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Jay Cross shares his original live presentation at the ASTD Conference. The presentation containing his original audio and all of the accompanying slides gives an extraordinary overview of just some of the critical issues relevant to effective collaboration inside the enterprise, while exemplifying in very simple ... read more

Robin Good Recommends - June 5, 2004
Small Technologies Loosely Joined is a spin-off online event at the June 2004 NMC Summer Conference. The NMC is a one-of-a-kind event, attracting an audience of highly skilled campus professionals who are very knowledgeable about and interested in the integration of emerging technologies into teaching, learning, ... read more

Robin Good Recommends - June 2, 2004
While I am looking forward to learn something about what went on at the ASTD Conference in Washington last week (no transcripts or recordings are available on the official site) let me point your attention to another interesting event, for which you don't need to travel ... read more

Robin Good - e/merge 2004 - May 29, 2004

"We're all used to the notion of integrated productivity software (like Microsoft Office) but we're still waiting for media editors, like music or sound sampling, graphics or photo editing and simple presentation tools - to be integrated with IM, email, personal publishing (like blogs) and social ... read more

Marc Canter - Always On - [via PaidContent] - May 28, 2004
"Many collaboration tools, especially coachingplatform, qualify as what APQC defines as guerilla technology. They refer to those technologies that are available directly to end users with minimal hardware and software investments. These technologies are typically not part of an organization's “formal” tools or application set but ... read more

Robin Good - May 27, 2004
"Free phone calls, high-flying startups, soaring demand for telecom capacity—the promises might sound a bit familiar. But Skype may be the company that finally delivers on the hype." Though my experience with Skype remains somewhat unsatisfactory, even under very good Internet connections, I must bow to ... read more

Roxanne Khamsi - MIT Technology Review - May 25, 2004
Stuart Henshall and Eugene Eric Kim are the two special guests joining Robin Good in the second issue of the Competitive Edge (this Thursday May27th at 12 noon EDT), a live audio and video event in which key trends, new tools and features and best practices ... read more

Robin Good - Kolabora Live! - May 24, 2004
"A modest proposal for using blogs (or better yet wikis) to keep IT teams and management up-to-date on implementation." An interesting article from a technical developer having gone through the creation of many custom news publishing, content and project management applications. In essence: "IT organizations that ... read more

Michael Schrage - CIO - May 19, 2004

The number of cost-effective videoconferencing solutions available to Internet users keeps increasing while demonstrating that quality solutions do not require the type of large investments required until two years ago. In his latest live Buyer's Review Robin Good reviews nine best of breed solutions and assigns ... read more

Robin Good - Kolabora - May 18, 2004
It looks beautifully easy! better than, Try it out!. This is what my friend and colleague Gillian Kerr wrote me about GoToMeeting the other day. Nonetheless I am a long time GoToMyPC customer and proud supporter, I had not received any internal news announcing this ... read more

Robin Good Recommends - May 17, 2004
Software developers are designing some new file sharing networks that will make it harder for the music and file industry to prove cases of piracy. According to Reuters, three file sharing networks are being planned which its users think will make it a lot harder for ... read more

Robin Good - The Inquirer - May 15, 2004
Two new RSS newsfeeds from Robin Good have just become available filling a raising demand for more specialized updates on key topics followed on my sites. One is the RSSTop55 newsfeed, which allows marketers of news sites or blogs to stay on top of the new ... read more

Robin Good - May 13, 2004
Dave Pollard has a new, very interesting article (cum smartly colored scorecard) focusing on all of the features and facilities he would like to see in his ideal personal publishing system (blog for most). Though, in my personal view, integrating all of these tools and facilities ... read more

Dave Pollard - May 13, 2004
"Virtual teamworking is already commonplace and is rapidly becoming essential as organisations work in an increasingly collaborative way. With high-speed internet access now widely affordable, virtual teamworking can be appealing both to the individual and effective for business. Many of the technologies that support virtual teamworking ... read more

Robin Good - Business Link - May 11, 2004
"Every entrepreneur or technophile prides herself or himself on thinking outside the box. Very few however, actually succeed in escaping all the confines which shape our ideas about what technology is and how we can apply it. Julian Bleeker -- inventor, grad student and software developer ... read more

Naomi Graychase - Wi-Fi Planet - May 10, 2004
Kolabora has just launched a new Web section fully devoted to provide free direct access to all of the best online collaboration, Web conferencing and live presentation tools. The new section will showcase all of the commercial and open-source solutions that have chosen to provide a ... read more

Robin Good - Kolabora - May 5, 2004
In the first session of the Competitive Edge, which went live this last Friday, Robin Good brought together a very qualified audience of industry experts, companies CEOs, marketing VPs and managers as well as industry analysts and technology specialists. Special guests were elearning guru Jay Cross ... read more

Robin Good - Kolabora - May 3, 2004
A new version of Yahoo Messenger is available since more than a week on the Messenger web site, showcasing, like for other recent upgrades from the other major IM players, an increased interest in making these tools the common basic launching pad for collaboration and conferencing ... read more

Robin Good Reports - May 3, 2004
"A future of smart mobs and self-organized media is plausible as long as the owners of tomorrow's communications devices remain free to use the emerging media in any way they choose. However, a war over control of innovation might change all that, and the attack is ... read more

CIO - Howard Reinghold - [via Sepp] - May 1, 2004
The META Group "defines collaboration as social skills, relationships, and practices, along with technology services, that improve how people work jointly and substantially together (sharing responsibility and risk) - to communicate needs, coordinate activities, share information, exchange know-how, build community, or achieve a common (team) objective ... read more

Robin Good - The Meta Group - Analyst Insights - April 29, 2004

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