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How do you organize the content of a new web site or blog? Do you really need to spend specific time ahead of launching to organize the content sections and hierarchy of your web site? Why do I have to optimize my website? Can't ... read more

Jonathan Lane - Dev.Opera - August 22, 2008

Peer-to-peer is an emergent philosophy and way of working, collaborating and creating wealth among human beings. The peer to peer philosophy is based on living principles that are quite different from those that you may have been educated with but which in many ways may feel ... read more

Nicolo' Canali De Rossi - July 18, 2008

"Media literacy" is increasingly the keyword to which I attribute the greatest importance when it comes to become effective trainers, online communicators as well as effective and successful entrepreneurs of yourselves. Understanding, to the very root, what communication means, how we do it, what reality and ... read more

George Siemens - eLearnSpace - May 18, 2008

When it comes down to content classification and findability, "tags" are for many new online publishers still something they have not fully grasped and are often used in ways that are not only less than optimal but often outright useless. Tagging blog posts, news articles or ... read more

Robin Good - May 16, 2008

From social media to personal networks, all new media and technologies play an increasingly important role in how we understand and handle our increasingly complex lives. Media, news, video games, communication theory, philosophy, and other areas contribute to my understanding of the role of technology for ... read more

George Siemens - eLearnSpace - May 11, 2008

Pulling together a great brainstorming session is often much more difficult than breaking one apart, as the techniques required to make a brainstorming session effective are generally different to the way we normally act during spontaneous conversations. But given enough desire, awareness and a positive mind-sharing ... read more

Robin Good - April 23, 2008

Knowing, understanding, making sense of how new technology, media and people work, learn and interact together is the focus of this weekly digest authored by George Siemens and reprinted with his benediction here on Master New Media. Generally published on Saturday, this weekly report analyzes key issues ... read more

Robin Good - April 15, 2008

Don't know what content tags are? Tagging content has become over the last few years an important component of the online publishing process as it allows editors to extend the reference labels, associations and search keywords by which any type of content can be found. In the ... read more

Robin Good - April 1, 2008

Learning better, understanding deeper, finding new ways to share and educate others are some of the key focus areas George Siemens takes us to during this weekly digest of interesting bits, news, tools and resources he collects and introduces in his daily blog posts. In this week ... read more

George Siemens - eLearnSpace - March 15, 2008

The skills that are highly valued today are not even distantly related to the skills that are developed in our educational prison facilities year after year, week after week, class after class, when students are put into classrooms, disconnected from each other to fill tests, amputated ... read more

Teemu Arina - Dicole - February 13, 2008

What makes great teams be such? Is it a matter of coincidental matters that some teams perform systematically above average or being a high performance team is due to specific traits of those that make the team up? Ken Thompson, with whom I have co-authored the Bioteaming ... read more

Ken Thompson - - January 10, 2008

A lot has been written and speculated about Google Knol during this past week, but besides the big hoopla and excitement for the new Google announcement, few have stopped to reflect upon the consequences, opportunities and issues that may arise from the introduction of this new ... read more

John Blossom - Shore - December 22, 2007

Google Knol, Wikipedia, Third Places, Yale Online, Google, Rogers Wireless and the relevance of online information presentation design are all under the "making sense" radar of George Siemens weekly digest. If you need not to miss media and technology announcements that may have a direct impact on ... read more

Goerge Siemens - eLearnSpace - December 16, 2007

Breaking technology news, the latest app, scores of startups launching in beta every day. The incoming wave of technology and media related news keeps increasing by the day with no signs of pause or slowdown. And while many blogs and news sites give plenty of coverage ... read more

George Siemens - eLearnSpace - December 9, 2007

How do we share, collaborate and cooperatively support each other effectively online? Are there ways and methods we can use to improve our online sharing and collaboration abilities? Joshua Porter, brings in another inspired short essay, this time focusing on what you need to do to ... read more

Joshua Porter - Bokardo - October 5, 2007

If you want to design your web site with a user-centered approach, using personas, can greatly facilitate your task. Here in fact is a great simple guide to how to create your own personas. Personas, is a term utilized in design and usability analysis to identify ... read more

Dr. Lene Nielsen - HCI Vistas - October 4, 2007

I have now been using wikis for over four years, and frankly I couldn't do without them anymore. Their ability to facilitate my frequent needs to create shared workspaces in which I can easily add, edit and upload information and files of all kinds makes them ... read more

Lee and Sachi Lefever - CommonCraft - September 30, 2007

If you are looking for an easy way to share and collaborate on documents with other people in your team, Google Docs is one of the most interesting web-based alternatives to a Microsoft Office suite with the integrated, built-in ability to make document collaboration a breeze. Google ... read more

Lee Lefever - CommonCraft - September 19, 2007

Mashups are filled with technical challenges and that is why many technologists are attracted by them. The challenge of having to find new solutions to "old" technical issues while "inventing" new ways to mix and combine existing resources and tools is undoubtedly a very positive motivator ... read more

Duane Merrill - IBM - August 24, 2007

Mashups are an exciting genre of interactive Web applications that draw upon content retrieved from external data sources to create entirely new and innovative services. They are a hallmark of the second generation of Web applications informally known as Web 2.0. The combination of data ... read more

Duane Merrill - IBM - August 9, 2007

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