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"Queryster is a great tool for searching multiple search engines. Simply type in your search term and select your preferred search engine. The cool thing about. If you want to carry out another query on another search engine, just click your choice and hit return. The ... read more

Queryster - [via Marketing Tom] - February 29, 2004
Do you want to obtain maximum privacy while surfing certain online destinations? The "IP Address Changer" allows you to change your IP anytime by routing your Internet traffic through overseas servers. A small dropdown box appears on your Internet Explorer toolbar with a list of 15 ... read more

Robin Good - PrivacyTools - February 29, 2004
Knowing what the client wants is the key factor to success in any type of business. News media, government agencies and political candidates need to know what the public thinks. Associations need to know what their members want. Large companies need to measure the attitudes of ... read more

Robin Good - The Survey System - February 27, 2004

The absolutely best tutorial on how to use all of Google's potential. Easy to use, simple to navigate, this is a little jewel for both the novice and advanced search user. The definitive up-to-date guide on how to best leverage the Google search engine and all ... read more

Robin Good - [via] - February 21, 2004
If you want to experience the best free online service that allows you to read, filter and aggregate RSS news feeds without getting stressed with too many technicalities you need to look no further than Bloglines. Bloglines scans over 70,000 RSS-based content feeds and allows you ... read more

Robin Good - February 19, 2004
If you have ever wondered how various combinations of search keywords can affect the number and quality of the results you are going to get, there is now a new simple online tool to use that can rapidly answer your doubt: SearchGrid. To use the grid, ... read more

Robin Good - via Researchbuzz - February 19, 2004
Copernic Meta is a new capable search software tool which seeks information across multiple search engines at once. Meta pulls results in under a second directly from the Windows task bar or an Internet Explorer browser. With the newest release of Copernic Meta (1.5) you will ... read more

Robin Good - February 18, 2004
Meceoo metasearch engine searches into the main worldwide Web search engines such as AltaVista, AllTheWeb and Inktomi. The search engines used are different depending on the request made by the user (number of words, requested langage, etc…). Its originality comes from the avaibility for users to ... read more

Robin Good - Meceoo - February 12, 2004

Soople is a new online search engine interface to Google which allows easy access to all of the great advanced search features of Google unknown to most people. Soople organizes all of Google advanced search facilities in one easy-to-use search page. ... read more

Robin Good - February 11, 2004
Evaluating web pages skillfully requires you to do two things at once: a) Train your eye and your fingers to employ a series of techniques that help you quickly find what you need to know about web pages; b) Train your mind to think critically, even suspiciously, ... read more

Robin Good - UC Berkeley Library - February 10, 2004
RSS NewsWatcher is a new, Windows-based, RSS newsreader and aggregator from Scopeware, a company dedicated to develop innovative quality search tools. The tool is available for free download for a limited time. ... read more

Robin Good - February 9, 2004
Online resource dedicated to list, organize and describe all instances of bots, such as automated search tools, search engine crawlers and other automated software agents which can be used for different purposes. Windows and Mac sections. Bots categories include: Search, Shopping, Tracking, Web monitoring, Chatterbots, Personal ... read more

Robin Good - February 9, 2004
Data mining, competitive intelligence, global business knowledge. Where to find the latest news and information resources and how to scout for more with the tools and online services available today. ... read more

Marcus P. Zillman - February 8, 2004
Web search is a basic requirement for internet navigation, yet the number of web search engines is decreasing. Today's oligopoly could soon be a monopoly, with a single company controlling nearly all web search for its commercial gain. That would not be good for users of ... read more

Robin Good - February 7, 2004
Furl is a new web browsing tool that lets you save and organize thousands of useful web pages (you know, the ones you want to save for future reference but then can never find again) in a personal "web page filing cabinet". Once saved, you can ... read more

Robin Good - Furl - February 4, 2004
Musicplasma is a visual search engine that allows to find music tracks and authors according to the musical genre they belong to. Through the basic application of some essential information design techniques Musciplasma shows once again how powerful information visualization can be in the realm of ... read more

Robin Good - Master New Media - January 27, 2004
Toolbars like this one "which plug into Microsoft's popular Internet Explorer browser, are more than simple shortcuts to Web services. They also help companies collect detailed information about users' movements on the Web. Such Information can be used to build more sophisticated services, such as shopping ... read more

Robin Good - January 27, 2004
This is a very interesting software release with some nifty features. In addition to the usual search request features, it allows user annotation, user rating and user agents. It also adds an intelligent metadata tool to assist submissions. The free software runs on PHP and MySQL, ... read more

Robin Good - via OLDaily - January 23, 2004
Here is a short but valuable selection of information gathering and access tools that can add a lot of value to any journalist, reporter or online blogger. If you are not aware or have not used some of the tools and services listed there, you should ... read more

Robin Good - Journalism Net - December 31, 2003
Analyst's Notebook is a very powerful visual analysis software which may bring extraordinary clarity to complex investigations and intelligence analysis. It enables investigators and analysts to turn large volumes of disparate data into "visible" patterns and truly actionable intelligence. ... read more

Robin Good - December 22, 2003

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