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Do you need to convert a document into Acrobat PDF format? Never done it before? Looking for a fast, simple and possibly free solution? You are in the right place. "Portable Document Format (PDF) is a file format created by Adobe Systems in 1993 for desktop publishing ... read more

Robin Good - May 6, 2007

A new generation of students, those born with the Internet already on, has recently begun entering the world-wide school system with a set of characterizing traits and unique learning interests that presents a true challenge to existing educational institutions. The students of the net generation comes in ... read more

Robin Good - May 4, 2007

Twitter has created quite a buzz for itself in the first quarter of this year- managing to combine the ease of Instant Messaging and SMS with the reach and scope of social networking services. So what's all the buzz about? Essentially Twitter gives you the chance to ... read more

Michael Pick - April 25, 2007

Online video is a huge growth sector, and is transforming the web from a static landscape of words and still-images into a whole new world of Internet TV. But while now is a great time to make your mark in this new and exciting field, it's ... read more

Michael Pick - April 23, 2007

Online collaboration tools and technologies are increasingly going to shape and model the communication, learning, working and social experiences we will be able to create in the near future. New modes of learning, sharing and hooking up with partners, team-mates and colleagues will completely replace the ... read more

Robin Good - April 22, 2007

Web 2.0 is changing the way colleges and universities interact with their students. In the shift from an intellectual economy of push, to one of pull, the evolving participatory media are making their impact felt . It is no longer enough to pump out information like ... read more

John Thompson - Innovate - April 20, 2007

Teemu Arina: "Key enemies? Well, nowadays when the world is so networked and so complex I think that those people who I might think are ideologically my enemies are really also potential people to cooperate with, so there is no meaning with having a conversation with ... read more

Robin Good and Teemu Arina - April 19, 2007

Online collaboration tools tend to focus on the sharing of presentations and corporate communications, leaving those working in the creative industry settling for second-best. But a new tool targeting designers, photographers, marketing creatives and even film-makers is about to change all of that. Making it easy to ... read more

Michael Pick - April 17, 2007

Web presentations and online slideshow creation tools are in most cases web-based services which allow you, at minimum, to upload PowerPoint presentations to the Web and make them available for others to see, and at best, to make it possible for you to create new presentations ... read more

Michael Pick - April 15, 2007

Want to see your online video mash-ups up there on the silver screen? The Basement Tapes is a collaborative documentary all about the changing face of copyright in the digital era, created by its online audience via video-sharing and remixing, an evolving online script powered by ... read more

Michael Pick - April 13, 2007

What does the future of learning look like? Thanks to my good friend and senior corporate learning researcher and independent writer Jay Cross, I have had the good fortune of meeting Teemu Arina, a young Finnish educational scholar, with lots of good ideas, a fully working ... read more

Robin Good and Teemu Arina - April 12, 2007

"A virtual world is a computer-based simulated environment intended for its users to inhabit and interact via avatars. This habitation usually is represented in the form of two or three-dimensional graphical representations of humanoids (or other graphical or text-based avatars)." (Source: Wikipedia) The expression "virtual world" usually brings ... read more

Michael Pick - April 10, 2007

Wikipedia defines Web Operating Systems (aka WebOS) as: “A software platform that interacts with the user through a web browser and does not depend on any particular local operating system.” Web operating systems are also commonly referred to as Web desktops: "A web desktop or webtop ... read more

Michael Pick - April 8, 2007

Today at RItalia we are all here inebriated by the smell of intellectual upheval... ...intoxicated by the dream that by joining together and feeling so good in seeing how many we are, we could solve just abut any problem instantly... ...flocked from all corners of Italy and ... read more

Robin Good - March 31, 2007

A new web-based service allowing powerful creation and easy online distribution of multimedia presentations and visual photo-albums is about to announce its official re-launch with a completely new feature-set, interface and components integration. The all-new Scrapblog is in fact a Formula 1 racer when it comes ... read more

Robin Good and Michael Pick - March 26, 2007

While social media has become the hot trend in publishing many of the properties generating social media content are not attracting headline experts into their frays. is addressing this by seeding leading figures from book publishing, music, heath and finance to post content and field ... read more

John Blossom - Shore - March 22, 2007

""Crowdsourcing" is a neologism for a business model in which a company or institution takes a job traditionally performed by a designated agent (usually an employee) and outsources it to an undefined, generally large group of people in the form of an open call over the ... read more

Robin Good - RItaliaCamp - March 21, 2007

A new social media network with RSS aggregation capabilities has arrived on the scene, promising to provide a one-stop solution for the promotion of all of your online media. Whether you are a blogger, NewsMaster, podcaster or online video-maker a crucial part of your work is ... read more

Michael Pick - March 20, 2007

Web applications continue to grow in number, offering easy ways to work both on and off-line with your documents and opening up more opportunities for online collaboration. A new online word processor promises to bring document editing to the next level, by adding precision commenting features ... read more

Michael Pick - March 19, 2007

The ability to remotely access your home PC from anywhere has long been a reality, though, in recent times, the number of products and tools that allow to remote control PC have exploded in numbers and capabilities. It is important, however, to differentiate remote PC access ... read more


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