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from March 30, 2008 to November 1, 2007

Download and convert online video clips to all major standard video formats. Batch resize and add watermarks to your pictures. Take screenshots of any website as seen from multiple browsers to test compatibility and differences. Grab the color code of any pixel of your screen. These ... read more

Nicolo' Canali De Rossi - March 30, 2008

Publish your recorded video lecture next to your PowerPoint original slides while keeping everything in sync, compare and convert images, download videos, and browse your image library like you have never done before. All in this week Sharewood Picnic and more. Here my selected visual communication tools ... read more

Nicolo' Canali De Rossi - March 23, 2008

Publish specific segments of your video clips without editing them and learn how to download video clips that are embedded on other web sites. Also in this Sharewood Picnic: Visual communication tools for making effective screencasts, image search and create animated slideshows with audio with just ... read more

Robin Good - March 16, 2008

In this Sharewood Picnic: Visual communication tools for downloading and converting any videos from any video sharing service, as well as tools and services to help you search, convert graphic file formats and edit pictures without needing to download any image editing software. Here below my selected ... read more

Nicolo' Canali De Rossi - March 9, 2008

Some really great tools for video publishing, visual presentations, video editing and conversion as well as a fabolous image library visualization are just some of the visual communication gems contained in this weekly Sharewood Picnic. So, without further due, here below are my selected video and visual ... read more

Nicolo' Canali De Rossi - March 2, 2008

They may not be the latest or newest but these video and visual communication tools are positively all very useful if you need to publish and communicate online with clips and images. Convert and upload videos to multiple video sharing sites in one click, edit directly ... read more

Nicolo' Canali De Rossi - February 24, 2008

In this weekly selection of visual communication tools you can find services to edit your pictures online, to take screenshots and videos of your own desktop, to create thumbnails of any picture and to discover which font has been used to write a document and more. Here ... read more

Robin Good - February 17, 2008
Do you want to ask me direct questions about online publishing, video or internet marketing but have no idea of how you can do this? Today I open up a new public thread of video posts that will answer directly your email questions and requests. Just ... read more

Robin Good - February 15, 2008

In this weekly selection of visual communication tools you can find tools record your screen and to edit your presentations online, as well as a hot toolkit of some great digital imaging tools: search for any image, edit and apply effects to it, upload and arrange ... read more

Nicolo' Canali De Rossi - February 10, 2008

Need to use Photoshop but it costs too much? Want to edit some pictures online without having to download and install a new software? Need to record a video of your screen and upload it to all major video sharing services with one click? In ... read more

Nicolo' Canali De Rossi - February 4, 2008

Is customizing the look and feel of your web site or blog just cool or is there something more to it? To understand better how simple it has become to create web sites that both you and even your readers can personalize, give a good look ... read more

Abid Warsi - WebCredible - February 1, 2008

Need to edit or add watermarks to your photos, extract a color combination from any image, upload and share presentations, or simply compare writing fonts online without downloading anything on your computer? If so, I may have just found the perfect visual communication toolkit for you. Here ... read more

Nicolo' Canali De Rossi - January 27, 2008

Design scientifically or design for yourself? Design for a specified and scientifically identified marketing target or design for your own pleasure and usefulness? Two really great questions. But to evaluate what may be the very best possible answer to both, I think you need to see ... read more

Robin Good - January 24, 2008

A great set of visual communications tools, to help you prepare impactful images for your next report or to edit and compose your best photo-montage are the key selected tools I and Nico selected this week together with a trio of video recording and downloading tools ... read more

Robin Good - January 20, 2008

Social software development now depends on effective online marketing and promotion more than any other components in its business development strategy. But what are the critical issues and problems a social media applications builder needs to face and how can they be avoided? Here are some good questions ... read more

Joshua Porter - Bokardo - December 26, 2007

Just out of Adobe Labs is a new free collaboration tool: Brio. Adobe Brio is a new free screen-sharing solution for up to three people which integrates text chat, whiteboarding, annotation, video, VoIP / teleconferencing, file-sharing and note-taking. Brio is fully based on the well-established and ... read more

Robin Good - December 10, 2007

Creating web applications that work, are well accepted, provide a useful service and spread like a wildfire are not easy to create. It takes a recipe of planning, technology creativeness, social ingredients and practical down-to-the-ground usefulness to make any social application stick. Joshua Porter of Bokardo, has ... read more

Joshua Porter - Bokardo - December 5, 2007

Is YouTube a usable site? Is YouTube unprecedented success due to its audience passion or to some clever navigation and interface design solution? Are YouTube users having a great user experience when using the most popular video sharing site in the world or are they frustrated ... read more

Paula Alexandra Silva and Alan Dix - British Computer Society - November 25, 2007

You can tell a great designer from her ability to tune in, identify and deeply understand the needs and expectations of her design client. The greater this ability, the greater, in my experience, the likelihood of design success. Great designers, whether famous or not, are great listeners ... read more

Joshua Porter - Bokardo - social web design - November 10, 2007

Selecting effective images for an article, post or web essay is not easy. Though an amazing number of new free image libraries, image search engines and other visual resources have sprung up like mushrooms in the last two years, the ability to select what's appropriate and ... read more

Mrudula Kodali - WebCredible - November 1, 2007

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