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Online multimedia presentation tools are a whole new exciting niche within the Web 2.0 landscape, letting you easily take your photos and videos and create great-looking visual mash-ups from them. It's one thing to sift through a page full of uninspiring, identical thumbnails, and quite another ... read more

Michael Pick - April 9, 2007

Online video annotation has just taken a giant leap forward, giving you the opportunity to add subtitles, text, animated shapes and pointers, freehand text and drawings, images, webcam video and even RSS feeds directly into your web-hosted videos. Until now a range of online video annotation services ... read more

Michael Pick - April 5, 2007

The next ebook revolution is coming. After 15 years of associating the word e-book with some sort of PDF content designed and packaged for commercial delivery via the Internet (often with very low production quality and internal value), I have been struck by the fascinating insight ... read more

Robin Good - April 4, 2007

Intro by Robin Good If you are into wanting to learn and understand more about what you can do to further improve the impact of your online communication strategy while adding new useful components to it, the best thing to do may be to find the ... read more

Jakob Nielsen - - March 23, 2007

Google Website Optimizer is a new, free tool designed to provide online marketing managers and web advertising specialists with all the tools needed to carry out effective conversion testing on their site. This means that any webmaster or blogger who has a strong interest on how the ... read more

Michael Pick - February 26, 2007

The expression "digital divide" refers to the existing gap between those who can use new digital technologies and those who can’t. This is a key issue of today’s society, since it also provokes a distinction between those who can access certain information and those who are ... read more

Michael Pick - January 27, 2007

Browser compatibility testing is a web development practice that allows a web site owner to verify how her web site or blog, appears on computers utilizing browsers, operating systems and screen resolutions that are different from the one used in originally designing / developing a web ... read more

Robin Good and Michael Pick - January 22, 2007
If you want to create an electronic portfolio of creative works or a visual conundrum of images on a specific topic, to be easily integrated within an existing web page or in need to be distributed virally across as many sites as possible, Leafletter may just ... read more

Robin Good and Michael Pick - January 15, 2007

Internet video and online collaboration were massive growth sectors in 2006, and as 2007 forges ahead the two are finally coming together. With the emergence of the first real-time video synching and sharing solutions, the Internet video experience is definitely bound to become a critical work ... read more

Michael Pick - January 8, 2007

Online video is a great way to add rich content to your blog or website, whether you are keeping a personal journal or running a for-profit operation. The Google Ajax Search API is a great way of being able to customize the way you display your ... read more

Michael Pick - Google Playground - December 26, 2006
Web presentation applications have really moved forward in 2006, but there are few contenders that challenge the excellent SPresent in terms of the ability to create powerful flash presentations online in a matter of minutes. With a rich feature-set that steps up to PowerPoint and doesn't ... read more

Michael Pick - December 25, 2006

Personalized home page meets online virtual desktop: YourMinis - allows you to customize your own personal start page through RSS and OPML imports, full widget integration and open sharing of your newly aggregated content. The personalized home page has proved itself to be a great way ... read more

Michael Pick - December 18, 2006

One question we're often asked is which method is best: usability testing or expert usability reviews? Well, if they were sports cars, expert usability reviews might be a Porsche (pretty decent car and better than no car at all), but usability testing would be in a ... read more

Lisa Halabi - Webcredible - December 13, 2006

Yesterday, Adobe officially announced the release of the new Adobe Acrobat 8 which carries now within itself the fertile seed of easy-to-use real-time online collaboration for just about everyone. The new Acrobat Connect not only facilitates instantaneous document exchange and review but makes web conferencing and ... read more

Robin Good - December 7, 2006

Web widgets are tiny web applications that allow online publishers to easily distribute their content in a way that facilitates snappy integration by other blogs and web sites. In this video guide to web widgets I introduce you to these easy to use, highly interactive micro-applications ... read more

Michael Pick - November 27, 2006

Specify music style, mood, tempo and "age" of the music you want to listen to and Musicovery does the rest for you. Musicovery, is a new completely visual streaming web radio that allows you to precisely customize the genre and style of music you want to ... read more

Robin Good - November 21, 2006

Google's Gmail For Mobile Devices service can now be accessed directly from any Java-enabled phone's menu, in addition to the previously available service allowing access using a mobile internet browser. Among the most popular web-based email services, Google's Gmail is packed with useful features, storage space to ... read more

Michael Pick - November 6, 2006

Scrybe, due for a beta launch this month, looks to be a powerful web-based personal information manager with a host of intuitive features. With the ability to work on or offline with to-do lists, zoomable calendars and scheduling, multiple time-zone project planning and collaboration, and stylishly ... read more


Online video marketing is the key business differentiator for web companies wanting to communicate effectively their product profile and benefits within the shortest possible time. There is nothing else that comes close to the effectiveness and persuasion power of a well designed video message. This doesn't mean ... read more

Michael Pick - October 20, 2006

"Screen sharing is generally understood as the technologically-empowered ability to transmit the contents of your computer screen to one or more remotely connected Internet users. In other words screen-sharing allows you to show PowerPoint presentations, Word documents, images and any other software running on your computer ... read more

Robin Good - October 9, 2006

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