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A lovely friend pointed me today to a Groove presentation which I hadn't seen before. This excellent audio-visual streaming presentation showcases Groove version 3 new key features and it provides visual examples of how the new features and facilities can be used. Groove v3 is really ... read more

Robin Good Recommends - September 21, 2004

FlashPaper is Macromedia solution to distributing and repurposing content with ease and cost-effectiveness. The $ 79 software tool, allows anyone to easily convert any printable document into either Web-ready Flash files or highly secure PDF documents. Flash and PDF are by themselves two of the most popular ... read more

Robin Good Recommends - September 19, 2004
Six great presentation guidelines for any communication officer who needs to deliver information that is useful, easy-to-understand and memorable. One: Figure out what the audience needs to know, not what you want to say. Two: Design from summary to detail Three: Hide the details Four: Create FAQ slides Five: Nest information Six: ... read more

Kathy Jacobs - Lockergnome IT Professionals - September 14, 2004

//">ConferencingNews publishes today an interesting interview with me, for which they have patiently waited several months. In it I share some of my background, my career milestones and my present daily work routines. I talk about talk //">Kolabora, //">MasterNewMedia and how they have come about. I ... read more

Robin Good - - September 13, 2004
Ellen Finkelstein does it again with a great resource of information for PowerPoint presenters. PowerPoint Tips brings together the best and most useful advice collected by the author over the years. Tips include everything from how to utilize a Summary Slide for questions & answers to ... read more

Ellen Finkelstein - August 21, 2004
In any presentation, one of the keys to success remains a focus on the audience's frame of reference. However, when that audience is international, you'll need to step out of your own frame of reference and focus on making the presentation salient for your target group. ... read more

Dr Joseph Sommerville - MarketingProfs - August 11, 2004
Groove has just launched the newest version of its flagship product, now called Virtual Office, while completely revamping the design and organization of its excellent Web site. Groove Networks, has been working hard for quite a few months to this new version 3 release, while constantly ... read more

Robin Good - July 12, 2004
Draw-me is an express caricature design service that takes a photograph from you and converts by hand into a promotional illustrated character. Turnaround time for a caricature is only a few hours and if you like Draw-me style the price is definitely fair: USD $ 37 ... read more

Robin Good Recommends - July 10, 2004

Today, at 12 noon NY time, one new edition of Kolabora Live! Buyer's Review will showcase and discuss over the most interesting new technologies available today for delivering live PowerPoint presentations on the Internet. Several new tools will be reviewed and scored for effectiveness over multiple ... read more

Robin Good - Kolabora Live! - July 8, 2004
Yesterday I took a group of five among industry experts, news reporters, and technology bloggers to a private demo of a new breakthrough conferencing and collaboration technology called SmartMeeting. This new, immersive 3D collaboration environment is truly a generation ahead of any other conferencing system available ... read more

Robin Good - June 23, 2004
SlidesNow! is a new effective low-cost Mac software technology that allows any Mac OSX user to deliver slides on the Internet (to users on both PCs and Macs), together with a live video feed of the presenter. A built-in chat board allows viewers to communicate back ... read more

Robin Good Recommends - June 17, 2004
A few days ago I have written a short news story about the launch of price-breaking new tool for PowerPoint to Flash conversions. As I also maintain an up-to-date resource list of all the Powerpoint To Flash available converters, I am in touch with many of ... read more

Robin Good Reviews - June 14, 2004
Taking screen shots of a computer application, Web site or software application is not as easy as it may appear, especially if you need those screenshots to be used in high quality inside professional print publications. This one-page tutorial provides some useful guidance, both to PC ... read more

Robin Good Recommends - June 11, 2004
Qarbon has just released a very interesting new Powerpoint to Flash converter at market-breaking price: USD $ 99. Though there is no try-out available online, I am expecting the company, that has been overdelivering across its product line, to follow suit with this new simple solution. ... read more

Robin Good Recommends - June 8, 2004
If you are looking for an online resource that provides advice and guidance to creating digital images (including raster, vector and animated formats), delivering digital images to users, using digital images to support teaching, learning and research, managing both small and large scale digitisation projects, you ... read more

Robin Good Recommends - June 6, 2004
RSS is becoming a highly pervasive information distribution channel in our rapidly expanding universe. Here is a new tool that allows PowerPoint presentations to easily integrate RSS feeds and news headlines. The Take-off RSS news reader from DataPoint gathers RSS news and sends them directly into ... read more

Robin Good Recommends - May 31, 2004
It looks beautifully easy! better than, Try it out!. This is what my friend and colleague Gillian Kerr wrote me about GoToMeeting the other day. Nonetheless I am a long time GoToMyPC customer and proud supporter, I had not received any internal news announcing this ... read more

Robin Good Recommends - May 17, 2004
PowerLink Plus 2.0 is a PowerPoint related utility that solves an annoying problem many presenters have when needing to master their presentations on a CD-ROM/DVD: keeping all of the associated files and links working on the CD-ROM! PowerLink Plus 2.0 verifies and repairs all of the ... read more

Robin Good Recommends - May 10, 2004
Want to conduct more effective brainstorming sessions? Seeking to extract the best ideas from your team? Looking for easy to use tools that can jump-start your creative process? Innovation Tools provides entrepreneurs and innovators with a focused, growing collection of the best resources on business innovation, ... read more

Robin Good - Robin Good Recommends - May 4, 2004

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