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"The Internet is one of the biggest threats facing cable and satellite operators because it enables viewers to watch television without an intermediary." "Broadcasters are scrambling to gain a foothold as their traditional business landscape starts to crumble." New media technologies "from video-enabled cell phones to ... read more

Robin Good [via Rafat Ali] - - November 12, 2005

Producing video for online distribution is both one of the killer new media opportunities opening up for would-be independent web video producers as well as being the nastiest technology bottleneck faced by non-technological authors and entrepreneurs wanting to enter this new content arena. As I have ... read more

Robin Good - Andrew Baron - Rocketboom - November 4, 2005

Sharewood Picnic is Robin Good's weekly basket of hand-picked goodies discovered and found in the last seven days; it includes new web sites, software tools and online resources that can further enable your ability to become effective independent publishers online. You are welcome to test, download and ... read more

Robin Good and Kevin C. Borgia - October 30, 2005

The use of video inside blogs, news sites and other independently published web properties is about to take a strong acceleration. The pioneering and explorative phase of the online video publishing age is about to end. Yesterday, SixApart the company behind popular publishing tools such as Movable Type ... read more

Robin Good - Kevin Sladek - October 26, 2005

I am just out of a live participatory television program, a pioneering and successful experiment by Italian independent and alternative grassroots satellite + online TV station During the live TV show which went live between 9 and midnight last night, the show hosts showcased video news ... read more

Robin Good - October 21, 2005

TV on mobile phones is coming...and it's going to be big. If you haven't yet noticed mobile television is rapidly becoming a reality encompassing the Internet, traditional TV and the new grassroots revolution taking place across all media. Colonized in its early stages by the large funding provided ... read more

Robin Good and Kevin C. Borgia - October 19, 2005
"From Bloggers wanting to transmit video onsite from an event, to families wishing to share special moments with distant members, to first-on-the-scene Citizen Reporters transmitting as a story happens, to workers in the field needing to use video to get their message across -- anyone can ... read more

Samc - Daily Wireless - October 6, 2005
By far, the most difficult step for any would-be online video producer, blogger or videomaker is the ability to master the idiosyncrasies of a multitude of different video formats, encoding and compression nightmares and the needs to serve the same content optimized for different users and ... read more

Robin Good - September 24, 2005

Do you know how you can use podcasting and video blogging to communicate effectively via online media? Are you interested in starting up your own Internet TV or radio station? For the first time in human history every individual has the power of self-expression to reach ... read more

ITConversations - September 17, 2005
The latest creative incentive the BBC is offering its own audiences to have them start participating more tangibly in the making of media is a video-editing competition in which participants get to remix selected BBC openly-licensed video footage. The competition is running now and will last throughout ... read more

Robin Good - September 10, 2005

As a budding video-maker I have been waiting for a while to see camcorders adopt new technologies that would allow them to do away with both tapes and other mechanical recording mechanisms. Why? I want maximum portability and image quality, and no matter how good you get with ... read more

Robin Good - August 27, 2005

New media picks of the week is my weekly basket of tasty new media resources, online tools and new software tools I think are worth your attention. Try for yourself, download, install and learn some pretty interesting things with these great new resources and tools. Here is ... read more

Robin Good - August 21, 2005

Wouldn't it be great to be able to take your television with you anywhere you want around your home apartment? How about seeing your favorite satellite TV match from your laptop while connected from an Internet cafè on the other side of the world? And since traditional TV ... read more

Robin Good - August 6, 2005

In a locked-down television landscape, here is an outpost of innovation and access for alternative media voices and delivery formats: Internet television, made and delivered in a format that effectively competes with traditional mainstream television channels while offering news and views you dont normally get to ... read more

Robin Good - August 5, 2005

Would you like to automatically search live television broadcasts based on key words? How about an immediate email notification of relevant news with video and text of anything matching your keywords of interest or the ability to archive any relevant video segment found? Keyword search of online ... read more

Robin Good - August 2, 2005

Sometimes the best resource of all is to just stop, pull together all of your findings, and see how to integrate them in an effective way in your daily workflow. Intelligent research and experimentation on the cutting edge requires also having time to slow down and learn ... read more

Robin Good - July 22, 2005

About a year ago, I was briefly consulted by Italy's RadioRadicale, to review and analyze a new challenging and very ambitious project. The goal was the creation of a software-based technology platform to allow the easy editing, commenting, remixing and online re-distribution of all of the tens ... read more

Robin Good - July 19, 2005

Born with the intention of providing an alternative news venue for the younger generations, often very critical and alienated by mainstream news media, the Guerrilla News Network is a uniquely interesting hub of counter-information, articles, and voices from a growing group of awareness-increasing individuals. One of the ... read more

Robin Good - July 17, 2005

Here it is, another great new entry in a category, that believe me, will soon swell of services, tools and software that make it easy for anyone to publish and distribute video content online. Announced on Thursday, Popcast is a new aggressive startup out of San Francisco, ... read more

Robin Good - July 16, 2005

Vimeo is another online free video hosting and delivery service dedicated to short high-quality clips. Chris Pirillo mini-clip for TheWeblogProject Originally conceived by Jakob Lodwick, it was recently brought to life by him together with Zach Klein. On Vimeo you can upload just about any video format though not ... read more

Robin Good - June 28, 2005

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