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"The Netherlands is somewhat of a test market for services around Instant Messenger, Microsoft's chat client. With 4 million active IM users in a country of 15 million, IM is incredibly popular, and becoming a mass medium in its own right. Microsoft is now starting to ... read more

Monique Van Dusseldorp - Poynter - November 1, 2005

It's been six months since the Supreme Court ruling, during which time Kazaa was kablammed Down Under and the music biz became more aggressive with cease and desist letters to major P2P developers. So where is P2P heading? ... Nowhere new. Let's look at the leading candidates. Anonymous ... read more

Marc Freedman - P2P Weblog - October 28, 2005

Small and medium-sized businesses are rapidly adopting VoIP technologies, indicated by the fact that long-distance call volume for SMBs is on the rise, and total telecom spending is expected to continually decrease. For the increasing number of mobile connected employees, VoIP applications offer the ... read more

Robin Good - October 25, 2005

MS Office 12, the upcoming version of Microsoft's flagship software suite will use XML file formats, allowing information to flow freely to and from Word, Excel or PowerPoint files to other applications and over the net. This is a major break for Redmond, as it shows the ... read more

Robin Good - October 18, 2005
SightSpeed, the cutting-edge videoconferencing provider allowing Macs, PC and Linux computers to have fast and easily accessible videoconferencing at their fingertips has just announced a breakthrough offering. SightSpeed will in fact now offer unlimited 1-to-1 voice and video calling – for FREE. Watch this Video Mail ... read more

Robin Good - October 15, 2005

The same guys who have recently launched Skylook, the cool Outlook-based Skype recorder, have given me the honour of uncovering first their latest free audio recording and messaging tool that is being released today: WaxMail. With WaxMail you can start replying to your Outlook emails via your ... read more

Robin Good - October 11, 2005

Here is another great basket of new media resources, software and articles that I'd like to share with you. Feel free to test, try and share these little gems with your friends, they are my Sunday little present to you. This is what I have found: Music ... read more

Robin Good - Kevin Borgia - September 25, 2005
Which Are the best Internet Phone Services? This June 2005 article discusses VoIP (voice over Internet protocol) services, which allow users to make telephone calls using the Internet. It evaluates carriers such as Skype and Vonage for reliability, sound quality, portability, and international calling capabilities. ... read more

[via Meryl K. Evans] - Slate - September 23, 2005

JaJah, one of the interesting alternatives to Skype has just released an integrated recording function offering the option to record any of voice call going through JaJah as a standard MP3 file. JaJah supports an innovative feature set that makes it a promising alternative to Skype unmatched ... read more

Robin Good - Kolabora - September 22, 2005

With the combination of Internet calls and VoiceXML, a new era of innovation is coming to the telephone. Skype has jut announced its partnership with three voice application development companies opening a new huge market for voice-based services and applications delivered through the Skype platform: Sport information Training ... read more

Robin Good - September 10, 2005

A new PC-based remote access tool called BeAnywhere Personal, offers a great alternative to those of you needing to remotely access your PC when away form it. In fact this new tool, may soon give serious competition to GoToMyPC wide dominance in the desktop remote access ... read more

Robin Good - September 1, 2005

If you own a mobile phone capable of accessing the web, and have a need to make international calls at the lowest possible rates, here is some information you may be interested in reading further. The new JAJAH mobile service offers low VoIP rates for ... read more

Robin Good - August 30, 2005
Today I have some spent some time testing WebHuddle, a passionately homegrown open-source web conferencing and live presentation system available right now online. The brainchild of John McCaughey (of whom I publish a genuine conversation with me as I first explore his new tool - available at ... read more

Robin Good - Kolabora - August 25, 2005

Google has just officially released Google Talk, a new Windows-based multi-protocol instant messaging and VoIP solution which supports open standards like XMPP and transparently interconnects with other popular IM platforms. Google Talk has also strong hooks into its web-based GMail service from which it automatically pre-loads all ... read more

Robin Good - August 24, 2005

Prompted by the business prospect of a coming search market valued at $ 18 billion in the next five years (source: Safa Rashtcy - Piper Jaffray) and following the recent technology announcements in personalized collaborative search made by Yahoo (My Web 2.0) and Google (My Search ... read more

Robin Good - August 23, 2005
Imagine being able to broadcast and receive digital information from your Wi-Fi enabled car, cell phone, handheld computer or MP3 player as you move around your environment. Everyone participates in a dynamic, decentralized network of individuals sharing information with anyone within a 30 mile radius. ... read more - August 22, 2005
"In 2002, Professor Benkler published a seminal essay with the provocative title "Coase's Penguin, or Linux and the Nature of the Firm." In Coase's Penguin Professor Benkler states that for decades we have lived with two major ways in which individuals organize economic production: ... read more

Irving Wladawsky-Berger - August 19, 2005
Here is an idea for everyone interested in sharing ideas to change the world! Libertes Philosophica or “the right to think” was a phrase coined by Giordano Bruno, a controversial Italian Renaissance philosopher who challenged the authorities by daring to think beyond the common beliefs ... read more

Mykljonzun - August 19, 2005

To make virtual business-based networked team work effectively we spend way too much time and resources focusing on the technologies and software tools which would best retrofit our needs for improved, faster and more efficient communications. We test, compare, review and experiment tons of new tools searching ... read more

Robin Good - August 12, 2005

Here is a new technology allowing you to completely enable remote access to all your home-based media resources: from your TV channels, to your video clips, music and photos, any live or recorded media on your home-based PC can now be remotely accessed from anywhere via ... read more

Robin Good - August 11, 2005

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