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Mashups are an exciting genre of interactive Web applications that draw upon content retrieved from external data sources to create entirely new and innovative services. They are a hallmark of the second generation of Web applications informally known as Web 2.0. The combination of data ... read more

Duane Merrill - IBM - August 9, 2007

Social bookmarking: what is it really? It's all over the web already, though it came out just a few hours ago, this new great educational video about what social bookmarking really is. After RSS, Wikis and Social Networking, Lee and Sachi are doing it again. With their ... read more

Lee and Sachi Lefever - Common Craft - August 8, 2007

Marketing Communications: While the Internet keep growing at a frantic pace, "2.0" becomes a commodity word, active blogs are tens of millions, and UGC (user-generated content) is being adopted with enthusiasm by advertising agencies, a growing discrepancy grows everyday more evident between many a company corporate ... read more

Robin Good - 7th Floor - August 3, 2007

Moving a traditional business to the Web may appear a very difficult and risky operation, especially when the remaining part of the market uses little innovation and provides no examples to follow. Nonethelòess the above and against all odds, MOO, a Web company that specializes in ... read more


The adoption of social media is a phenomenon that characterizes many professional and non professional environments and brings new opportunities by introducing new ways to interact and communicate. Many commercial companies have started integrating social media in their communication strategies to strengthen and augment the quality of ... read more

Nora Barnes and Eric Mattson - University of Massachusets Dartmouth - Center for Marketing Research - July 26, 2007

Professional blogging is a huge growth area, and there are few people who wouldn't relish ditching the nine-to-five for a life writing about the things they love best. That's exactly what I did one year ago, when I joined Robin Good's Media Network. I haven't looked ... read more

Michael Pick - July 25, 2007

There are now a growing number of Internet video players and aggregators promising to bring the latest TV, movies and podcasts to your desktop. Most, however, rely on closed, proprietary technologies and place their viewers in a passive role. Not so with Miro, the newly re-branded ... read more

Michael Pick - July 23, 2007
New online television channel formats are one of the fastest and most creative areas in which new media are moving now. In fact studying and becoming an expert at this very know-how may prove to be one of the wisest investments in your communication skills future. ... read more

Michael Pick - July 21, 2007

There is now a movie download service devoted to showcasing the very best in independent world cinema, allowing you to rent, purchase and discuss cinema from around the globe with your online contacts. Using the latest peer-to-peer technologies to effortlessly distribute fantastic looking, high-definition video across ... read more

Michael Pick - July 18, 2007

Professional networking is part and parcel of the independent publisher's day-to-day work. If you ever want to go beyond regurgitating other people's news, sooner or later you will rely on your network of friends and contacts. But what if simply knowing the right person at the ... read more

Michael Pick - July 17, 2007

To upload your video clips to multiple video sharing sites has been the ultimate dream of many independent online publishers, as the exposure and visibility provided by posting unique, quality clips is among the most effective new ways to draw traffic up for most any a ... read more

Michael Pick - July 10, 2007

As anyone can undoubtedly see happening, community building is one of the most critical activities a publisher of social software tools needs to pay attention to in order to establish its technology and have word of mouth do its marketing job. But what are the ... read more

Joshua Porter - Bokardo - July 5, 2007

Mobile instant messaging tools have evolved rapidly in the first half of this year into always-on micro-blogging applications. But while Twitter might let you tell the world what you're doing, Jaiku goes a step further by serving as a mobile RSS aggregator. Creating an online presence and ... read more

Michael Pick - July 4, 2007

Internet video production done well draws on an entirely different set of skills and strategies to the traditional mass media process. Carving out a presence for your video channel or vlog takes a good understanding of web 2.0 tactics. has risen to great success using ... read more

Michael Pick - July 3, 2007

Content aggregation is about to get even easier with the launch of a new service that lets you to drag-and-drop content from any website - or even your desktop - to create your own customized web pages. Get ready to remix the web. Content aggregation and the ... read more

Michael Pick - July 2, 2007

Online social networking services have been around for some time now, with MySpace, Bebo and Facebook leading the pack. One of these contenders, however, has just stepped the whole game up a level, effectively becoming a disruptive technology. Not so very long ago Facebook was one popular ... read more

Michael Pick - June 26, 2007

Online business networking is an increasingly important way for investors, startups and expert advisers to meet up and make connections. A new service takes this a step further, giving you the tools to create your own focused micro-communities and make ideas become realities. The recent success of ... read more

Michael Pick - June 25, 2007

"Personal Learning Environments are systems that help learners take control of and manage their own learning. This includes providing support for learners to set their own learning goals manage their learning; managing both content and process communicate with others in the process of learning and thereby achieve learning goals." (Source: ... read more

Ron Lubensky - - June 15, 2007

A live, grassroots video streaming channel broadcasting media and technology news from all corners of the planet. One city / commentator at the break of very hour. This is my vision for the Robin Good TV channel I want to officially launch in the coming days ... read more

Robin Good - June 14, 2007

If you want to remix and mashup your own media with licensed content from top branded sources, and monetize the resulting rich-media presentations, you need look no further. Personal media remixing and publishing tools are hot stuff at the moment, with tools like the recently reviewed ... read more

Michael Pick - June 12, 2007

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