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Today, at 12 noon NY time, one new edition of Kolabora Live! Buyer's Review will showcase and discuss over the most interesting new technologies available today for delivering live PowerPoint presentations on the Internet. Several new tools will be reviewed and scored for effectiveness over multiple ... read more

Robin Good - Kolabora Live! - July 8, 2004
"Can't we make both collaboration and contributing to the corporate knowledge base easy? Because of overcomplicated metadata requirements and document management tools still in their infancy, some enterprises are making it more difficult for people to contribute knowledge. The business process gets defined by the limitations ... read more

Matthew Clapp - CMSWatch - July 5, 2004
Robin Good's monthly report about key trends, new tools and features and best practices in marketing and UI design for online collaboration, conferencing and live presentation tools is now accessible online. The presentation, delivered live last Tuesday, June the 29th, during the Kolabora Live! Competitive Edge ... read more

Robin Good - Kolabora Live! - July 4, 2004

If you operate in the academic/educational universe and are interested in participating in an online demo showing some of the more interesting real-time communication and collaboration technologies available today on the market, you may want to check out my two Jungle Tours I will be running ... read more

e/merge 2004 - Kolabora - July 4, 2004
The new Apple MacOSX "Tiger" server software announced yesterday in San Francisco showcases great convergence and integration of independent publishing (blogs-RSS) and real-time collaboration tools (multi-protocol instant messaging, text chat, and audio video conferencing). As a matter of fact "the iChat server will allow organizations or ... read more

Robin Good - AppleInsider - June 30, 2004
Ray Ozzie, the man behind Lotus Notes and Groove and Howard Rheingold, author of the best selling book SmartMobs, will be both connected in a live audio-video conference over the Internet, sponsored and organized by Kolabora, the online authority on online collaboration. Robin Good will be ... read more

Robin Good - Kolabora Live! The Competitive Edge - June 29, 2004
"Ergonomics is sometimes described as "fitting the system to the human," meaning that through informed decisions; equipment, tools, environments and tasks can be selected and designed to fit unique human abilities and limitations. Typical examples in the "physical ergonomics" arena include designing a lifting job to ... read more

Peter Budnick and Rachel Michael - [via Information Design] - June 24, 2004
Yesterday I took a group of five among industry experts, news reporters, and technology bloggers to a private demo of a new breakthrough conferencing and collaboration technology called SmartMeeting. This new, immersive 3D collaboration environment is truly a generation ahead of any other conferencing system available ... read more

Robin Good - June 23, 2004

New trends and approaches to work, communication and collaboration are gradually emerging as more and more people are taking up seriously the potential offered by the many affordable new real-time conferencing technologies. Ray Ozzie of Groove Networks and Howard Rheingold of SmartMobs take center stage (in ... read more

Robin Good - Kolabora Live! - June 21, 2004
"The goal of the project is to create a platform for content consisting of a network of contributors and correspondents, recruited from young audiences and students distributed throughout all parts of the world, who are engaged in direct reporting via collective production of Internet and broadcast ... read more

Robin Good - Field-Notes from the Globalization Forefront - June 20, 2004
PCMagazine publishes an extensive overview of VoIP and its potential within the enterprise. The key benefit being touted for this technology is cost savings and the evident opportunity of replacing expensive telecom providers with VoIP-powered networks and switchboards. As many other mainstream reports on VoIP, this ... read more

Robin Good Comments - June 18, 2004
SlidesNow! is a new effective low-cost Mac software technology that allows any Mac OSX user to deliver slides on the Internet (to users on both PCs and Macs), together with a live video feed of the presenter. A built-in chat board allows viewers to communicate back ... read more

Robin Good Recommends - June 17, 2004
I thought we were moving forward, but I didn't realize how fast new technologies can now step ahead of their predecessors. Today, I am on the lookout to recruit between five and ten independent reporters, to showcase them, in a private session, a new conferencing/presentation/collaboration technology ... read more

Robin Good - June 16, 2004
"Information Communications Technology (ICT) in South Asia, as well as in the rest of the world, is an experiment in progress. Reading the wealth of literature on ICT, it is easy to forget that it is not a panacea for problems facing developing nations. However, ... read more

Sanjana Hattotuwa - Info-Share - June 13, 2004
"In short order, we may witness a wholesale shift in many of the givens that represent the conventional notion of how we coordinate through software. Consider these examples: a) The current approach to coordinating meetings — generally involving individuals looking at personal calendars and cycling through ... read more

Stowe Boyd - Corante - June 12, 2004
Kolabora Live! Buyer's Review is back again with a new event devoted to Screen Sharing technologies. Yes, those nifty little tools that allow you to show your computer screen to distant attendees connected to the Internet from different parts of the world. Screen sharing has been ... read more

Robin Good - Kolabora - June 9, 2004
Chatango is a new free online service which allows anyone to use a friendly old chat technology in a new effective way. Chatango allows you to create an easy-to-use personal Web-based chat page on which to exchange, in real-time or asynchronously with customers and teammates. Since ... read more

Robin Good Recommends - [via Bill Flitter] - June 9, 2004
The detailed report out of the last Competitive Edge live event is finally out. Fascinating are the topics and future scenarios painted by special guests Stuart Henshall and Eugene Eric Kim, who contributed in less than half an hour of actual world time, great knowledge and ... read more

Robin Good - Kolabora - June 7, 2004
"The evidence is clear: groups - whether top executives evaluating a potential acquisition or sales reps and engineers analyzing a new product - will consistently make better decisions than an individual. Companies have spent too long coddling the special few. It's time for them to start ... read more

James Surowiecki - Wired - June 5, 2004

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