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NewsXS is a new RSS-based news search engine operating across four different languages: English, French, German and Dutch. Over 4,000 quality news sources are already included. Newsfeeds submissions are all reviewed and filtered manually. NewsXS generates an immediately accessible RSS feed for any search term you ... read more

Robin Good Recommends - [via Chris Pirillo] - May 13, 2004
Is the internet really the quickest way to access facts - and get them right? Ros Taylor, Oliver Burkeman and Stephen Moss at the Guardian Unlimited take Google to a serious and very relevant challenge. They put Google to the test against more old-fashioned methods. They set ... read more

Robin Good - Guardian Unlimited - May 7, 2004
Six Degrees is a technology that automatically creates and updates a database of links to the messages you send and receive, the files you create, and the people you work with. Creo has now a new version of Six Degrees, the unique contact/email/workflow management and search ... read more

Robin Good - Creo - May 1, 2004

Ujiko is a new visual search engine that will be available tomorrow. Strictly related to Kartoo, Ujiko allows the user to select, comment and annotate all of the preferred results with maximum ease of use. By clicking on a heart rather than a trash can the ... read more

Robin Good - Ujiko - April 30, 2004
Google Alert is an extremely effective and well designed online service that allows you to track any topic, search or reference by leveraging a sophisticated query engine that taps Google for answers and automates this process so that it generates results on a daily basis. You ... read more

Robin Good - Google Alert - April 28, 2004
Amazon has just launched its new major search engine online today. Called A9, the Amazon search engine uses Google' search results while adding some unique extra features: a) Book results, b) Search history, c) a nifty search Toolbar. The first two are two optional vertical panes ... read more

John Battelle - April 15, 2004
One-Shot Searching Is Over: Publish And Subscribe Approach To Gain Momentum. This is a must-read essay from one of the few players in this field that shows to see and well understand where we are actually headed. Bob Wyman writes in his blog: ".."online advertising, especially ... read more

Bob Wyman - As I May Think... - April 2, 2004
Google is now offering a personalized search service. Once you have filled in your profile data you can start searching with your profile directing the type of results that you will be proposed. Though you may be puzzled by what Google turns up when you carry ... read more

Robin Good - Google - March 30, 2004

Expanding its push into the Internet search space, Microsoft says it plans to launch Internet search services for news and Web logs later this year. The new services, called MSN Newsbot and MSN Blogbot, up the ante in the battle for Internet search market share. Microsoft ... read more

Robin Good - Yahoo News - March 27, 2004
A new search tool, released today, searches seamlessly through Web information, email messages and PDF documents on your hard disk. The new HotBot Desktop search tool integrates also an RSS newsreader and aggregator which facilitates subscribing and searching through popular and personally selected newsfeeds. The free ... read more

Robin Good - PCWorld - March 23, 2004
Businesses generally have a pretty good on handle on how much they spend to acquire information, but sometimes it's what they *don't* know that really trips them up. For instance, in 1999 NASA's Mars Climate Orbiter spacecraft traveled 416 million miles without a hitch only to ... read more

KMWorld - [via Marcus P. Zillman] - March 21, 2004
Competing in the same category as the newly launched powerful Onfolio, ContentSaver is a new Internet research tool, which allows you to save and easily manage collections of Web pages, pictures, and any other Web resources like e-mail messages or PDF files. Save anything you need ... read more

Robin Good - Macropool - March 17, 2004
Interesting and informal review of a small footprint, light and speedy document indexer and search tool for your PC. According to the reporter Rocket Retriever is fast, and it does all one would expect it to. If you have been holding back for a full indexing ... read more

Robin Good - March 17, 2004
The GuideBeam is a new meta-search engine designed specifically to help the user formulate a precise description of their information need. It is particularly suited for: a) non-technical users (who typically issue imprecise queries), b) searching of the type "I don't know what I want, but ... read more

Robin Good - GuideBeam - March 14, 2004
The great strength of computers is that they can reliably manipulate vast amounts of data very quickly. Their great weakness is that they don't have a clue as to what any of that data actually means. Computer scientists have been laboring for decades to eliminate that ... read more

Robin Good - Spectrum Online - March 13, 2004
Mooter is a new visual search engine capable of organizing results around key clusters. Mooter is still in beta, but it is already fully working. The visual approach provides a useful approach to explore large amounts of information in a much reduced time. The mooter search ... read more

Robin Good - March 9, 2004
A crop of new technologies designed to produce more sophisticated search results is challenging Google's market leader position. Eurekster, offers users "personalized" responses based on how long they perused various Web sites the last time they performed a similar search. The idea is, if someone finds ... read more

Robin Good - - March 8, 2004
Trackle is a brand new online service that allows you to check on pages in intervals ranging from once a day to every hour of the day. Trackle excerpts, consolidates and emails you the content portions that have changed on the selected Web pages and then ... read more

Robin Good - Trackle - March 7, 2004
If you are looking for a specialty news search engine or for a tool to receive news alerts by email your search is over. In one up-to-date page, all of the best search tools and online services are neatly organized for your access. The News Search ... read more

Robin Good - March 6, 2004
SXC is a friendly community of photography addicts who generously offer their works to the public free of charge. You can easily browse or search through the categories of a huge gallery containing over 50.000 quality stock photos shot by more than 2.500 different photographers. Need ... read more

Robin Good - March 1, 2004

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