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from September 22, 2008 to August 7, 2008

Want to have a video conference with up to 8 people at cost zero? Need to send huge files without worrying of their size? I have the collaboration tools you need right here. In this collaboration tools digest here the best tools and services I have hand-picked ... read more

Robin Good - September 22, 2008

Understanding the concept of "information funnels" is critical to anyone passionately dedicated to become a successful independent web publisher. This is it. I am indeed glad that George Siemens, who weekly authors these insightful digest, has himself chosen to point to the relevance of this very concept ... read more

George Siemens - eLearnSpace - September 20, 2008

I have had the honor of recently having as a house guest Michel Bauwens, the P2P philosophy evangelist, who, while based in remote Thailand, travels around the world to explain and divulge what peer to peer is really all about. Peer to peer is not just illegal ... read more

Robin Good - September 17, 2008

A new class of powerful, inclusive, popular and engaging events liberated from the straitjacket of space-time by the convergence of usable new media technologies is ushering at your door: X-events are next. But let me explain myself better: Online (and offline) events should not be confined anymore ... read more

Robin Good - September 16, 2008

Sending large files is much less of an issue nowadays, thanks to a growing number of web services dedicated just to this, that we have also recently covered. But lo and behold, surprises never end for for us technology explorers: in this issue I have included ... read more

Robin Good - September 15, 2008

"The growing complexity of technology and tools for designing learning leaves us at an interesting point: should educators/trainers become technologists? Or should the tools of design become so easy to use that technical skills are minimal? Or do we move the technology to specialized design teams ... read more

George Siemens - eLearnSpace - September 13, 2008

Collaborative review tools represent a new group of web-based collaboration tools designed specifically to facilitate and support any visual review process. From graphic design approval sessions, to creative visual brainstorms, collaborative review tools provide the relevant context and technical toolset needed. From collaborative highlighting, to annotating ... read more

Robin Good - September 11, 2008

Video conferencing tools allow you to use your standard webcam and broadband Internet connection to have multi-party videoconferences. Once reserved only to high-end and very costly proprietary hardware systems, videoconferencing tools and services have sharply grown in number and they now offer multiple useful alternatives that ... read more

Robin Good - September 8, 2008

Are media and technology making you dumber? Do you feel socially distanced from what you really care about due to your increased use of technologies? We search Google and think we have acquired knowledge. We blog and think we have subjected our ideas to peer ... read more

George Siemens - eLearnSpace - September 6, 2008

If you want to increase the effectiveness with which you collaborate with your geographically dispersed team-mates this new set of online collaboration tools should come in handy. Among the new collaboration tools I have selected for you this week: a co-browsing facility, a new way to ... read more

Robin Good - September 1, 2008

What will look like education in the future? Are we going to see a revolution in the education system we have built in the last 100 years or a dissolution of the same as new approaches to education and learning slowly contaminate our fast changing society? ... read more

George Siemens - eLearnSpace - August 30, 2008

Launching a new Internet startup? Wondering what are the key things to worry about before it's too late? Do you need a business plan or do you need a great team and a cool idea to run with? When launching a new Internet startup, that is a ... read more

Robin Good - August 26, 2008

Co-browsing systems, file sharing tools, polling and feedback services are just some of the great services Robin and I have hand-picked and tested for you in this new issue of our weekly online collaboration Sharewood guide. Here all of the online collaboration tools we have selected for ... read more

Robin Good - August 25, 2008

How can the educational system we pay for via our taxes change and transform itself into a new way to prepare our young people for an even faster-changing future? Are there alternatives out there? As I have promised you last week, George Siemens has made himself ... read more

George Siemens - eLearnSpace - August 23, 2008

If you are looking for web-based collaboration tools to manage your team projects and tasks, create wiki pages or interactive message boards, Robin and I have picked some really cool new online collaboration apps for this new issue of this weekly Sharewood Guide. Here the selected ... read more

Robin Good - August 18, 2008

The more I proceed, the more I see how badly it is needed: media literacy. Understanding what information is, making sense of the different communication paradigms, from interpersonal to mass and social media, the creation of reality and consensus, the role and use of new technologies ... read more

George Siemens - eLearnSpace - August 16, 2008

If you know someone who has the talent, will and true desire to get a professional web publishing experience and credential like no other, while creating the foundations for earning a good revenue in the future, this is the right time to apply for one of ... read more

Robin Good - August 13, 2008

Large files sending web services are a category of online collaboration tools that is made up of those applications that allow you to send large files, even larger than 1GB, to one or more people, and without resorting to email attachments. In this week's Sharewood Guide, ... read more

Robin Good - August 11, 2008

What is connectivism? If you were to ask Wikipedia without paying too much attention you would discover that this unfamiliar word originates right here in Italy. " the beginning of the 21st century in Italy, where is known as Connettivismo. It originated in Italian science fiction ... read more

George Siemens - Connectivism Blog - August 9, 2008

When you are a small fish like me, it may appear pretty difficult, if not altogether out of reach, to be able to network up with other small firms to provide greater value and service abilities to major clients. But is it there a true physical ... read more

Ken Thompson - Bioteams - August 7, 2008

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