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from April 11, 2005 to January 24, 2005

I have been paying close attention to Mercora, the new private personal radio network in which anyone can be a radio station for over a couple of months now, and nonetheless the many improvements that still need to be made to make this a killer app, ... read more

Robin Good - April 11, 2005

If Ourmedia still doesn't accept your file or doesn't respond to your support requests, it doesn't mean that it ain't good, it means only that they are really working hard at it (I haven't been able to upload a standard Flash file with their Ourmedia Publisher ... read more

Robin Good - March 28, 2005

I have finally released online the newest edition of the RSS NewsMaster Toolkit. This is a 60-plus pages mini-guide providing full guidance to the production process required to create automatically aggregated vertical news feeds, and topic-specific information sites by leveraging the power of RSS. This new third edition ... read more

Robin Good - March 12, 2005

RSS, or Really Simple Syndication, is a new way to broadcast corporate news and structured information. Photo credit:Canadian Museum of Nature RSS offers a quick, easy corporate communication channel. The RSS contents are published as a feed and the feed's content keep customers, partners and journalists abreast ... read more

Sharon Housley - March 9, 2005

When you fire up one of your online software tools and straightaway get a message notifying you that there's a new version available for immediate download, are you grateful for the message or irritated by the distraction? Do you download and install the latest version there and ... read more

Robin Good - Fraser Speirs - March 7, 2005

I just finished listening to Rok Hrastnik's highly recommended interview with Robin about The RSS NewsMaster's Toolkit. The third edition of Robin's e-book is expected to be released within a week from now and describes the exact steps that you need to follow if you want ... read more

Robin Good - March 4, 2005

Internet television: ready for prime time? Are telcos-recycled-as IPTV-providers capable of providing a valuable and positively memorable user experience? This past Sunday I have been able, for the first time, to see a live sport event in the full glory of my 15.4-inch laptop wide-screen while connected ... read more

Robin Good - March 3, 2005

Personal Media Aggregators are the road to create instant-vertical-communities by way of becoming fulcrum points around which news, commentary, discussion, and networking opportunities around a very specific topic, brand, celebrity or writer can become a cohesive aggregating force. Photo credit: Sorin Brinzei Somewhere at the crossroad between ... read more

Robin Good - February 24, 2005

A benefit of being a member of Robin Good's virtual team is that I get an insider's preview peek into his mini-guides, for example into the third edition of the Newsmaster's Toolkit that will be released in the first week of March. One of the services ... read more

Robin Good - February 21, 2005

As surely as day follows night, video follows audio. The increasing popularity of podcasting, both as a distribution channel for audio broadcasters and as a 'radio-show' delivery manager for subscribers, inevitably means that insatiable techies will turn to video as the next medium to 'podcast'. Photo credit: ... read more

Robin Good - February 18, 2005

X-events, physical events that leverage the potential of new media communication technologies to extend their communication potential over time, remain one of the hottest topics relevant to conferencing and collaboration providers. Photo credit: Nelson Syozi The convergence of RSS, wikis, blogs, podcasts, discussion forums, newsletters and mailing lists ... read more

Robin Good - February 17, 2005

If you ever wanted to attend a concert, but for some reason were unable to go and see it live, then watching it live through your Web browser, from wherever you happen to be, must be a good second-best. Being able to pay for the experience via ... read more

Robin Good - February 17, 2005

It is now possible to edit video clips from your mobile phone and make a splashy presentation enriched by synched cuts, special visual effects and titles, all without having to learn complex software or editing techniques. The only thing you need to have are some good ... read more

Robin Good - [via Om Malik on Broadband] - February 12, 2005

When in January 2005 Adobe released version 7 of Acrobat Standard, Professional and Reader, most journalists were struck by the newly added feature that allows users of the Acrobat Reader version to edit and annotate PDF files if the original PDF publisher has enabled this function ... read more

Robin Good - [via Clive Shirley - Legal IT] - February 11, 2005
Microsoft PowerPoint contains an extremely handy export feature that allows you to create an autorun CD from your presentation slideshow. Chiara Monetti reports about it: "When you want to show a PowerPoint presentation on another computer, you can use the Pack and Go Wizard to transfer all ... read more

Robin Good - MasterViews - February 9, 2005

I have learned by listening to Rok Hrastnik RSS conversation with Paul Chaney about a term I had not heard before: RSS Radars. These are actually what I have been calling newsmaster feeds, and though the name RSS Radars is much more expressive, both refer to ... read more

Robin Good - February 6, 2005

"Beginning with Outlook 98, you get built-in junk mail processing, using either the Organize pane or Rules Wizard. However, results can be less than satisfactory, often putting wanted senders into the Junk Mail folder." (Source: "Rules and Tools to Filter Junk e-Mail") Many email newsletter publishers ... read more

Robin Good - Microsoft Office Online - January 31, 2005

Peer-to-peer file sharing has been a hot topic on all well-known technology channels on the Web during the last couple of years, with a surge in the last couple of weeks. Take the article The Shadow Internet in the January 2005 issue of Wired Online, for ... read more

Robin Good - January 30, 2005

If there was a small, entrepreneurial company to which to award my highest score for designing and executing a truly effective, cutting-edge, value-adding, and ethical online marketing strategy, that company would have to be Sharon Housley's one. Photo credit: Oleksiy Petrenko Sharon is one among three partners making ... read more

Robin Good - January 27, 2005

Released as a public beta this past weekend, eXeem is a new Peer-To-Peer (P2P) file sharing program that uses a similar download and upload component as BitTorrent. In less than 3 days, nearly 200,000 people have downloaded eXeem. The company behind eXeem is Swarm Systems, the ... read more

Robin Good - January 24, 2005

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