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Today, the majority of useful search result pages are nothing else but an aggregated and filtered cream of multiple and very diverse types of database content sources. Look at Google results. The effective content databases of today are dynamic, fed by multiple contributing engines and born ... read more

John Blossom - Shore - January 30, 2008

The Google penalization on Master New Media has just been lifted has been returned a PageRank of 6. The merit for this goes first of all to DazzlinDonna of SEO Scoop who opened a uniquely valuable conversation with Google's Matt Cutts by expressing in a short ... read more

Robin Good - January 28, 2008

Open internet television: a grassroots dream or a collaborative effort for a greater good toward which we can all work? This is the question that Jeremy Allaire and Adam Berry of Brightcove ask publicly in this open letter they have released for the Consumer Electronic Show ... read more

Jeremy Allaire and Adam Berrey - Brightcove - January 9, 2008

Online professional independent publishers rejoyce! 2008 promises to be a year of great innovation for everyone publishing online as opportunities to expand or start your own micro publishing company will only increase. New powerful publishing and content distribution tools will make their debut in 2008 while ... read more

Robin Good - December 31, 2007

What to expect from the world of new media technology for 2008? Health, economy and alternative energy blogger Sepp Hasslberger, contributes his personal view on some of the major trends he sees coming down the line when it comes to new media, search engines, and tacit ... read more

Sepp Hasslberger - December 27, 2007

A lot has been written and speculated about Google Knol during this past week, but besides the big hoopla and excitement for the new Google announcement, few have stopped to reflect upon the consequences, opportunities and issues that may arise from the introduction of this new ... read more

John Blossom - Shore - December 22, 2007

Social media marketing and what it entails in terms of proactive tasks and activities you need to add to your existing independent publisher workflow is the focus of this video interview with SEO expert Massimo Burgio. As I recounted yesterday, I have met this great, outgoing and ... read more

Robin Good - December 20, 2007

Social media marketing online is the new critical factor to deal with when wanting to increase traffic, visibility, and even more your overall authority and reputation on the Web. SEO expert Massimo Burgio, explains in simple, easy to understand language some of the key aspects of ... read more

Robin Good - December 19, 2007

If you want to aggregate and author all of your social media content from a single service, may very well interest you. offers you a single solution for gathering all of your various online identities and publishing destinations into a single social media space. Given ... read more

Michael Pick - December 3, 2007

Writing great titles for your own articles and blog posts is the second most important thing you need to do to get greater visibility and exposure on major search engines. Notwithstanding tons of articles on the topic and the supposed ease with which great titles could ... read more

Robin Good - November 28, 2007

Online music sharing is easier than ever, but it isn't always legal. Ezmo provides you with an easy-to-use online music player that lets you share your music collection with up to ten friends without having to look over your shoulder. If you take a look at recent ... read more

Michael Pick - November 27, 2007

This is a guide explaining what RSS is and how to best use it. It is targeted at the non-technical user who has not had yet the opportunity to fully understand what RSS is all about and how to best put it to use. RSS is a ... read more

Michael Pick - November 20, 2007

Attention profiling is quite possibly the next wave of smarter, more relevant web browsing. APML is an emerging standard that promises to make it much easier for websites and services to cater to your exact tastes, reducing the information overload of seemingly endless web content. When you ... read more

Michael Pick - November 14, 2007

The only open-source, cross-platform RSS reader, news aggregator and blog publishing tool available today, BlogBridge, has just released a new, more powerful version: BlogBridge 6. As I strongly believe in helping out small companies that build great products get the visibility they deserve and as a ... read more

Michael Pick - October 29, 2007

The news is everywhere. Yesterday, October 24th 2007, Google has drastically started to lower PageRank for many popular sites, especially several prominent blogs and reputable marketing sites around the world. Many such sites have seen an overnight decrease of PageRank value of 2 or more points ... read more

Robin Good - October 25, 2007

PageRank down? Traffic taking a dive? If you are wondering whether your web site may have been penalized by Google, because of your adoption and use of text link ads here is my final answer on this: yes, and it is now also official (as many ... read more

Robin Good - October 24, 2007

Personalized search is gaining in popularity, as information overload reaches a critical mass. Lijit takes this to the next level, allowing your site visitors to search across the variety of social networking platforms for your content, compounding your position as a trusted source of information. It would ... read more

Michael Pick - October 22, 2007

Video upload services are already starting to multiply, and there are now plenty of ways to get your videos onto a number of hosting services without having to send the data to each one individually. A brand new service combines this feature with the ability to ... read more

Michael Pick - October 16, 2007

The waters have calmed down after an August in which the sudden loss of all search engine traffic coming from Google has created an emergency situation here at Master New Media for over ten days. Having taken the time to study and analyze all that happened ... read more

Robin Good - September 3, 2007

Mashups are filled with technical challenges and that is why many technologists are attracted by them. The challenge of having to find new solutions to "old" technical issues while "inventing" new ways to mix and combine existing resources and tools is undoubtedly a very positive motivator ... read more

Duane Merrill - IBM - August 24, 2007

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