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Wonder where the buzz is? I know that the blogosphere has lots to offer with lots of buzz references available on DayPop, Technorati, and some of the many other blog news and RSS clearinghouses, but, as I have just found out, mainstream Yahoo can guide you ... read more

Robin Good - January 1, 2005

Skype is an increasingly popular real-time communication tool, allowing users on any Windows PC to easily call each other, entertain high-quality voice conversations without ever having to hear a dial tone or worry about the cost of their long distance exchange. Its use its pretty straightforward making ... read more

Robin Good - Kolabora Latest News - December 30, 2004

Online audio conversations, one-to-one interviews, over-the-phone recordings are all the rage now that a large number Internet users can tap into broadband. With a significant increase in Internet speed and amount of data that can be rapidly transferred, downloading a multi-megabyte audio file is not something ... read more

Robin Good - Kolabora - December 25, 2004

"Do you have a killer guitar riff but can't sing to save your life? Do you dream of playing in a band but can't find the time? If so, this is the place for you. is on a mission to bring together "virtual bands" comprised of ... read more

Robin Good - December 21, 2004

One of my favourite asynchronous discussion services, QuickTopic, has just added RSS to its already extremely useful set of functions. RSS feed generation allows you to follow QuickTopic comments and input from other contributors directly into your RSS reader/aggregator while allowing much greater exposure surface and the ... read more

Robin Good - [via Steve Yost - QuickTopic] - December 20, 2004

Whether you're participating in an online meeting, or physically sitting around a meeting table with colleagues, how often does your attention slip? For how long? What else do you think about and do? What makes you 're-surface' and start to pay attention and be involved? According to ... read more

Robin Good - December 20, 2004

How can online collaboration tools be improved? What do we need to do to leverage all of the potential new abilities we have created with these new technologies? Which are the ways in which we can start understanding where the improvements should be? Eugene Eric Kim Together ... read more

Robin Good - Kolabora - December 19, 2004

For a glimpse into the future for online collaboration tools, whether in the office or in everyday life, one only has to look at how teenagers are using such tools as instant messaging (IM) and mobile phone based text messaging services (SMS) today. As today’s teenagers ... read more

Robin Good - - December 14, 2004

In less than thirty minutes over 370 videoconferencing endpoints will be connecting together for the largest online video-based event of the year: The MegaConference. The event brings together researchers, academicians, educators and technology experts from around the world while utilizing different videoconferencing technologies. ... read more

Robin Good - December 9, 2004

Nonetheless the leadership role it has and the abundant technology solutions it markets and proudly promotes, Microsoft is still in a stone age culture when it comes to real-time communications. Nonetheless the highly acclaimed acquisition of Placeware technology and its heavy entry into the conferencing market with ... read more

Robin Good - Kolabora - December 4, 2004

Once again, a genuine question from a user is the spark that gives both the opportunity and the motivation to share some good and up-to-date information. As it is the case more and more often, people have finally awoken to the idea that both voice and ... read more

Robin Good - Kolabora - December 1, 2004

What are 'Web Touring and Co-browsing' and why are they so important to a real-time conferencing or collaboration system? Can you sell screen-sharing for Co-browsing, Web-Touring? Is it the same thing? What are the true advantages of Co-browsing over other solutions? If you have been following my work on ... read more

Robin Good - Kolabora - November 30, 2004

Babble is a new broadband internet telephony (VoIP) service from the UK's that offers free PC to fixed/landline telephone calls across Europe, mainland North America, Australia and New Zealand. Calls between Babble users anywhere in the world are also free and users can also instant ... read more

Robin Good - November 26, 2004

'Presence' awareness has rapidly become one of the most compelling features of Instant Messaging (IM) applications. Never before in the history of communications have we been able to tell whether the person we want to communicate with can actually be reached before we try to engage ... read more

Robin Good - ACM Queue - November 24, 2004

The grassroots online audio-based conference showcasing live, educational technologists, futurists, and pedagogical e-learning evangelists from all around the world is about to start today for a 24-hour non-stop show: This is Global Learn Day, and it starts today. Organized by the Benjamin Franklin Institute, this event ... read more

Robin Good - November 20, 2004

Microsoft strategy for expansion in the real-time collaboration market is about to become reality as in the coming months the company will be releasing a new version of their Live Communication Server and a new corporate instant messenger (code-named Istanbul) that will have full interoperability with ... read more

Robin Good - Business 2.0 - November 20, 2004

If you're looking for a reliable, stable and trustworthy supplier of web conferencing and/or online presentation tools, you're not going to be able to gain a very clear picture simply by reading prospective vendors' marketing brochures, touring their corporate websites or by being forced to listen ... read more

Robin Good - November 19, 2004

According to a sneak preview page on Cerulean Studios' Trillian website, the soon to be released Version 3 of the Trillian instant messaging application will incorporate a wide range of new features, including integration with the Wikipedia online encyclopedia, as well as real-time video and audio ... read more

Robin Good - November 17, 2004

The Creative Commons has just release a new revolutionary, free killer app that allows individuals to upload, CC tag and share their audio recordings to the Internet at large via the Internet Archive, while keeping some of their rights fully intact. CC Publisher is indeed a revolutionary ... read more

Robin Good - [via Joi Ito] - November 9, 2004
There is indeed a lot of public praise around Skype and most of this is truly well deserved. Skype is such a uniquely effective real-time communication tool that it has indeed deserved the greatest part of the great reviews, written compliments and public commentary it has ... read more

Robin Good - November 7, 2004

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