted few? If through the taxes that I and you pay, the government decides to commission an art ... read more

Robin Good - March 16, 2005

I just finished listening to Rok Hrastnik's highly recommended interview with Robin about The RSS NewsMaster's Toolkit. The third edition of Robin's e-book is expected to be released within a week from now and describes the exact steps that you need to follow if you want ... read more

Robin Good - March 4, 2005
Vendors of professional Web conferencing tools usually pitch their marketing strategies at corporate buyers. Advanced Reality Inc. has taken an entirely different, very challenging and bottom-up approach by releasing a beta version of Jybe, a free browser toolbar plug-in that not only allows you to browse ... read more

Chris Duncan & Robin Good - Kolabora - January 27, 2005

According to researchers at Futurelab, a British nonprofit investigating how technology can be used for innovative learning, video games have the potential to be highly effective tools for holding students' attention and teaching them about a variety of topics. Photo credit: Muriel Miralles This sentiment echoes recent ... read more

Educause - BBC News - January 22, 2005

Following up on his recent coverage about OmniScope and its upcoming, lightweight, Flash-based counterpart FeatureFinder, Robin Good has just made his audio interview available with Edward Forbes, managing director of Iokio. The interview was held last week. Omniscope 3-step approach from data to visualization By listening to this ... read more

Robin Good - January 20, 2005

Gurunet Corporation, well-known for its subscription-based service Gurunet, has just announced a slightly simplified, but most importantly, free version of their fact finding software. This web service is available to PC and Macintosh users and requires only a short and simple download and installation process. The ... read more

Robin Good - January 6, 2005

One of my favourite asynchronous discussion services, QuickTopic, has just added RSS to its already extremely useful set of functions. RSS feed generation allows you to follow QuickTopic comments and input from other contributors directly into your RSS reader/aggregator while allowing much greater exposure surface and the ... read more

Robin Good - [via Steve Yost - QuickTopic] - December 20, 2004

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