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Roland Tanglao has done it again. Thanks to the excellent free services provided by PubSub, Roland has taken the time to spell out for the novice and the expert alike how to track your name, URL and related keywords. Roland gives a very accurate and reliable list of ... read more

Robin Good - December 3, 2004

Here in Sharewood I am notoriously pretty suspicious when it comes to press releases. Rather than trusting the typical media hype, I personally take the time to test and explore new tools until I genuinely feel I have a good feel for their strengths and weaknesses. ... read more

Robin Good - December 1, 2004

The recent news that the BBC is experimenting at the bleeding edge of the new media technology world, with podcasting, probably shouldn't come as too much of a surprise. They have been experimenting with the newest of new media technologies for some time. The BBC was one ... read more

Robin Good - November 22, 2004

Web search leader Google on Wednesday unveiled Google Scholar, a new search product aimed at helping users search scholarly literature such as technical reports, theses and abstracts. Google Scholar enables you to search specifically for scholarly literature, including peer-reviewed papers, theses, books, preprints, abstracts and technical ... read more

Robin Good - November 18, 2004

How obvious is it to you when using a search engine that the results you are getting are what you should be getting? Are you aware that some of the results are actually paid for by advertisers? In other words, a company will pay the search ... read more

Jørgen J. Wouters - Consumer WebWatch - November 15, 2004

"As Microsoft enters the internet search engine market, users find themselves overwhelmed with options." This is how the BBC opens up a timely article focusing its spotlight on Microsoft official entry into the new search engine competition against the established major players. Here is the new ... read more

Robin Good - Tom Geoghegan BBC - November 15, 2004
Surfing the World Wide Web can be both an enthralling, enlightening journey of discovery as well as a nightmarish trip into darkness and confusion. If you're searching for information from specific sites, ones that you know and trust because you've been there before and found what you ... read more

Robin Good - November 12, 2004
Nonetheless I am part of the Microsoft Search Champs, a selected group of technology enthusiasts helping Microsoft refine and improve its up-and-coming new search engine, I have been reading news proclaiming Microsoft release of the new technology since early yesterday. While by this morning the news ... read more

Robin Good - November 11, 2004

Traditionally, investors, investment managers and fund managers had relied on advice from industry and company analysts at investment banks and stockbrokers to make sound investment decisions. Then, as high-profile corporate scandals (Enron, Tyco etc) rocked financial markets after the internet bust, the ensuing collapse of share ... read more

Robin Good - November 3, 2004

Several months ago I changed from Internet Explorer to Mozilla Firefox as my default browser. I asked around a bit before making my choice and really felt attracted to the open design of the program and the huge, though somewhat geeky community that is so vigorously ... read more

Robin Good - October 29, 2004

Bill French, co-founder of MyST Technology Partners just sent me an email referencing my recent article covering good examples of RSS newsmastering applications and where he gently shows me their progress as validation of the emerging NewsMater role. Bill French writes:"This Edu RSS item caught my ... read more

Bill French - Myst Technology Partners - October 28, 2004
Foxylicious is a free Mozilla Firefox extension developed by Dietrich Ayala that integrates your bookmarks into your Firefox browser's bookmarks. In doing so, it dispels a worry that many may have in using online bookmark managers - that due to connectivity problems they may not ... read more

Robin Good - October 25, 2004
Get a real-time fix of Robin Good Latest News in four new different and tasty flavours: via MSN® Messenger Microsoft Windows® Messenger your e-mail inbox or to a supported wireless mobile device or cell phone. ... read more

Robin Good - October 24, 2004
Marcus P. Zillman has a new (finally) annotated research report listing a good number of research-oriented browser-based tools. Marcus is an exellent scout with a number of artificial bots working for him on most any topic he wishes to. This time, he has chosen, like in so ... read more

Robin Good Recommends - October 20, 2004
IAwiki is a WiKi and in this particular case, it's a collaborative knowledge base for the topic of 'Information Architecture'. IAwiki is much more than that though. It's certainly a knowledge base, but not exclusively for Information Architects. Anyone involved in any aspect of the creation ... read more

Robin Good - October 17, 2004
The Google Desktop Search application is, for all of its truly outstanding features, lacking in one particular area. Although it can search through every website you ever visit, taking the logs and adding them to your total searchable index as cached pages, it can only do ... read more

Robin Good - October 15, 2004
News is just breaking about the launch today of Google Desktop Search. This is not a browser, but a desktop client application, which allows people to scan their computers for information in the same way they use Google to search the web. For the two news ... read more

Robin Good - October 14, 2004
All organizations need to keep a record of policies, procedures, current prices, and other important information. This information needs to be easily and quickly available for employees, clients, or the public to refer to. In addition, companies need to advise these parties as changes are made. ... read more

Ellen Finkelstein - October 13, 2004
I have finally pulled together my personal notes and some of the good shots taken last week at the Microsoft Search Champs event in Redmond. That was a hip, and absolutely fascinating happening with a unique group of very interesting people. I yet can't read the crystall ... read more

Robin Good - October 12, 2004
As an independent publisher and NewsMaster, having access to authoritative news sources is an essential resource. Although more and more news publishing entities around the world are offering some or all of their content online, it's always a judgement call as to which ones are authoritative ... read more

Francis Good - - via [] - October 8, 2004

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