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Three years after the collapse of Argentina's economy under IMF and World Bank recipes for development, the South American country's budding recovery is stunning international observers. Photo credit: Argentinian mate - Eduardo Cesario Defying the IMF's prescriptions, president Kirchner and his economic advisers have told creditors to ... read more

Robin Good - Health Supreme - January 1, 2005

In a highly informative nine-page report published today by Technology Review and entitled "What’s Next for Google", technology writer Charles H. Ferguson reports about the likely strategies, possible outcomes and far-reaching risks that the impending battle between Microsoft and Google for search dominance may bring about. He ... read more

Charles H. Ferguson - Technology Review - December 27, 2004

As originally reported by Robin Good on October 26, 2004 in his article The News According To Us: WikiNews, Wikinews is a project which, if successful, will see individual newsmakers create a world-wide distributed independent news clearinghouse. "Built upon the open collaborative wiki-model it allows maximum abilities ... read more

Robin Good - December 2, 2004

Thanks to a message forwarded the Cifranogy discussion group , I have just learned about a fascinating cooperative working model that brings together many of the traits we, freedom thinkers and independent agents feel so close to. Photo credit: Tom Coates The system, originated by a ... read more

Robin Good - November 29, 2004

In his latest Alertbox issue, entitled "Undoing the Industrial Revolution", usability guru Jakob Nielsen, goes out of his familar path and puts out what maybe one of the most important public statements I have ever read from him in nearly 20 years of close readership. Jakob Nielsen His ... read more

Robin Good - Jakob Nielsen - Alertbox - November 28, 2004

Yesterday issue of the What Doctors Don't Tell You newsletter reports that official scientific medical research shows how anyone undergoing a full body CT (computer tomography) is being exposed to a radiation level equivalent to that from the atomic bomb dropped on Hiroshima. Photo credit: FDA Whole ... read more

WDDTY - November 27, 2004

All of us have great ideas from time to time. Most often, those bright sparks extinguish quickly, usually because a great idea unshared is nothing more than that - a great idea. But if you have a great idea that you'd like as many people as ... read more

Robin Good - November 19, 2004

Ominous indeed: are blogs really under Patriot Act FBI powers? (Image credit: Davide Guglielmo, Italy) An article in the Village Voice highlights a win for American values and liberty as a particularly heinous part of the Patriot Act has been struck down by a Federal District Judge. ... read more

Village Voice - [via] - November 16, 2004

Boing Boing's Cory Doctorow reports on what appears to really be a super major news items for anyone seriously interested in seeing how independent newsmakers are about to create a world-wide independent news clearinghouse. Called wikinews this new project is set to become a free alternative ... read more

Robin Good - Boing Boing - October 26, 2004
The idea is simple: Send a message to a friend that includes your personally selected set of ads about the American political campaign. Through a simple peer-to-peer (P2P) setup, individuals become the effective evangelists and promoters of whichever campaign they want to support. They have access, selection ... read more

Robin Good - [via Sepp Hasslberger] - October 19, 2004
Mark Pesce has recently published a lengthy, punchy, strong piece anticipating a take over of what used to be major broadcast media by the unstoppable emerging forces of P2P network distribution, personal syndication, and low-cost transmission technologies. Professor Pesce, now happily emigrated to Australia to coordinate ... read more

Robin Good - October 15, 2004
Eric Rice, well-known blogger and founder of AudioBlog, now also hosts a radio show on the net. In his relatively recent and experimental audio broadcasting journey Eric is using Garageband to record his podcasts. While in San Francisco Eric visited Robin's party Friday night at ... read more

Robin Good - October 10, 2004
..."But it was really the internet that allowed public health activists to do an end run around GSK's and the medical authorities' denials of the drug's risks. An explosion of websites dedicated to vivid accounts of antidepressant reactions told these campaigners about hundreds of thousands affected ... read more

Chris Gupta - September 28, 2004
Though this is not a new book (2002), it is one of the best published reports of what goes under, behind and before, the news that Americans (and many others as a consequence) are offered on their TV and newspapers. If you are truly willing to go ... read more

Kristina Borjesson - INTO THE BUZZSAW - September 15, 2004
Big Bro to close our eyes to (and from) the skies? A yet to approved Senate bill would provide the ability to the US Government to basically put off limits all of the images coming off from research and monitoring satellites. "Nondisclosure of Certain Products of Commercial ... read more

Robin Good - Defensetech - September 11, 2004
Vin Crosbie anticipates the need for two critical evolutionary steps in the digital media world as it transforms itself from a mass media model to a vastly distributed, grassroots model. Though my own time estimates would indicate a much shorter time frame that he indicates, I think ... read more

Vin Crosbie - ClickZ - September 10, 2004
The time available is less than a week. This is when the The Civil Contingencies Act 2004 will be debated in the House of Lords of the UK Parliament before being approved. "This bill enables the UK Government to declare a State of Emergency on trivial or ... read more

Robin Good - UK Parliament - September 8, 2004
Thanks to the razor sharp capturing antennas of Sepp Hasslberger, I have been reporting here before of this "cutting-edge" initiative that the US Government is taking forward. But believe me, what strikes me most, is not the news story per se, which is just short of ... read more

Illinois Leader - [via Health Supreme] - September 3, 2004
Stephen Downes points to an interesting interview with Douglas Rushkoff just launching a new comic novel entitled Club Zero-G. Goal of the novel is to bring through the use of popular fantasy and allegoric language like the one of comics, awareness of the potential for changing ... read more

Douglas Rushkoff - [via Stephen Downes] - August 25, 2004
"New digital technologies are creating a crisis in the business models of the companies that depend on having a monopoly on distribution." Howard Rheingold blows some fresh and truly inspiring ideas in a short interview on Technologies, the ones enabling the individuals to take back initiative ... read more

Howard Rheingold - MSNBC - August 19, 2004

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