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The need to select, filter and aggregate the best and most relevant content from the growing ocean of bits that surrounds us, becomes of greater and more significant importance by the day. Unless we start to leverage the filtering ability of talented content curators, editors and newsmasters ... read more

Lee Gibbons - Podango - August 22, 2006
The recent Wikimania conference in Cambridge, Massachusetts fell on the heels of comedian Stephen Colbert's revealing how easy it is to twist Wikipedia content to one's own liking. In spite of Wikipedia's editors correcting his gibberish quickly and effectively, the question of how to get Wiki ... read more

John Blossom - Shore - August 18, 2006

If you have mastered the blogging paradigm, have made your blog an authority and a reliable source of information, commentary or news in your selected field(/s) of interest, it is about time to "scale yourself up" - Work Less and Look More At The Bigger Picture ... read more

Robin Good - July 13, 2006

"Professionals" in any field come in two flavors: Knowledge Sharers and Knowledge Hoarders. The hoarders believe in the value of their "Intellectual Property" (IP). The products of their mind must be carefully guarded lest anyone steal their precious ideas. But let's face it -- if our ... read more

Kathy Sierra - Creating Passionate Users - July 12, 2006

Get paid for publishing your best video clips and images to this user-generated content Mobile blogging service provides ability to easily publish to the web your best shots Server-based open-source free online collaboration space to share, comment, interact, revise, collaborate, and collaborate Hosted online service support creative work ... read more

We need to "see" through information. Visual imagery can tell stories and truths which would be very hard to capture and communicate otherwise. While we need to badly see how the world is changing from a comprehensive and ... read more

Hans Rosling - TED Conference 2006 - Ted Talks - July 1, 2006

Building a blog network This section focuses on network of weblogs, or blogs, at a global consulting firm. The firm has decided to link its 100.000 consultants through a series of five weblogs, or blogs in order to help them have access to more up-to-date information ... read more

Kathleen Gilroy and Bill Ives - Otter Group - June 24, 2006

Google has released a new, experimental AJAX-based search API that allows you to embed a dynamic search module into your web pages and enables your visitors to perform searches within Google and other sources directly from your web site. The Google AJAX Search API, which is ... read more

Robin Good - June 16, 2006

Informal learning is the realization that we need not force senior staff and self-directed work professionals into training straightjackets and classrooms hoping to be able to enahnce their innate desire for learning and improving their skills and ability to use them in real world applications. Formal ... read more

Robin Good - June 15, 2006

The intranet is changing. New communication technology is making it less a one-way publishing vehicle and more a platform for two-way communication, collaboration and innovation. In this chapter, we discuss these new technologies – from RSS, to wikis to blogs – and whether you should ... read more

Kathleen Gilroy and Bill Ives - Otter Group - June 13, 2006

Saving content from the web, clipping snippets of text or full images that you may re-use to inspire the design your next campaign or to prepare the research essay you are working on is increasingly becoming a popular and much needed activity for any communication professional ... read more

Robin Good and Kim Roach - May 30, 2006

The latest tool from Google is an online application that enables users to explore Google database of search queries and news headlines. It is possible to find out and compare the latest trends in Google searches and immediately see how or when the online news media ... read more


This week annual press day at Google saw the debut of a number of interesting new services. A new beta version of Google Desktop offers enhanced desktop "widget" software that can be dragged to a PC desktop or in some instances dragged from a Google personal ... read more

John Blossom - Shore - May 13, 2006

Personal knowledge management is making strong inroads into enterprise environments where individual users can be motivated to publish quality (commercial) information effectively and with the ease that "bloggers" enjoy. The recent SIIA Brown Bag Lunch Series panel on personal knowledge management highlighted tools from leading suppliers that ... read more

John Blossom - Shore - April 26, 2006

While the Wall Street Journal ponders whether bloggers can really make money or not (just like asking in the '70s whether a DJ could make money), those truly interested in developing a more comprehensive picture of the effective opportunity available to them, should look a bit ... read more

Robin Good - April 19, 2006

Go on to most any trading floor in the securities industry and you'll find not only the buzz of people chatting about the latest market trends and research but as well the tapping of keys as those same people participate in online discussions with their colleagues ... read more

John Blossom - Shore - March 29, 2006

Digital content is not only the latest hip song or your newly released blockbuster movie in digital format. Digital content, whether your government has helped you realize this or not, is also the vast, immense amount of historical, artistic and cultural works that is gradually findings ... read more

Robin Good and the people of the web - Manifesto delle Libertà Digitali - March 28, 2006

Electronic portfolios or e-portfolios are gaining increasing media attention as potentially highly valuable learning, evaluation and assessment tools for educators, learners and academic organizations. An e-portfolio is a web-published collection of documents, information, link resources, audio and video clips that showcases the demonstrated abilities, know-how and ... read more

Robin Good - March 10, 2006

1. Introduction A folksonomy is a type of distributed classification system. It is usually created by a group of individuals, typically the resource users. Users add tags to online items, such as images, videos, bookmarks and text. These tags are then shared and sometimes refined. A general ... read more

Guy Marieke and Emma Tonkin - DLib Magazine - February 1, 2006

There's quite a buzz now around so-called "tagging sites." The easiest way to describe tagging sites is that they are essentially a Web-based version of the favorites list on your Web browser. Users post their favorite Web sites and Web pages to these tagging sites, which ... read more

Russell Perkins - Shore - January 30, 2006

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