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Paying without cash and without going through a bank may seem an impossible proposition. Not so, says Ryan Fugger, the architect of Ripple, an open-source bank-independent payment system that is now in Beta release, meaning it's open to play with and test. Conceived by Ryan Fugger ... read more

Sepp Hasslberger - Hasslberger on Physics - Economy - New Energy - March 27, 2006

To promote a more participatory society, it is important to promote participatory media and to challenge, replace and eventually abandon mass media. In order to better understand the mass media's inherent lack of democracy, it is useful to imagine a communication system that allows and fosters participation ... read more

Brian Martin - University of Wollongong - March 20, 2006

Here is a mental exercise in reading, and in maintaining a flexible viewpoint about reality and your future. If you are happy with business in general, with your work and salary and with the way we should conduct our lives is portrayed by most media, independent ... read more

Ran Prieur - - March 18, 2006

Branded content is nothing short of a punch-drunk-fighters reaction to the paradigm shifting changes in our media and consumption habits. The rules have changed and it seems that interestingly advertisers are in a scramble to get out of the ad spot and into content generation. Soap ... read more

Alan Moore - SMLXL - March 14, 2006

Mass media are inherently corrupting. A small number of owners and editors exercise great power over what is communicated to large numbers of people. Mass media should be replaced by participatory media organised as networks, such as telephone and computer networks. Strategies to supersede mass media ... read more

Brian Martin - University of Wollongong - March 13, 2006
Is it possible that American citizens are all targets of a runaway government, intent on exerting it's power and expressing it's will - despite the law? If you have been constantly watching TV news beamed out by mainstream TV networks I am sure it wouldn't look like ... read more

Robin Good - March 11, 2006

Michel Bauwens concludes his major essay on P2P economics by looking at the opportunities that would lead the economics of peer to peer to become increasingly important forces in the emerging new rich marketplaces created by information surplus, distributed technology, and by those instances where the ... read more

Michel Bauwens - - March 6, 2006

Not since Marx identified the manufacturing plants of Manchester as the blueprint for the new capitalist society has there been a deeper transformation of the fundamentals of our social life. As political, economic, and social systems transform themselves into distributed networks, a new human dynamic is ... read more

Michel Bauwens - - February 20, 2006

Independent citizens, including professionals, filmmakers, government workers and even former US military officials are among the brave new small investigative citizen reporters who have been spending their time to research on their own, what really happened on the tragic September 11th 2001. What they all ... read more

Robin Good - ReOpen 911 - February 13, 2006

Up, among the A-list top ten of international independent bloggers there is a new name. A name that if you are not from Italy, you may have never heard before: Beppe Grillo. Presently at position 10 on the Technorati Top 100, Beppe Grillo's blog is fast ... read more

Robin Good - February 7, 2006
Kent Bye, is the author of a unique film documentary in progress that may become a future model for grassroots citizen journalism, while showing how to invest filmmaking skills and ideas in a production that has some real informative values and developing the first web-based collaborative ... read more

Robin Good - Echo Chamber Project - February 3, 2006

"...wearing an underwire (metal) bra. That underwire would be acting as a slave antenna re-broadcasting RF directly into the breast. This would tend to act as a promoter of any cancerous cells in the breast. As cities are all becoming wireless wonders the situation in Brisbane ... read more

Chris Gupta - Share The Wealth - January 30, 2006

I am certainly not an economics expert, but as you have been reading the news I select, I am very attracted by giving exposure to news and stories, that not only get no coverage whatsoever on mainstream media, but which get little or no coverage at ... read more

Krassimir Petrov - LeMetropole Cafe - January 23, 2006

UFOs (ubiquitous-findable-objects) are coming. The term 'ambient findability' describes a world at the crossroads of ubiquitous computing and the internet, in which we can find anyone or anything from anywhere at any time. It's not necessarily a goal, and we'll never achieve perfect findability, but we're surely ... read more

Robin Good - January 20, 2006

"When citizens are convinced that interest - which ought to be correctly called usury - on money is necessary, they accept without question the current state of violence, war, poverty, scarcity and lack that continues to dominate the world in a negative fashion as we progress ... read more

Tom J. Kennedy [via Chris Gupta] - Share The Wealth - January 16, 2006

Thanks to independent media, and Slashdot in particular, who reported about it on Saturday, here is a news story that most mainstream media have decided not to cover or publish. The news story, is certainly not welcome by established religions and those in the world establishment ... read more

Robin Good - Godfrey Louis, A. Santhosh Kumar - Mahatma Gandhi University - January 9, 2006

Though the sources and references in this report from Joe Vialls are hard to verify and check, and most readers will discount such story as paranoid-conspiracist, what I find most interesting is researching and understanding how the reality perceived by millions of people could be indeed ... read more

Joe Vialls - January 2, 2006

Undoubtedly mobile phones and wireless broadband are immensely useful, but there is a persistent question: what are the risks of using these technologies? Many of us asking the "risk" question are - alas - not necessarily informed or even willing to consider the benefits of networking, and ... read more

Sepp Hasslberger - Health Supreme - December 26, 2005

Definition: Seigniorage, also spelled seignorage, is the net revenue derived from the issuing of currency. It arises from the difference between the face value of a coin or bank note and the cost of producing and distributing it. Seigniorage is an important source of revenue for ... read more

Robin Good - Marco Della Luna e Antonio Miclavez - Il Consapevole - December 19, 2005
US music publishers are calling for the imprisonment of owners of websites that contain song lyrics, guitar tabs and musical scores. Music publishers seek stringent punishment for websites disclosing lyrics and the Music Publishers' Association (MPA) says such unlicensed publication is illegal and that closing websites ... read more

Simon Aughton - PC Pro - December 10, 2005

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