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Each year approximately 10,000 applicants apply to 'top tier' full time MBA Programs (Master degree in Business and Administration). MBA candidates have typically worked for a few years after their undergraduate experience and are now looking to return to school for a 2-year period. Their goal ... read more

Robin Good - January 13, 2006

The Sharewood Picnic is my weekly public service to deliver you the latest new media resources, software and websites that can help you become a more effective independent publisher without having to rely on expensive corporate tools. In this picnic collection there is something for everyone, ... read more


If you are looking to try out one of the latest and best performing video conferencing technologies available out there, you have come to the right place. Robin Good and Milton Chen of VSee while using the VSee videoconferencing technology Quietly launched over a year ago from a ... read more

Robin Good - Kolabora - January 6, 2006

It's the New Year and time for pundits everywhere to predict every possibility that 2006 will bring. Chris Shipley of DEMO fame sees the need for collaborating effectively, and beyond superficial technology-only solutions. ... read more

Chris Shipley - Kolabora - January 4, 2006

//">Chris Pirillo has just launched //">Lockergnome HelpShare, a new, community-based technology-support answer-service, which allows anyone to post a technical question and to offer a monetary compensation in exchange. The service, based on the existing //">Helpshare technology, is free to use (until you have a problem you want ... read more

Robin Good - January 4, 2006

It's the start of a new year in many parts of the world, but my discoveries, techno-gems, and new media picks never stop coming. Here is once again, the mini-crop of great services, tools and technologies I have run into in the past seven days and for ... read more

Robin Good - January 1, 2006

2005 is almost over, but looking ahead remains my passion. Here are a few more anticipations and predictions that should be added to my original Web Predictions for 2006 which I wrote over a week ago. Here are ten more disruptive and powerful changes that from my ... read more

Robin Good - December 31, 2005

Sharewood Picnic is Robin Good's weekly gift to you. It consists of hand-picked goodies discovered in the last seven days, including new web sites, software tools and online resources that can further enable you to become a more effective online independent publisher. For Christmas 2005, I have ... read more

Robin Good and Kevin C. Borgia - December 25, 2005

Today, Santa Cruz Networks launches Festoon Unity, a new feature addition to its Skype and Google Talk plug-in, allowing PC-based Festoon users to seamlessly make voice-over-IP calls and multi-party videoconferences with both Google Talk and Skype users at the same time. ... read more

Robin Good - Kolabora - December 23, 2005

Yes, 2006 will be the year of online video. This is what I wrote not more than a week ago here, while attempting to bring in to focus my first set of predictions on the upcoming web and new media future. Video will indeed be a disruptive ... read more

Robin Good - December 21, 2005

Sharewood Picnic is my weekly selection of new media gems found along my explorations during the past seven days. Many are new tools that have just been launched and are ready for you to take for a test drive. My goal remains to provide you with constant ... read more

Robin Good and Kevin C. Borgia - December 18, 2005
Just two weeks ago I have introduced to you Glide Effortless, a web-based desktop environment that integrates typical online services such email and image sharing into one seamless experience. A competitive service, out there since already a few months, has made much less noise about its ... read more

Robin Good - December 14, 2005

Sing your favorite songs on video and share them online! As anticipated a few days ago, I am launching today my online video music station for broadband users only. This new site is my first humble effort at putting into practice some of the grassroots publishing ... read more

Robin Good - December 9, 2005
Today Skype has released a new beta version integrating free video calls. The new Skype version 2 (beta) is now available for download right here. This version is for Windows only. ... read more

Skype - December 1, 2005

Glide, launching today, is a new web-based integrated environment that allows its users to manage, archive, publish and share music, video and images through a highly visual interface. Glide doesn't stop there. It throws in document and email facilities, basic image editing, as well as some ... read more

Robin Good - November 30, 2005
If you are an early adopter, one of those like me who likes to try and experiment as early as possible with these fascinating new media technologies, you are already probably familiar with Flock, the social browser built on top of the FireFox engine. But if the ... read more


Sony and GlowPoint have launched a consumer version of their IVE video conferencing service. The new offering lets users communicate by either voice or video, for free (one-to-one) or for a monthly fee. Though on all public promotions Sony and Glowpoint state that "You can make ... read more

Robin Good - November 19, 2005

Festoon is a new free video conferencing tool that supports real-time screen sharing while seamlessly integrating with Skype and Google Talk. Festoon, formerly known as VSkype, has changed its name while releasing a completely upgraded new version of its simple-to-use PC-only video conferencing tool. Festoon is very ... read more

Robin Good - November 18, 2005

Today’s virtual business teams don’t appear to be able to fully leverage the much touted opportunities offered by always-on interconnectedness, easy access to unlimited information sources and real-time communication and collaboration tools. While much of the Internet-generated new media revolution talks about greater and more effective collaboration ... read more

Robin Good and Ken Thompson - ChangeThis - November 10, 2005

Microsoft announced yesterday that within a few months it will launch its first set of Web-based Office applications. According to BusinessWeek "this was arguably Microsoft's most important Net strategy announcement since it launched the so-called browser war against Internet pioneer Netscape a decade earlier." This is a ... read more

Robin Good - BusinessWeek - November 2, 2005

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