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from August 15, 2005 to January 8, 2005

The United Nations has released its report into how it expects administration of the internet to work in future. The report by the Working Group on Internet Governance (WGIG) follows the outline given by those in charge of the process earlier this week at ICANN's tri-annual conference ... read more

Kieren McCarthy - The Register - August 15, 2005

"Inside the frame..and they are living their lives in the frame... Most of them, don't want to look... they don't want to find out if there is anything outside..." About two months ago I have had the pleasure to meet and interview Jon Rappoport, an independent news ... read more

Robin Good - August 1, 2005

If you are into understanding how much world-changing information is being kept away from us, while appreciating from a direct person account (which of course you can believe or not) how vulnerable high-security systems within the US Government and military really are, you MUST listen to ... read more

Robin Good - July 25, 2005

About a year ago, I was briefly consulted by Italy's RadioRadicale, to review and analyze a new challenging and very ambitious project. The goal was the creation of a software-based technology platform to allow the easy editing, commenting, remixing and online re-distribution of all of the tens ... read more

Robin Good - July 19, 2005

Are you listening and believing to what your doctor or turn-of-the-day medical expert tells you, just because she can quote or show you a reference to an official research study? If the Journal of the American Medical Association is worth any of your trust, the advice being ... read more

Robin Good - July 14, 2005

Breaking away from many of the more traditional and conservative views still being aired by media blogs and journalism sites on the Web, the latest executive briefing published from The Media Center at the American Press Institute, lays down without fear a marvelous panorama of how ... read more

Robin Good - Media Center - July 8, 2005

Conceived by Ryan Fugger and quite formally defined by Sylvain Poirier, Ripple is a P2P monetary system based on trust that already exists between people in real-world social networks. By cutting out the institutional middlemen, Ripple is both more community-oriented and more efficient as a means ... read more

Ryan Fugger - June 27, 2005

"Technology has broken the corporate news monopoly. Digital cameras, camera phones, blogs, and RSS put the tools of the news trade into the hands of the public, and now real news comes from real people everywhere." Photo credit: Nick Winchester Just a few hours ago I have ... read more

Robin Good - May 28, 2005

In some developing coutries, a computer costs the equivalent of a house. This is a major factor causing and perpetuating the 'digital divide' - the socio-economic gap between countries and communities that have access to computers and the Internet and those who do not. Photo credit: ... read more

Robin Good - BBC News - May 2, 2005

Today, the rights of individuals are being eroded: by government, by corporations, by society itself. Individual-i is a new campaign launched by Bruce Schneier, an internationally renowed writer and speaker on personal privacy and security issues. The campaign is centered around the symbol displayed here, a "vaguely ... read more

Robin Good - [via Boing Boing] - May 1, 2005

Blogs are a direct Web publishing tool that most any non-technical person can use to write and report online. What you do with this capability is just too vast to be categorized, judged and evaluated under one generic umbrella. One use, often unpopular of blogs is the ... read more

Robin Good - April 9, 2005

"The lack of transparency in the world of opinion-making is an ongoing scandal. What we have today is a system of opinion laundering, where powerful interests try to create public support for their side of issues without disclosing the hidden agendas. Media organizations then publish or ... read more

Robin Good - Dan Gillmor On Grassroots - February 16, 2005

"Co-operation, especially when repeated, can breed reciprocity and trust, to the benefit of all." The choices we make, as a society, are greatly connected to the technological context we live in. In the Middle Ages we would have not based our economic system on the principles of ... read more

Robin Good - Yale Law Journal - February 8, 2005

I have just rejected USD $ 80 for the following advertisement from the United Nations Foundation entitled: "Ensuring Credible and Fair Elections". I honestly do no think Iraqis are having the possibility to have credible and fair elections in the terror climate they are themselves victim of. ... read more

Robin Good - January 29, 2005

A controversial research project using sound waves, or sonar, to search for information about the asteroid that may have wiped out the dinosaurs 65 million years ago, began early on Friday, January 21, 2004 off Mexico's Yucatan Peninsula, amid protests from environmental activists. Source: NOAA The researchers ... read more

Robin Good - January 25, 2005

There are many, many Italian public domain artworks, whose reproduction rights have expired or on which there are basically no copyright restrictions. The time has come to leverage the power of the Internet to make all of these masterpieces accessible to everyone. La Venere di Botticelli - Canali ... read more

Robin Good - January 21, 2005

Buy local and live free. The food industry is consolidating at an alarming rate. The top companies producing meats, grains, and other staples now enjoy virtual control over the markets for their products. Photo credit: Leonardo Novaes It’s gotten to the point where much of our nourishment depends ... read more

Robin Good - ChangeThis - January 15, 2005

The FAO and WHO organizations are pursuing a drug style risk assessment on nutrients, just like those done for new pharmaceutical products. Pasqualantonio Pingue While the officially stated goal is "to define a “scientifically-based and internationally applicable approach for nutrient risk assessment” the actual one ... read more

Robin Good - January 12, 2005

"Will the people at fifth and main have the right and power to read and write information about their neighborhood, or will the owner of a local franchise purchased from the city by a private interest (think about the way cable television operates) dominate?" Howard Rheingold “Nowadays, ... read more

Howard Rheingold - TheFeature - January 11, 2005

The MPAA and the RIAA keep suing not only individuals sharing and exchanging music and movie files online, but increasingly so-called BitTorrent sites, which allow a very efficient, fast and highly distributed way to get large files easily shared among online peers. But someone from the BitTorrent ... read more

Robin Good - MIT Technology Review - January 8, 2005

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