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I have learned by listening to Rok Hrastnik RSS conversation with Paul Chaney about a term I had not heard before: RSS Radars. These are actually what I have been calling newsmaster feeds, and though the name RSS Radars is much more expressive, both refer to ... read more

Robin Good - February 6, 2005

Edd Dumbill reacts passionately to critics of grassroots-driven ontology creation (a representation of terms and their interrelationships) creation such as the Semantic Web as promoted by Tim Berners-Lee. He writes: Photo credit: Annette Gulick "Both Shirky and Udell seem to be pretty much convinced the Semantic Web ... read more

Edd Dumbill - - December 17, 2004

If you ask around or try to pin it down too rapidly it may elude you: Knowledge Management is still a discipline that has been hyped and promoted as the next revolutionary challenge in how organizations could better manage their own internal explicit and non-explicit know-how. ... read more

Robin Good - December 9, 2004

All organizations need to keep a record of policies, procedures, current prices, and other important information. This information needs to be easily and quickly available for employees, clients, or the public to refer to. In addition, companies need to advise these parties as changes are made. ... read more

Ellen Finkelstein - October 13, 2004
Searching and identifying key valuable sources and complex filtering formulas will be the outstanding job of the new information gatherers and publishers online: the NewsMasters. Searching and identifying key valuable sources and complex filtering formulas will be the outstanding job of the new information gatherers and publishers ... read more

Robin Good - September 17, 2004
This is tool that the blogging community is going to love to get their hands on. It is also a great tool for personal knowledge gathering. I've been in a private beta test of the tool for a couple months now, but it's ready ... read more

Robin Good - September 3, 2004
"Nowadays personal digital assistants help us with planning, address information, communication and making notes. Soon they will be able to capture our environment audio-visually and store our perceptual experiences. They turn into personal content managers. Personal content managers will be able to capture, filter, store, analyze and ... read more

Peter Werkhoven - ACTeN - September 3, 2004
"Finding information hidden in huge amounts of data is one of the constant leitmotivs of Information Visualisation. Autofocus is a software that combines computational linguistics with visualisation to achieve this goal. ...The goal of this program is to simplify the search for existing files in our ... read more

Juan C. Dürsteler - Inf@Vis! - September 3, 2004

"CleverKeys is free cross-platform (PC, Mac) software that provides instant access to definitions at, synonyms at, and more from most any Windows or Mac OS application, including word processors, Web browsers and e-mail programs. With CleverKeys, the answers are just a click away. Learn more, ... read more

Chris Gupta - Share The Wealth - September 1, 2004
JD Lasica and Marc Canter have announced the launch of their Open Media project for which I would like to provide all of my support. Open Media wants to provide easy and free access to multimedia authors of all kinds to upload, share, syndicate, remix and ... read more

J D Lasica & Marc Canter - August 14, 2004
"Intelligence is moving to the edges, flowing through networked computers, wireless devices, empowered users and distributed teams. Ideas spread like wildfire. Innovations emerge from uncharted borderlands. Information is in the air, literally. We're exploring a new world called cyberspace, and we're navigating without a map. How ... read more

Peter Morville - Digital Web Magazine - [via] - July 29, 2004
Frassle is yet another tool that tries to leverage the many opportunities created by the information overload. The collective abilities generated by the efforts of thousands of individual selfish explorers cataloguing the network according to their personal viewpoint is nothing short of marvellous. It provides a ... read more

Robin Good - [via Angelmax] - July 27, 2004

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