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Net neutrality remains a hot topic, even when it seems not to grab any more the top tech headline news. Network neutrality is about a principle that is applied to residential broadband networks, and potentially to all networks. A broadband network free of restrictions on ... read more

John Blossom - Shore - September 21, 2007

When it comes to cell phones possible dangers I keep hearing the same story: "They are OK, man... there's nothing really harmful about them... yeah, you may want to avoid keeping them close to your head for too a long periods of time but other than ... read more

Sue Kovach - LifeExtension - September 15, 2007

"Alternative world video news you won't likely see on your mainstream network TV channels." Yes, today, I am officially launching the new RGTV News, a non-commercial non-mainstream video news channel covering international news that don't get coverage on your typical network TV channels. As in the metaphorical ... read more

Robin Good - September 10, 2007

Are we are educating people out of their creative potential? Can we see through our present education system and understand that the purpose and structures on which it was originally built (not so long ago) have all deeply changed? How can we critically view and improve ... read more

Sir Ken Robinson - Ted Talks - September 9, 2007

Notwithstanding the fact that we live in the age of modern communications in which many of you are also active contributors as bloggers, writers, PR and media people of some kind, more often than not, the very core foundations of what communication really is seem to ... read more

Robin Good - September 8, 2007

In the present world financial system turmoil generated by the collapse for "sub-prime" mortgage bonds, the US Federal Reserve System functions, as it always does, with private meetings and telephone conferences with the great financial houses, deciding in apparent secrecy whether to increase the money supply ... read more

Robin Good - September 1, 2007
Frontline journalism like the one done by The Guardian award-winning photographer / film-maker Sean Smith is become rarer and rarer as media censorship and control gets the most of the truly genuine news reporting you could see on your TV set. Sean Smith spent two months embedded ... read more

Robin Good - The Guardian - August 25, 2007

If you have enjoyed reading The Money Castaways and the realizations you should have come to about money and the unjust interest rates imposed by the banks, here is a fascinating and alternative view of how credit and taxes could be managed in our countries today, ... read more

Louis Even - August 11, 2007

The story I present to you here today has nothing with to do with web 2.0, new media or how to make money with your site. Today's story is all about waking up. Realizing that something you have given for good and granted since you were ... read more

Louis Even - Michael Journal - August 4, 2007

Vaccines are supposed to be the solution to all the most popular diseases and in many cases they can be considered helpful. However, vaccines have always generated great controversies, since the procedures that are adopted to prepare them are mostly unknown to the many. Recent and old ... read more

Ingri Cassel - Vaccination Liberation - July 28, 2007
New online television channel formats are one of the fastest and most creative areas in which new media are moving now. In fact studying and becoming an expert at this very know-how may prove to be one of the wisest investments in your communication skills future. ... read more

Michael Pick - July 21, 2007

There is a tendency to simply disbelieve things that are counter to our understanding, without having performed personal, direct research into the topic. Zeitgeist is a full-length, independently produced movie documentary, created as a not-for-profit expression to inspire people to start looking at the world from a ... read more

Robin Good - Zeitgeist - July 14, 2007

Information access is ostensibly a right that each of us has, and yet every year the mass media sweep important world news under the carpet in favor of sordid gossipy headlines and shady propaganda. Each year, however, Project Censored attempts to redress the balance. So while mainstream ... read more

Michael Pick - July 7, 2007

Do you need a software solution that reads in spoken words the text of your emails or your just finished new contract? Would you like to have your computer read out loud any text document you open on your screen (including web pages, emails and documents)? ... read more

Livia Iacolare - July 1, 2007

Global growth and world poverty remain hot topics influenced by a bunch of very hard to control variables: food, health, politics, economics, religion and human rights. Recent reports released by FAO and other important world institutions showcase a global situation that no one can deny: the ... read more

Sepp Hasslberger - Health Supreme - June 30, 2007

A recent study into the carcinogenic qualities of the much-used sweetener product aspartame has proved without a doubt that it is essentially a deadly toxin. And yet time and time again industry insiders have done all they could to prevent news like this from going public. Go ... read more

Sepp Hasselberger and Dr. Betty Martini - Health Supreme - June 23, 2007

Natural health is under direct threat from those that claim to be on the look out for our wellbeing. It may be just a matter of time before vitamin and mineral supplements are tightly controlled by the pharmaceutical companies, the words 'organic' and 'genetically modified' become ... read more

Michael Pick - June 16, 2007

A live, grassroots video streaming channel broadcasting media and technology news from all corners of the planet. One city / commentator at the break of very hour. This is my vision for the Robin Good TV channel I want to officially launch in the coming days ... read more

Robin Good - June 14, 2007

The mass-media have a long history of creating and reinforcing stereotypes, whether they be founded in gender, race, class or culture. And now, in the so-called 'war on terror' years, this caricaturing of cultures is helping to create a monumental clash of civilizations. In politics, as on ... read more

Michael Pick - June 9, 2007

The Autism Society of America defines autism: “a complex developmental disability that typically appears during the first three years of life and is the result of a neurological disorder that affects the normal functioning of the brain, impacting development in the areas of social interaction and ... read more

Kenneth Stoller and Anne McElroy Dachel - The Bolen Report - June 2, 2007

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