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"Can't we make both collaboration and contributing to the corporate knowledge base easy? Because of overcomplicated metadata requirements and document management tools still in their infancy, some enterprises are making it more difficult for people to contribute knowledge. The business process gets defined by the ... read more

Matthew Clapp - CMS Watch - [via George Siemens] - September 20, 2004
Released today, Web Collaborator is a new online collaboration tool which allows online groups to work effectively around the same document. A wiki at its foundations, Web Collaborator has been designed with maximum ease-of-use in mind, and with an extra layer of security and control over ... read more

Robin Good Recommends - September 20, 2004
//">ConferencingNews publishes today an interesting interview with me, for which they have patiently waited several months. In it I share some of my background, my career milestones and my present daily work routines. I talk about talk //">Kolabora, //">MasterNewMedia and how they have come about. I ... read more

Robin Good - - September 13, 2004

Slashdot takes up on a New York Times article chanting the many virtues of Skype, the cross-platform free Voice-over-IP technology that allows quality voice communications between any two computers and that has now also added conferencing calls, computer-to-phone calls and direct file transfers among computers. Skype ... read more

Robin Good Comments - [via Slashdot - New York Times] - September 7, 2004
Skype, the best free voice-over-IP solution available today to PC and Linux computer is now accessible also from Mac OS X powered machines (beta version). With this new release, Skype is the first company to have on the market a powerful instant messenger integrating voice, multi-party ... read more

Robin Good - Skype - August 31, 2004
The hot issue remains pretty much the same. Here is an industry, dynamic, fast growing and exciting with new tools and technologies showing up on my radar on a weekly basis now, but with no real voices, personalities and character as the audiences they are targeting ... read more

Robin Good - Kolabora - August 27, 2004
This is a Macromedia Breeze presentation I recorded for the e/merge 2004 conference on Blended Collaborative Learning back in July. It addresses issues relating to live collaboration and conferencing systems that can be effectively utilized in the academic world. It points out to different categories of ... read more

Robin Good - August 21, 2004
"Today, Palo Alto-based start-up Five Across introduced a new instant messenger system, called InterComm. At first blush, another IM system may seem redundant, silly and unnecessary. After all, AOL, MSN, and Yahoo already capture the vast majority of consumer IM users. What can a newcomer bring ... read more

Chris Shipley - DEMOletter - August 11, 2004

Today, Stephanie Downs of ConferZone presents a new live event focusing on selecting a Web Conferencing provider. Entitled "How To Pick A (Web Conferencing) Vendor" the event goal is to "help participants learn to:Decide on the "Category" of e-conferencing that fits your needs. Structure your requirements ... read more

Some quite interesting trends emerge from the report I created with the questions and answers collected at yesterday's live event "State of the E-conferencing Industry: Today's Issues and Tomorrow's Solution" organized and presented/moderated by Stephanie Downs of ConferZone. If we don't leverage more audience participation and parallel ... read more

Robin Good - Kolabora - August 6, 2004
Real-time blogging was my yesterday experiment. I set-up to cover in real-time the live online conference "State of the E-conferencing Industry: Today's Issues and Tomorrow's Solution" organized and presented/moderated by Stephanie Downs of ConferZone. The challenge I had posed to myself was: how do I blog a ... read more

Robin Good Reports - August 6, 2004
Today, at 12 noon New York time, I will be reporting/blogging live for about three hours, Stephanie Downs' live conferencing event "State of the E-conferencing Industry: Today's Issues and Tomorrow's Solution". If you are interested to attend a live conference on the future of Web conferencing ... read more

Robin Good - Kolabora - August 5, 2004
Robin Good reports on his first impressions in using the new official release of Skype and in particular its new revolutionary offering allowing direct PC-to-phone calls called SkypeOut. While the judges are still out, Robin provides its own dose of expert opinion and advice on the ... read more

Robin Good - Kolabora - August 4, 2004
The official release of Skype 1.0 provides added functionalities including integrated PC-to-phone calling to any landline or mobile phone in the world and direct P2P file transfer among Skype users on any computer platform (for now Windows and Linux. Mac coming next). Outside of a poor ... read more

Robin Good - July 29, 2004
I have had to recently engage the staff and management of a geographically dispersed research organization in re-evaluating and analyzing the key issues that were limiting their online communication effectiveness. As many other similar organizations their IT department has standardized its operations on Microsoft software and ... read more

Robin Good - July 26, 2004
From the excellent work on Training of Trainers completed by Nancy White and the team at the Outreach office of PH Armenia including Anna Martirosyan and Siranush Vardanyan, I have extracted this little pearl. It is a well organized collection of tips and best practices that ... read more

ASCP - Armenia School Connectivity Program - [via Onlinefacilitation Yahoogroup] - July 22, 2004
"For some, the work of the future will resemble an elaborate, personalized video game front-end that's connected to the physical operations of their company." Jay Cross says it as openly as he would drink a glass water and I am glad that there are individuals like ... read more

Jay Cross - July 18, 2004
"America Online, Microsoft and Yahoo are teaming up to link their separate instant messaging services for use in the workplace, the first major step by the industry leaders to enable computer users to communicate with one another no matter which of the three systems they use. ... read more

Robin Good - Yahoo News - July 15, 2004
Groove has just launched the newest version of its flagship product, now called Virtual Office, while completely revamping the design and organization of its excellent Web site. Groove Networks, has been working hard for quite a few months to this new version 3 release, while constantly ... read more

Robin Good - July 12, 2004
Tixeo Workspace 3D is a new immersive virtual environment in which people can meet, talk, discuss, present and collaborate while interacting and seeing themselves through so-called avatars. Following a month or so the official entry into the market by industry-first SmartMeeting, Tixeo has set itself to ... read more

Robin Good - July 11, 2004

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