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If you want to show your computer screen, a presentation or a set of documents to someone connected to the Internet who lives across the ocean, you need to use a "screen sharing" software or online service. Photo credit: Jorge Del Toro While most popular web conferencing systems ... read more

Robin Good - May 24, 2005

Digital image preparation, editing and publishing remains one of the key growth areas for indipendent publishers and digital communicators of all creeds. Photo credit: Melanie K. Not being able to leverage digital images to their fullest when communicating with new media technologies is like writing on a ... read more

Robin Good - May 13, 2005

It is just more than a month since I have presented this short audio and video presentation to iCohere Virtual teams 2005, an online conference which focuses on online collaboration, tools, technologies and resources that facilitate online cooperation and teamwork. Andres Ojeda The presentation is 37' minutes long ... read more

Robin Good - iCohere - May 5, 2005

If you have been looking for a place where you could store your images online, without going over the allowed storage space on your own web server or hosting provider, and without having to pay a monthly hosting fee, here is good one coming along. Imageshack is ... read more

Robin Good - May 3, 2005

Two new, very cost-effective, real-time collaboration tools open up new ways to share and present Microsoft Office documents on the Web. The first, Instacoll, fully integrates with your Office tools and provides an easy and immediate approach to PowerPoint share presentations, Excel spreadsheets, Word documents, without needing ... read more

Robin Good - April 30, 2005

If Ourmedia still doesn't accept your file or doesn't respond to your support requests, it doesn't mean that it ain't good, it means only that they are really working hard at it (I haven't been able to upload a standard Flash file with their Ourmedia Publisher ... read more

Robin Good - March 28, 2005

RSS, or Really Simple Syndication, is a new way to broadcast corporate news and structured information. Photo credit:Canadian Museum of Nature RSS offers a quick, easy corporate communication channel. The RSS contents are published as a feed and the feed's content keep customers, partners and journalists abreast ... read more

Sharon Housley - March 9, 2005

Last week Lawrence Lessig sent out a request for a cheap and simple, cross-platform solution to control the delivery of a presentation remotely. The conversations that followed in the blog's comments section are a very interesting read, although no true 'killer' solution is provided yet. For ... read more

Robin Good - February 27, 2005

On MasterViews International presentation expert Chiara Monetti points at a little tool that allows you to add a voice-over to images and movies. The best part about DubIt Audio Editor is that it is provided for free by TechSmith, whose flagships SnagIt and Camtasia Studio have ... read more

Chiara Monetti - MasterViews International - February 26, 2005

X-events, physical events that leverage the potential of new media communication technologies to extend their communication potential over time, remain one of the hottest topics relevant to conferencing and collaboration providers. Photo credit: Nelson Syozi The convergence of RSS, wikis, blogs, podcasts, discussion forums, newsletters and mailing lists ... read more

Robin Good - February 17, 2005

It is now possible to edit video clips from your mobile phone and make a splashy presentation enriched by synched cuts, special visual effects and titles, all without having to learn complex software or editing techniques. The only thing you need to have are some good ... read more

Robin Good - [via Om Malik on Broadband] - February 12, 2005
Microsoft PowerPoint contains an extremely handy export feature that allows you to create an autorun CD from your presentation slideshow. Chiara Monetti reports about it: "When you want to show a PowerPoint presentation on another computer, you can use the Pack and Go Wizard to transfer all ... read more

Robin Good - MasterViews - February 9, 2005
Whoever thinks that animated presentations are the exclusive territory of PowerPoint professionals and skilled web developers should look at a nifty, free presentation utility, just discovered by Chiara Monetti: "Powerbullet Presenter is a small and simple freeware Windows application that creates presentations in Flash format. Even if ... read more

Robin Good - MasterViews International - February 3, 2005

"I was wondering if anyone has any experience using a device, like a PDA, instead of a computer to run a PowerPoint presentation and feed it to a plasma screen or projector. It would be great to have a smaller device to deploy in the field to ... read more

Robin Good - MasterViews International - February 2, 2005
Vendors of professional Web conferencing tools usually pitch their marketing strategies at corporate buyers. Advanced Reality Inc. has taken an entirely different, very challenging and bottom-up approach by releasing a beta version of Jybe, a free browser toolbar plug-in that not only allows you to browse ... read more

Chris Duncan & Robin Good - Kolabora - January 27, 2005

Following up on his recent coverage about OmniScope and its upcoming, lightweight, Flash-based counterpart FeatureFinder, Robin Good has just made his audio interview available with Edward Forbes, managing director of Iokio. The interview was held last week. Omniscope 3-step approach from data to visualization By listening to this ... read more

Robin Good - January 20, 2005

If you have been looking for a tool that can enable the creation of effective rich-media presentations, while providing a smooth and satisfying user experience I strongly suggest you give a good look at Articulate Presenter. Articulate Presenter is a powerful PowerPoint to Flash conversion tool that ... read more

Robin Good - December 10, 2004
Imagination Cubed is an amazing, free online communication tool developed by General Electric (GE) as part of its global marketing campaign, Imagination at Work. For many people, the easiest way to explain a complex idea to someone else is to pick up a pad and pencil ... read more

Robin Good - November 4, 2004

I am really impressed. I have just downloaded, installed and tested out for a few minutes Google's new acquisition which is getting headlines everywhere. KeyHole, this is the name of this Windows-only software, is a powerful image navigation device leveraging a world-over scenery of satellite imagery ... read more

Robin Good - October 29, 2004
Mother Nature is not the only one capable of madcap experiments with new life forms. The progression of Microsoft PowerPoint from a lowly, black & white-only electronic presentation tool to a ubiquitous, media-rich facilitator of tens of millions of presentations per day is one of the ... read more

Robert L. Lindstrom - October 21, 2004

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