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YouTube is a new online service that allows you to publish your video clips online without having to pay for storage space or download bandwidth. YouTube uses folksonomy-enabled tags to let users classify the available contents. A public tag cloud allows anyone to easily find most popular ... read more

Robin Good - June 23, 2005

Here is my brief reporting and update from Broadband Week, a week-long event that has dedicated two full days to the issues of Digital Televisions. I am leaving with positive excitement about what I have seen and heard so far. The event program, developed by digital communication and ... read more

Robin Good - June 8, 2005

The medium that in itself has probably had the major impact on cultural life in the past 50 years, television, is about to be deeply transformed. From a medium that has been driven from its inception by mass production and distribution economics, we are witnessing a transformation ... read more

Robin Good - June 6, 2005

What is the difference between IPTV, the Internet Protocol-based TV paradigm heralded by major telecom providers and large media groups (Microsoft included) and the Internet Television painted by the Long Tail phenomenon, Ourmedia, the Internet Archive, Brightcove, and the availability of amazing new technology opportunities such ... read more

Robin Good - June 4, 2005

"Technology has broken the corporate news monopoly. Digital cameras, camera phones, blogs, and RSS put the tools of the news trade into the hands of the public, and now real news comes from real people everywhere." Photo credit: Nick Winchester Just a few hours ago I have ... read more

Robin Good - May 28, 2005

I know this is no breaking news for many of you as BitTorrent has been making the headlines for just about two years now, but I keep receiving many requests of professionals wanting to know more about this revolutionary P2P protocol and its unique benefits for ... read more

Robin Good - May 12, 2005

If you have not already heard about it, then this is news that is going to change the way we think about independent movie production and distribution in the near future. Many services have popped up with online archival of large rich-media files including audio recordings, ... read more

Robin Good - May 6, 2005

"In general, filmmakers have been very slow to effectively use the web. The main problem is that we don't think of the web as an integral part of the filmmaking process. Today, a filmmaker might have a website, a Quicktime trailer of the film, some press ... read more

Robin Good - April 19, 2005

The sourcecode for a ground-breaking project has just been released by the Participatory Culture Foundation (PCF). The software, currently under development and due to be released in June, will enable anyone to broadcast full-screen video to thousands or millions of people at virtually no cost. Photo credit: ... read more

Robin Good - April 18, 2005

As television, radio and traditional newspapers, loose increasingly larger portions of their audiences to new media technologies, home theatre, DVD distribution and the Internet, the world will again let everyone see what a veil was placed over everyone's eyes. ... read more

Robin Good - April 13, 2005

If Ourmedia still doesn't accept your file or doesn't respond to your support requests, it doesn't mean that it ain't good, it means only that they are really working hard at it (I haven't been able to upload a standard Flash file with their Ourmedia Publisher ... read more

Robin Good - March 28, 2005

That we are about to see an increasing number of Skype-like technologies enter the market, each one providing easy over IP audio and video capabilities while integrating more advanced functions and controls it is only a matter of time. The good news is that most of these ... read more

Robin Good - March 27, 2005

Internet television: ready for prime time? Are telcos-recycled-as IPTV-providers capable of providing a valuable and positively memorable user experience? This past Sunday I have been able, for the first time, to see a live sport event in the full glory of my 15.4-inch laptop wide-screen while connected ... read more

Robin Good - March 3, 2005

On MasterViews International presentation expert Chiara Monetti points at a little tool that allows you to add a voice-over to images and movies. The best part about DubIt Audio Editor is that it is provided for free by TechSmith, whose flagships SnagIt and Camtasia Studio have ... read more

Chiara Monetti - MasterViews International - February 26, 2005

The major networks? "They are nothing more than assemblers and distributors of content, once you get down to it. Up until just 2003 or so, it was a very "hard problem" to create and distribute quality video feed to the masses. Now, that has changed. The ... read more

Robin Good - Christian Einfeldt - Mad Penguin - February 21, 2005

As surely as day follows night, video follows audio. The increasing popularity of podcasting, both as a distribution channel for audio broadcasters and as a 'radio-show' delivery manager for subscribers, inevitably means that insatiable techies will turn to video as the next medium to 'podcast'. Photo credit: ... read more

Robin Good - February 18, 2005

The MPAA and the RIAA keep suing not only individuals sharing and exchanging music and movie files online, but increasingly so-called BitTorrent sites, which allow a very efficient, fast and highly distributed way to get large files easily shared among online peers. But someone from the BitTorrent ... read more

Robin Good - MIT Technology Review - January 8, 2005
The economics of video distribution may be changing drastically and much sooner than you may expect. Rich Gordon, one of the excellent contributors to Poynter's Online E-Media Tidbits first came across this realization by reading a fascinating report, "Pipe Dreams: Media's Exploding Capacity," prepared for investors ... read more

Rich Gordon - Poynter Online - E-Media Tidbits - August 14, 2004
In a television network the end devices are stupid, while the network itself is sophisticated. Control is exercised within the TV network itself. On the Internet, the opposite is actually true: an end-to-end deliberately dumb network with all of the intelligence concentrated at the periphery. "To ... read more

Drazen Pantic - Planetwork Journal - July 22, 2004
Though this is not a typical area I cover, I see more and more the need for independent publishers to become skilled communicators at large. Audio, information design, data visualization and video are increasingly playing important roles in the online publishing ecology. Especially for those would-be ... read more

Robin Good - Slashdot Community - July 21, 2004

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