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from February 14, 2009 to December 11, 2008

Location-based learning, flexibility in education, and changing paradigms in society are just some of the pointers which George Siemens explores in this weekly issue of Media Literacy Digest. Among the hot topics and issues covered in this week digest, the relationship between geographic location and success. Does ... read more

George Siemens - eLearnSpace - February 14, 2009

"Peers are an important driver of learning: the focus of learning and engagement is not defined by institutional accountabilities but rather emerges from kids' interests and everyday social communication." "When... peer negotiations occur in a context of public scrutiny, youth are motivated to develop their identities and ... read more

Konrad Glogowski - blog of proximal development - February 13, 2009

Geo-brodcasting, university leadership, and the shift from routine-oriented to more creative jobs are just some of the fascinating topics covered by George Siemens in this weekly issue of Media Literacy Digest. In this issue: George Siemens deals with a brand new feature of Google Maps, Latitude, which allows ... read more

George Siemens - eLearnSpace - February 7, 2009

How are you going to certify your knowledge in the near future? While it is unlikely that general educational degrees will maintain their value and business currency, it is increasingly probable that your "value" will be in good part vouched for by the "portfolio" of your ... read more

Stephen Downes - Half an Hour - February 4, 2009

"In the future students will not be constrained by the limits of the classroom model. They will set their own curriculum and proceed at their own pace. Learning can thus be based on a student’s individual needs, rather than as predefined in a formal class, and ... read more

Stephen Downes - Half an Hour - February 3, 2009

Content-restriction concerns about Wikipedia, social connectivity, the benefit of video lectures in academic environments, are just some of the interesting topics covered inside this week edition of George Siemens' Media Literacy Digest. In this issue: Educational technologies and media expert George Siemens highlights the recent news that Wikipedia ... read more

George Siemens - eLearnSpace - January 31, 2009

Location-aware devices, the importance of good visuals, generational distinctions, and open educational resources are just some of the fascinating topics included in this week issue of this Media Literacy digest. How can you define and group completely different individuals together? Just because they're all the same age, ... read more

George Siemens - eLearnSpace - January 24, 2009

In this issue of the Media Literacy digest George Siemens deals with the predominance of advertising in Web 2.0, usage statistics of social networks, alternative approaches to teaching, and the need to improve existing learning platforms. Furthermore, today digest points to an interesting MIT experiment devoted to ... read more

George Siemens - eLearnSpace - January 17, 2009

ScreenToaster is a new screencasting web-based service which provides high-quality screen video recordings ready for immediate web publication. ScreenToaster works on Macs, PCs and Linux computers and requires no software to downloaded or installed on your end. To me this looks like the best and most ... read more

Robin Good - January 14, 2009

What kind of approach to education and learning must we have, if the end result we want to provide to our kids is to enhance their ability to self-direct themselves into living a sustainable, meaningful and successful life? If our goal is the one of truly having ... read more


It's all so good to talk about new media, 2.0, participation, collaboration, real-time web, mashing-up, agile development, remixing, or lifestreaming but what value do these discoveries have when as soon as we turn our heads home and to our kids we still force them to go ... read more


Coordinating assignments and collaborating effectively on your projects can be a huge pain without the right tool. You need to have an efficient way to communicate, share notes, share documents, share files, and more in order to work together effectively and maximize productivity. Here for you ... read more

Andre Deutmeyer - January 4, 2009

In this first 2009 issue of Media Literacy digest George Siemens focuses on cloud computing, connections in social networks, changes in education, and on a cool resource for education technology-related conferences. And to make 2009 an opportunity for personal change and innovation, George Siemens has decided to ... read more

George Siemens - eLearnSpace - January 3, 2009

If your goal is to improve the ways and tools with which you collaborate with your team, as well as the resources and approaches to to learn, discover and share more of what you know, here are the best 2008 MasterNewMedia articles about online collaboration. Whether you ... read more

Daniele Bazzano - December 28, 2008

A look at the future of technology and trends in this issue of the Media Literacy digest. In this issue: George Siemens deals with changing paradigms in education, a new report about the Twittersphere, two interesting studies on the importance of video games in online learning, ... read more

George Siemens - eLearnSpace - December 27, 2008

Erick Schonfeld of TechCrunch suggests a new possible scenario for your online identity. Google and Facebook may soon be the only companies controlling the way most of you are going to identify yourself on the Web. Facebook Connect and Google Friend Connect are two new and competing ... read more

George Siemens - eLearnSpace - December 20, 2008

Are you looking for an effective way to collaborate and organize ideas with other people? If you're still into voice and text chat, you might want to give mind mapping a try. Mind mapping is a cool way to share your ideas in total freedom, without ... read more

Daniele Bazzano - December 17, 2008

This is my own video on the future of education, that completes and extends what I was able to deliver this past Wednesday at LeWeb in Paris. Here below you can see two videos. One is the original recording from my LeWeb presentation and the other ... read more

Robin Good - December 14, 2008

Virtual worlds offer exciting opportunities in online learning. A virtual world is a fully customizable 3D environment on the Internet where people can meet, talk, and interact with each other as if they were in the real world. The big deal is that you're not just ... read more

George Siemens - eLearnSpace - December 13, 2008

Classified ads for jobs offer bloggers a new way to monetize their websites. Job boards like Personforce, JobThread, SimplyHired, and JobCoin offer independent web publishers an interesting new revenue making opportunity - an opportunity with the potential to add anything from a few dollars to a ... read more

Andre Deutmeyer - December 11, 2008

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