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Edit your existing online documents anywhere, even without an Internet connection. Google Docs now allows you to view and edit your documents offline, without an internet connection. "You no longer have to fret if you're working on a document and suddenly the Internet cuts out. You ... read more

Robin Good - April 2, 2008

Create your own videoconferencing room, annotate and mark up multimedia files and easily record all of your Skype or other VoIP calls. More juicy stuff as I have new tools also to send and share very large files without using email. All of the above and ... read more

Nicolo' Canali De Rossi - March 31, 2008

Have a voice conference while co-browsing any web site and whiteboarding with your team. Better yet: connect to all major instant messaging networks from one new service, share Flickr pictures in real-time while you are chatting, and send any type of file or document without using ... read more

Nicolo' Canali De Rossi - March 24, 2008

Online collaboration tools to share access or let other people remote control your computer, to help you share documents, to send files, and to chat on all major instant messaging services. All in this week Sharewood Picnic. Here my selected online collaboration tools for this week: Yugma Skype ... read more

Robin Good - March 17, 2008

Learning better, understanding deeper, finding new ways to share and educate others are some of the key focus areas George Siemens takes us to during this weekly digest of interesting bits, news, tools and resources he collects and introduces in his daily blog posts. In this week ... read more

George Siemens - eLearnSpace - March 15, 2008

Brainstorming, nonetheless the popularity of the term, is one of the most challenging collaborative activities to carry out in a small group. While most people think they know how to brainstorm, very few have really gotten the basic rules needed to make a brainstorming session work ... read more

Ken Thompson - Bioteams - March 14, 2008
Many people ask me why I am not interested in funding, venture capital money and why I don't go around selling my good volume of high quality, high profile readers to a powerful publisher. The short answer is: because I am not after the money paradigm. ... read more

Robin Good - March 11, 2008

In this Sharewood Picnic: collaboration tools for creating online video conferencing chat rooms for free, as well as tools and services to help you share documents, send files, chat and whiteboard without installing any software. Here below my selected online collaboration tools for this week: Orgoo: All-in-one communication ... read more

Nicolo' Canali De Rossi - March 10, 2008

A new modelling method for instructing online, social media before it became what we see today and interesting thoughts on the science of experience are just some of many worthwhile topics pointers on new technologies, media and education selected this week by guest contributor George Siemens. In ... read more

George Siemens - eLearnspace - March 8, 2008

Need to create a free wiki for your team? Want to share your desktop or remote control your friend's computer? Don't know yet how to send huge files to someone? In this weekly selection of online collaboration tools I have selected eight services that can really ... read more

Nicolo' Canali De Rossi - March 3, 2008

Making sense of new technology and media: a weekly digest edited and written by educational technologies expert George Siemens brings to you some of the most interesting pointers, trends, reflections and issues to follow that have emerged during the last seven days. In this weekly digest these ... read more

George Siemens - eLearnSpace - March 1, 2008
Key breaking news coming from Google today. Two key stories are on my screen today and I am devoting all of my focus to them: 1) Google just launched Google Sites - a full wiki service that I was just waiting ... read more

Robin Good - February 28, 2008

Want to send a really huge file to someone but don't know how? A new web-based service allows you to send files of up to 2GB in size without even registering! How is that for effective online team collaboration? But there is more indeed, especially if ... read more

Nicolo' Canali De Rossi - February 25, 2008

Today your strongest asset is your network. Your social network of informed, intelligent peers, is going to be the most valuable resource you have against the increasing landslide of information coming at you. It is in the wisdom of crowds, in word of mouth marketing, and ... read more

George Siemens - eLearnSpace - February 23, 2008

OoVoo is a new free videoconferencing solution that works across PCs and Macs (Linux version coming) and which allows up to six participants in a video call, as well as recording, text chat, direct file sharing and a lot more. In general, OoVoo is rather easy to ... read more

Robin Good - February 21, 2008

It is far too easy for teams to lose focus in today's fast paced collaborative virtual workplace. When your team starts falling behind and can no longer see just how mission critical their work is to the project, it is time for you to help the ... read more

Ken Thompson - The Bumble Bees Top Collaboration Techniques Mini Site - February 20, 2008
Did you know that in a live Skype text chat session you can actually remove or even edit messages you have ALREADY SENT to some of your contacts? Don't believe me? Check out how to do it in this short two minute video. Isn't it great? How ... read more

Robin Good - February 19, 2008

Do you want to connect to upgrade your toolkit for online collaboration with some good tools? Need a wiki? Want to share files and documents with your team? Don't know how to connect all major instant messengers at once? Not all are new, but they are ... read more

Robin Good - February 18, 2008

Getting to understand, appreciate and follow all that happens in the online world takes more attention and energy than any normal individual can ever have. This is why, increasingly we need newsmasters, curators, and opinionated digest editors who can explore, scan, select and report on what ... read more

George Siemens - eLearnSpace - February 16, 2008
Do you want to ask me direct questions about online publishing, video or internet marketing but have no idea of how you can do this? Today I open up a new public thread of video posts that will answer directly your email questions and requests. Just ... read more

Robin Good - February 15, 2008

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