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Groove Gears Up For Version 3: New Beta To Become Available Today. Slimmer, faster, more secure, the new Groove, which enters its beta stage in a few hours from now, promises a lot of great improvements to a tool that represents a point of reference among ... read more

Robin Good - Kolabora - March 15, 2004
New conferencing and collaboration solutions are being announced at the pace of one or more new tools per week. New versions and upgrades get promoted even more frequently and in this avalanche of claims of "this-is-the-best-don't-look-anywhere-else" it is hard to pick the good from the average. ... read more

Robin Good - Kolabora - March 12, 2004
Why can't it be as easy to buy, download, and run software as it is to do the same with music? Macromedia is trying to do just that with Macromedia Central, which strives to be a better way to distribute and run software. The first release ... read more

Robin Good - PC Magazine - March 8, 2004

E-mail is the "killer app" of the Internet; an enormous amount of messages are exchanged every day, and while web-based mail has become very popular in recent years, many people still prefer the added speed and flexibility of a mail client application. All modern mail clients ... read more

Kristian Eide - March 7, 2004
This is an ideal asynchronous collaboration tool for distributed project teams working on keeping their tasks, files, calendar and notes in great synch. The classical idea of a "project site" originally brought about by David Siegel has greatly evolved over time adjusting and flexing to accomodate ... read more

Robin Good - February 28, 2004
From the feedback I have been receiving and the comments being posted so far the first Kolabora Live! event has been a definite breakthrough for many though our follow up and comments have all centered around issues that related to the format, style and technology utilized ... read more

Robin Good - Kolabora Live! - February 26, 2004
If there is something unique to say about the first Kolabora Live! online event, is that it was absolutely unlike any other Internet event I have been before. Set to break many of the conventions and formalities typical of online Web conferences and presentations, the Kolabora ... read more

Robin Good - Kolabora Live! - February 25, 2004
Travellers are the most reliable source of information for other travellers. World66 is a new fascinating project taking serious advantage of the potential of wikis, online collaboration, and growing desire and interest to find personal reports and travel-agency-packaged information about destinations and places from all over the ... read more

Robin Good - February 25, 2004

Here is an interesting set of visual displays synhtesizing with great clarity the key differences and socio-technical shifts characterizing the television era from the Internet one. Your reflection should be on how much your Web-based communication efforts and style still reflect the traits and characteristics of ... read more

Robin Good - [via Jay Cross] - February 25, 2004
Today Tuesday February the 24th at 12 noon EDT the first Kolabora Live! online event will take place with special guests Jay Cross, Nancy White, Wes Kussmaul and Heike Philp. Moderates Stephanie Downs of ConferZone all in simultaneous full audio and video. Thanks to Robin Good, ... read more

Robin Good - Kolabora Live! - February 24, 2004
Up to 5 people can now Skype together from anywhere in the world. A few minutes ago Skype announced the world's first peer-to-peer (P2P) Internet telephony conference calling feature, allowing up to five friends to talk with each other simultaneously, regardless of geography. Skype installs quickly ... read more

Robin Good - February 23, 2004
Imagine a future where you have instant access to all data you need, in a worldwide collaborative environment, where tools can developed independently but still cooperate as a single application. The Uni-Verse project started at Feb 1, 2004 with 1.9 Million Euro in funding from the European Commission. ... read more

Robin Good - via Joseph Daisy - February 17, 2004
With already more than 150 registered participants and two weeks still to go, the first Kolabora Live! event is set to be an interesting new online venue for discussing many of the hot issues and future scenarios relating to the worlds of Web conferencing and online ... read more

Robin Good - Kolabora - February 14, 2004
Do you know about Bit Torrent? If the New York Times starts to write about it, there must be something interesting in it. Learn what is Bit Torrent and why is so potentially powerful as to inspire the possibility of new file sharing paradigms. ... read more

Robin Good - New York Times - February 13, 2004
The first live Kolabora Live! event is a 60-minute experts-panel focus on what it really takes to prepare for such a killer online event. Scheduled for Tuesday February the 24th this is an event that can't be missed by those among of you who need to ... read more

Robin Good - Kolabora - February 10, 2004
Online resource dedicated to list, organize and describe all instances of bots, such as automated search tools, search engine crawlers and other automated software agents which can be used for different purposes. Windows and Mac sections. Bots categories include: Search, Shopping, Tracking, Web monitoring, Chatterbots, Personal ... read more

Robin Good - February 9, 2004
Gush makes instant messaging and news aggregation simple, functional, and attractive. Its not just pretty looks -- Gush provides several unique features such as Split Chat, real IM conversation management, IM Announcements, and a tabbed News Reader. Gush also has many advantages over AOL IM, MSN ... read more

Robin Good - February 8, 2004
It probably won't be long before such writing is out-and-out illegal, since it argues that the consumer's best response to digital rights technologies that strip users of their rights is to "share safely and wisely. Use P2P networks that allow you to be anonymous or hide the ... read more

Robin Good - via Stepehen Downes OL Daily - February 8, 2004
Increasingly conference organizers are thinking of adding an online discussion to the in-person proceedings. This is a good thing to do and strongly encouraged, since it adds a dimension not possible to achieve with a strictly in-person event. This paper was written in response to a ... read more

Robin Good - February 7, 2004
Many times you find yourself unable to send a file to someone either since the file is too big and you cannot mail it, or your friend is behind a mean firewall. Now you can send heavy PowerPoint presentation to your colleagues or send that 700MB ... read more

Robin Good - Maileet - February 6, 2004

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