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Voice chat interactively, send and receive instant messages, and transfer files over the Internet Send and receive files and folders of any size with your existing email account Video hosting service that allows you to upload any video under 10MB without registration Web-based platform that lets you host your ... read more

Robin Good - July 30, 2006

Today Sightspeed will release a new version of its excellent video conferencing software, which not only allows PC, Mac and Linux-based users to communicate with video and audio for free, (paid accounts get a lot more for next to nothing) and also makes it now possible ... read more

Robin Good - July 26, 2006

Ajax/Flash-based web application that lets you create, share and access presentations online Jabber client program that allows free PC to PC calls using the VoIP system over the Jabber network Web-based word processor that can read and write Microsoft Word and other standard document formats Social text messaging ... read more


A "behind the scenes" look at a new interactive technology being developed. Take your picture from your mobile, send your picture, schedule its playback. Capture your TV contents and play them out through your Millicent Player. Can you figure out what this is? Can you help me discover ... read more

Robin Good - July 22, 2006

While Google Video has just released a brand new feature which allows you to address via a standard URL any specific point inside a video (thanks Google for this - please give us next a way to also point to a video "segment"), I remain yet ... read more

Robin Good - July 21, 2006
If you are looking for a great simple free tool, that allows you to record your own video and publish it online, your search is over: Hellodeo allows you to record straight from your webcam, camcorder or from any other video signal you have incoming into ... read more

Robin Good - July 18, 2006

Social media network that enables musicians and video artists to sell their music and videos Earn money from your website or blog, by selling books, DVDs, and CDs that you personally select Web-based service that enables you to create your personal online portfolio Upload files and either share ... read more

What is a blog? Here is a new mini-compilation (see previous one) of great video remixes that I and my micro video-editing team have created for TheWeblogProject. These have all been edited and produced collaboratively by me, Alessandro Luccardi and Nico Canali De Rossi while using ... read more

Robin Good - July 15, 2006

Our ability to safely live on this planet is what is at stake. Celebrated by independent film critics, communication gurus and environmental researchers and activists everywhere, this inspiring new full-featured documentary, which has opened two-weeks ago in selected theaters in North America, dramatically highlights the very delicate ... read more

Robin Good - July 10, 2006
The US vs. John Lennon is a new provocative feature movie to be shown in commercial theaters starting this coming September. The movie reports John Lennon's transformation from a beloved popular musical artist, member of one of the most popular pop bands of those times (The ... read more

Robin Good - July 7, 2006
Here is a great video remix that shows further the potential of using video, music and remixing to create powerful and highly viral messages. If you are not a too-sensitive about seeing Mr President rapping about making this a better world for everyone, ... read more

Robin Good - July 5, 2006
Corporate TV: Education-based online video marketing focuses on what your customers want to learn not on what you want to sell. Do that correctly and your customers will see your company as a trusted advisor. Using video and the internet to better promote and qualify your products, ... read more

Robin Good - Mindblazer - July 3, 2006

Web-based editor enables you to write online documents and collaborate with colleagues Online tool allows you to edit your pictures online Write and share documents easily, quickly and privately Draw pictures and label things on a Google map and see your work in 3D Online multiuser web application for ... read more


As you are witnessing yourself, both mainstream and social, grassroots media are rapidly transforming the news, information distribution and content publishing landscape that had become familiar to us before the dot com boom. If you were to plot and visualize the forces at work within this ... read more

Ross Dawson - Trends in the Living Networks - June 30, 2006
Create presentations, slideshows and outlines right in your web browser Translate RSS feeds from blogs and podcasts into foreign languages Access to your favorite RSS feeds, blogs and news channels directly from your mobile Upload photos and videos and share them over the Internet Social networking site that also ... read more

Robin Good - June 25, 2006
Here is a small tribute to the power of visual communication, which through the humble artistry of these ten short video remixes showcases how much more effective and enjoyable it can be to learn through active watching rather than having to read the same subject in ... read more

Robin Good - June 20, 2006

Internet Broadcasting, Online Video, Internet Television: all these buzzwords stand to witness the booming popularity of video publishing and distribution on the Internet. Theatrical film releases may soon start to see their audiences first online and then through theaters worldwide just as the online movie ... read more

Robin Good - June 7, 2006

Videoblogging, podcasting and video sharing service offers you a free blog Video sharing community whose content is raised by user's ratings Online photo editor enables you to edit and add special effects to your images within your browser Web-based group email application allows you to send email to a ... read more


"Many advertisers are worried that traditional ways of reaching consumers, including the 30-second television spot, are losing their power to persuade. Television viewers have more channels and media to choose from, and digital video recorders and video on demand allow them to skip ads entirely. To ... read more

Robin Good - May 17, 2006

In the new, May issue of Wired, the glossy magazine devoted to new technologies and their impact on society, one of the feature articles is entitled: A Guide to the Online Video Explosion - Wired's must-have directory of the best clips on the Web. The Wired mini-guide ... read more

Robin Good - May 16, 2006

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