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Online video is moving forward from the age of YouTube and towards a richer, more immersive Internet TV experience. If you want to create your very own streaming TV channels in full-screen, rivaling the look and feel of major players like Joost (suspended), there is now ... read more

Michael Pick - April 30, 2007

Today, blogs are one of the most effective and used online communication tools. Blogs help large and small companies communicate directly and transparently with their customers in a way that is direct as well as offering an exhaustion and confrontation pipe for topics ranging from politics ... read more

Robin Good - April 27, 2007

Online collaboration tools and technologies are increasingly going to shape and model the communication, learning, working and social experiences we will be able to create in the near future. New modes of learning, sharing and hooking up with partners, team-mates and colleagues will completely replace the ... read more

Robin Good - April 22, 2007

Online collaboration tools tend to focus on the sharing of presentations and corporate communications, leaving those working in the creative industry settling for second-best. But a new tool targeting designers, photographers, marketing creatives and even film-makers is about to change all of that. Making it easy to ... read more

Michael Pick - April 17, 2007

When it comes to sharing or monetizing Internet video, there are plenty of options, but until now enhancing and monetizing the photos on your website hasn't really been possible. However, a new free service allows you to do just that - adding monetization and a list ... read more

Michael Pick - April 16, 2007
Web presentations and online slideshow creation tools are in most cases web-based services which allow you, at minimum, to upload PowerPoint presentations to the Web and make them available for others to see, and at best, to make it possible for you to create new presentations ... read more

Michael Pick - April 15, 2007

Online multimedia presentation tools are a whole new exciting niche within the Web 2.0 landscape, letting you easily take your photos and videos and create great-looking visual mash-ups from them. It's one thing to sift through a page full of uninspiring, identical thumbnails, and quite another ... read more

Michael Pick - April 9, 2007

Online video annotation has just taken a giant leap forward, giving you the opportunity to add subtitles, text, animated shapes and pointers, freehand text and drawings, images, webcam video and even RSS feeds directly into your web-hosted videos. Until now a range of online video annotation services ... read more

Michael Pick - April 5, 2007

A brand new service gives you an easy-to-use way to synchronize your online videos with PowerPoint slideshows, sharing the results online. This simple tool makes it a piece of cake to run your Google Video content side-by-side with PowerPoint presentations uploaded to Slideshare. Your audience gets ... read more

Michael Pick - April 2, 2007

Here is a fresh roundup of the most interesting photo editing tools available online. These are all web-based services which allow anyone to upload, edit and retouch digital images and photograph with maximum simplicity and great ease of use. No more need to use Photoshop unless ... read more


The creation and management of rich-media is of chief importance to enterprise communications, not just in terms of effective webcasting, interactive marketing and the delivery of powerful learning content but also in the organization and monitoring of their effective use within an organization. One-size-fits-all solutions often ... read more

Michael Pick - March 29, 2007

A new web-based service allowing powerful creation and easy online distribution of multimedia presentations and visual photo-albums is about to announce its official re-launch with a completely new feature-set, interface and components integration. The all-new Scrapblog is in fact a Formula 1 racer when it comes ... read more

Robin Good and Michael Pick - March 26, 2007

Intro by Robin Good If you are into wanting to learn and understand more about what you can do to further improve the impact of your online communication strategy while adding new useful components to it, the best thing to do may be to find the ... read more

Jakob Nielsen - - March 23, 2007

Video conferencing: A much improved version of VSee videoconferencing solution launches today, bringing this very promising and talented video conferencing solution ahead of its key few competitors. The new video conferencing solution by VSee not only sports an outstanding full web conferencing feature-set paired by great ... read more

Delivering and tracking effective e-learning content is an essential part of many companies daily workflow, and there are no shortage of services offering solutions to this problem. Not all of them offer an easy way to integrate your existing training materials with the need to monitor ... read more

Michael Pick - February 15, 2007

By subtitling or dubbing your Internet video output you expand its reach. This is a great way of adding value to your video, whether from an accessibility perspective, from the desire to reach an audience outside of your own first language, or even to add 'liner ... read more

Michael Pick - February 6, 2007

Today, if you want to communicate effectively, whichever is your medium of choice, you must understand and leverage the power of visual communication. The more you understand the logic and principles that direct effective communication the more you can leverage the fascinating new digital image ... read more

Robin Good - January 24, 2007
If you want to create an electronic portfolio of creative works or a visual conundrum of images on a specific topic, to be easily integrated within an existing web page or in need to be distributed virally across as many sites as possible, Leafletter may just ... read more

Robin Good and Michael Pick - January 15, 2007

Internet video and online collaboration were massive growth sectors in 2006, and as 2007 forges ahead the two are finally coming together. With the emergence of the first real-time video synching and sharing solutions, the Internet video experience is definitely bound to become a critical work ... read more

Michael Pick - January 8, 2007

2006 proved itself to be the year of online video, and as the medium has evolved more and more free online resources have become readily available for those willing to look for them. As universities get wise to the Open Courseware concept, and independent video producers ... read more

Michael Pick - December 29, 2006

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