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Social media network that enables musicians and video artists to sell their music and videos Earn money from your website or blog, by selling books, DVDs, and CDs that you personally select Web-based service that enables you to create your personal online portfolio Upload files and either share ... read more

Robin Good - July 16, 2006
What is a blog? Here is a new mini-compilation (see previous one) of great video remixes that I and my micro video-editing team have created for TheWeblogProject. These have all been edited and produced collaboratively by me, Alessandro Luccardi and Nico Canali De Rossi while using ... read more

Robin Good - July 15, 2006

What does the future of online collaboration have in store for us? In these fast changing times how are you going to work, communicate, exchange and show documents, ideas, pressing needs and information requests to your peers, when they are all working at a distance? Why web ... read more

Robin Good - Kolabora - July 11, 2006

Get paid for publishing your best video clips and images to this user-generated content Mobile blogging service provides ability to easily publish to the web your best shots Server-based open-source free online collaboration space to share, comment, interact, revise, collaborate, and collaborate Hosted online service support creative work ... read more


Vonage announced its Vonage V-Phone, a portable and multifunctional USB device which allows anyone to carry around a matchbox-sized portable low-cost SIP phone which can be very easily connected and used with any PC connected to the Internet, without further installation procedures or setup. By simply plugging ... read more

Robin Good and John Blossom - Shore - July 4, 2006

Web-based editor enables you to write online documents and collaborate with colleagues Online tool allows you to edit your pictures online Write and share documents easily, quickly and privately Draw pictures and label things on a Google map and see your work in 3D Online multiuser web application for ... read more


Staying connected with the news and information that matters to you the most has never been easier for mobile phone users worldwide thanks to the latest announcement from Google, which has just made available several mobile services which further facilitate access to Google-based information services while ... read more

Robin Good - June 28, 2006

Free calls to traditional telephone lines and mobile phones are now possible thanks to the latest announcement made today by JaJah, the same company which has recently made available to everyone online a cool web-based service to call any phone number in the world at very ... read more

Robin Good - June 27, 2006

Create presentations, slideshows and outlines right in your web browser Translate RSS feeds from blogs and podcasts into foreign languages Access to your favorite RSS feeds, blogs and news channels directly from your mobile Upload photos and videos and share them over the Internet Social networking site that also ... read more

Robin Good - June 25, 2006

Building a blog network This section focuses on network of weblogs, or blogs, at a global consulting firm. The firm has decided to link its 100.000 consultants through a series of five weblogs, or blogs in order to help them have access to more up-to-date information ... read more

Kathleen Gilroy and Bill Ives - Otter Group - June 24, 2006

IM is the fastest growing communications channel ever. It is growing faster than the use of telephone and mobile use, faster than e-mail usage. Although people tend to associate it with teen-agers use, instant messaging is increasingly well entrenched in the enterprise as an efficient collaboration ... read more

Robin Good - June 23, 2006

Picasa's new feature allows you to create photo albums and store them online Join, listen and broadcast a live or recorded multi-person conversation and podcasts Send video clips directly from your mobile phone to popular video sharing sites Online service lets you send SMS text messages as emails Create your ... read more

Robin Good - June 18, 2006

Mobile messaging is about to break free from being a telephone-based-only universe, as more and more of the Internet-based communication channels start to interoperate with it. Swarming is about to bridge mobile phones and Internet-based communications channels. From instant messaging system that have now started to offer ... read more

Robin Good - June 10, 2006

On May 24, 2006 SightSpeed introduced version 4.6 of their video conferencing solution and I must say that I was blown away. I have been patiently waiting for a video solution with quality as good as, if not better, than Apple's iChat AV which would also ... read more

Benjamin J. Higginbotham - Technology Evangelist - June 6, 2006

Connect two phones via a web-based interface and call people around the world for very competitive fees Search engine for images enables you to find similar photos within Flickr database Share your photos, edit them and create online slideshows with music Web-based images editor enables you to edit ... read more


If you have been looking to find quality news, reviews and articles on online collaboration tools and web, video and audio conferencing technologies, you may have realized how hard it is becoming to be able to get all the news about a certain topic, without ... read more

Robin Good - June 1, 2006

The latest Microsoft Instant Messenger, Windows Live Messenger 8, is an all-round instant messenger, with advanced voice and video communication abilities, integrated collaboration tools, and several more truly advanced features including PC-to-phone, SMSing and more. The highly promising new instant messaging platform from Microsoft, integrates everything ... read more

Robin Good - Kolabora - May 31, 2006

Videoblogging, podcasting and video sharing service offers you a free blog Video sharing community whose content is raised by user's ratings Online photo editor enables you to edit and add special effects to your images within your browser Web-based group email application allows you to send email to a ... read more


Video sharing platform allows you to publish videos and broadcast them from your website Record, mix and broadcast your podcasts and get free storage for them Music delivery and distribution service allows you to sell your music online Talking translator enables you to translate any text sentence into a ... read more


Text-to-speech application enables your website to translate text into audio Web-based karaoke application allows users to sing, record, and playback their favorite songs Instant messenger with video enables you to make voIP calls and share your screen across the Internet Media sharing platform enables you ... read more


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