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If you're an information/knowledge professional providing research and analysis services, it's likely that you'll be part of a network of fellow professionals, whether you're all employed within the same organization, or as part of an extended network of individuals, supporting each other with specialisms on particular ... read more

Robin Good - September 29, 2004
Researchers live and breathe the maxim "the right information, in the right place, at the right time". But how often do researchers, when finally packaging up their findings, know exactly what the "right time" and "right place" are for their customer? Are they sitting at their desks, ... read more

Robin Good - September 23, 2004
JD Lasica reports from the BlogOn Conference: "Influence is moving from big media to the edges. Users are becoming as influential as big media in certain areas, especially in specialized niches. What are the metrics of influence on the Internet?" Usefulness, trustworthiness and attention are the ... read more

JD Lasica - New Media Musings - July 28, 2004

Skype has just announced the official launch of its final version 1.0 release. The very popular and free Voice-over-IP software has recruited over 7 million users around the world in just about one year since its first release. The new official release consolidates all of the ... read more

Robin Good - July 27, 2004
"Starting epidemics requires concentrating resources on a few key areas. Your resources ought to be solely concentrated on the [those who naturally play the roles of]Connectors, Mavens, and Salesmen. The world does not accord with our intuition. Those who are successful at creating social epidemics do ... read more

HappyFeetTravel - [via Bala Pillai] - June 30, 2004
"The goal of the project is to create a platform for content consisting of a network of contributors and correspondents, recruited from young audiences and students distributed throughout all parts of the world, who are engaged in direct reporting via collective production of Internet and broadcast ... read more

Robin Good - Field-Notes from the Globalization Forefront - June 20, 2004
A great summary of why weblogs are critical social networking tools and a bung of valuable reference links. Lilia efimova sums it up in five points: Weblogs are online identities of their authors: by reading a weblog we learn about and connect with another person. Networking. ... read more

Lilia Efimova - Mathemagenic - June 16, 2004
"In short order, we may witness a wholesale shift in many of the givens that represent the conventional notion of how we coordinate through software. Consider these examples: a) The current approach to coordinating meetings — generally involving individuals looking at personal calendars and cycling through ... read more

Stowe Boyd - Corante - June 12, 2004

The Buckminster Fuller Institute and the Cal-(IT)2 Game Culture & Technology Lab at UC Irvine are in the initial conceptualization of a massively multi-player game whose goal is to save the world. The game takes a bottom-up approach through missions in which players deploy large numbers ... read more

Celia Pearce - Planetwork - June 5, 2004
"For many years email and usenet news constituted the majority of the Internet's use as a tool to facilitate communication among individuals. ... read more

Eric Gradman - [via Julian Bond] - June 2, 2004
Software developers are designing some new file sharing networks that will make it harder for the music and file industry to prove cases of piracy. According to Reuters, three file sharing networks are being planned which its users think will make it a lot harder for ... read more

Robin Good - The Inquirer - May 15, 2004
"Every entrepreneur or technophile prides herself or himself on thinking outside the box. Very few however, actually succeed in escaping all the confines which shape our ideas about what technology is and how we can apply it. Julian Bleeker -- inventor, grad student and software developer ... read more

Naomi Graychase - Wi-Fi Planet - May 10, 2004
A short but handy compilation offered by Bala Pillai on the possible definitions of Social Capital. The list is an open-ended starting point that facilitates and stimulates better understanding of where and how the social capital component can be made to become an acknowledged and nurtured ... read more

Robin Good - May 6, 2004
Six Degrees is a technology that automatically creates and updates a database of links to the messages you send and receive, the files you create, and the people you work with. Creo has now a new version of Six Degrees, the unique contact/email/workflow management and search ... read more

Robin Good - Creo - May 1, 2004
It is here. This is the new frontier. One, that requires individuals with a brave spirit and an open attitude toward openness and transparency to start interacting and taking on the opportunities available in this new rich vastland. The game of life for these individuals is all ... read more

Robin Good - April 26, 2004
If you have been exposed to social networking tools like Ryze, LinkedIn,, Ecademy, Orkut, Zero Degrees, Huminity, Friendster, Visible Path, and to one of the few other ones available out there, and you have been disappointed with what you have seen, time has come for ... read more

Robin Good - April 13, 2004
"Computer-mediated communication is the lifeblood of social software. When we use e-mail, instant messaging, Weblogs, and wikis, we're potentially free to interact with anyone, anywhere, anytime. But there's a trade off. Our social protocols map poorly to TCP/IP. Whether the goal is to help individuals create ... read more

Robin Good - April 7, 2004
Today wealth is created through knowledge. The more effective the knowledge flow in an organization, the more wealth created. Within companies and public work, knowledge flow must always be severely limited. This is because of the control required for public work. Knowledge Leveraging Compensation is a ... read more

Barry Carter - March 25, 2004
In this electronic age, where face-to-face meetings are few and far between, reputation is becoming progressively more difficult to ascertain, but no less important. RepCheck allows users to review, rate and search its database of people's reputations for both business and social purposes. Using RepCheck ... read more

RepCheck - [via Mindecos] - March 24, 2004
Business networking serves many purposes: general marketing, sales prospecting, recruiting, job-hunting, knowledge exchange, and business development. Of all these, business development is the one that it supports best. Recently, “business networking” has developed some negative connotations for many people, due to its widespread use in the ... read more

Scott Allen - March 22, 2004

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