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We are told that CO2 and climate change are inextricably linked, and that global warming is a direct consequence of our carbon emissions. But what if these apparent facts were founded on faulty assumptions? That is the premise of documentary film The Great Global Warming Swindle. This ... read more

Michael Pick - May 26, 2007

"Autism is classified by the World Health Organization (WHO) and American Psychological Association as a developmental disability that results from a disorder of the human central nervous system. It is diagnosed using specific criteria for impairments to social interaction, communication, interests, imagination and activities. The causes, ... read more


The Federal Reserve is America's Central Bank, owned by an unnamed corporate cartel, given a license to print money, and holding significant sway over the national government and economy. If it were dissolved tomorrow, the average tax-payer would doubtless be a lot better off. But ... read more

David Saied - - May 12, 2007

New media are rapidly changing the way we search, access and create news and information. The Internet has become the reference point for all those people who are not happy anymore with the quality, depth and breadth of whatever news mainstream media networks deliver. Users have started ... read more

Livia Iacolare - LeeAnn Prescott - Hitwise - May 9, 2007

If you want to get an ironic and insightful look at how terrorism and the powers behind it can be seen with different eyes from those used by the media, you will enjoy looking at this animated, educational cartoon. This short has been inspired by the Noam ... read more

Robin Good - May 5, 2007

Looking for an alternative to mainstream media news? Let's face it, these days you can't be sure if what you're being fed up isn't simply serving the interests of corporate sponsors and government officials, unless you turn to the web. The problem is, in trying to ... read more

Michael Pick - Robin Good - April 29, 2007

The pharmaceutical industry is driven by profits like any other business. The fundamental difference is that the vast majority of businesses do not directly impact upon our health, and the treatments we are given by our so-called health-care providers. In this short ten-point article Chris Gupta ... read more

Chris Gupta - Share The Wealth - April 28, 2007
The American Constitution, the fundamental cornerstone of American society, was never meant to co-exist with the income tax system. In fact, according to film-maker Aaron Russo, to whom we have given coverage before, the "income tax" is in full breach of the US Constitution. How can ... read more

Michael Pick - April 21, 2007

It is hard to calculate how many times you might have encountered the phrases "war on terror", "Islamo-Fascist", "IED", "9/11", ''ground zero" and "weapons of mass destruction" in the space of your life. Repetition of buzz-words and key phrases are key to any successful propaganda campaign, ... read more

Robin Good - April 14, 2007

The US government spends billions every year to finance scientific research and yet a country like America has an epidemic of heart diseases, diabetes, depression, anxiety disorders and environmental diseases which is impressive if compared to underdeveloped countries. Why, after so many years of huge research ... read more

Robin Good - April 7, 2007
Curious to learn how we got where we are in terms of personal computers and operating systems we use? This great video mashup, tells you in four-minutes, where we are coming from and what alternatives are out there, if you don't like what you see. ... read more

Michael Pick - April 3, 2007

Imagine.... a world where things are very different from what you see now. Imagine a world where you could do what you really liked, choosing on the basis of what you are passionate and inspired by and not by what is available or pays more. Imagine a ... read more

Robin Good - Nicolò Bellia - March 24, 2007

Chemically contaminated, genetically modified foods find their way onto our tables with alarming ease, despite their unknown effects upon our bodies and on the natural ecosystems that have supported us until now. As an increasingly smaller number of corporations comes to control the production of world ... read more

Michael Pick - GNN - March 17, 2007

Chemtrails are long and line-shaped cloud formations artificially created by flying aircrafts which are NOT formed by condensation of water vapor in the aircraft's exhausts. While in fact the typical white trails left by traditional airplanes flying at high altitude last only a few minutes and ... read more

Livia Iacolare - March 10, 2007

Since 5 march 2003, United States authorities have had access to most European airlines' passenger databases. According to this agreement – justified by the need to fight international terrorism – the European commission gives the USA online access to passenger name record (PNR) data of ... read more

Robin Good - March 3, 2007

The Real News: A New Independent Television Channel Is Set To Change The Way You Look At Reality And To Focus On Facts With No Propaganda And No Advertising Money - Independent World Television "Democracy depends on an informed and engaged public and on a courageous press ... read more

Robin Good - March 2, 2007

The way medical journals publish the results of clinical trials has become a serious threat to public health. You may find this assertion shocking and counterintuitive, but we hope that by the end of this short article you will agree and will join us in arguing ... read more

Richard Smith and Ian Roberts - PubMed Central - February 17, 2007
Everybody trusts Google - the name has become synonymous with web searches and contextual advertising, but mounting evidence leads some dissenters to ask the vital question 'are my privacy and security at risk when using Google services?' This is also the contention of a new short ... read more

Michael Pick - February 10, 2007
TV-Detox is a unique curated selection of the best and most interesting counter-information movies banned from commercial television networks. I have decided to put together this special feature as a mini-guide dedicated to collect, over-time, all of the great and rare to find movie titles that are ... read more

Robin Good - February 3, 2007

Has your telecom company called to offer you its latest Internet high-speed line offering bundled with their latest home-IPTV bonanza? Watch out, surprises coming.... In this article I report about the very negative experience of installing the newest Internet high-speed offering cum IPTV solution in my ... read more

Robin Good - January 29, 2007

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