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Building a blog network This section focuses on network of weblogs, or blogs, at a global consulting firm. The firm has decided to link its 100.000 consultants through a series of five weblogs, or blogs in order to help them have access to more up-to-date information ... read more

Robin Good - June 24, 2006

An interesting juxtaposition in the headlines today: as Microsoft announces its launch of a tool to embed Creative Commons content licensing information in works created via Microsoft Office, CNET news covers growing opposition to the way Microsoft is implementing its Windows Genuine Advantage software anti-piracy tools. ... read more

John Blossom - Shore - June 22, 2006
Here is a small tribute to the power of visual communication, which through the humble artistry of these ten short video remixes showcases how much more effective and enjoyable it can be to learn through active watching rather than having to read the same subject in ... read more

Robin Good - June 20, 2006

Picasa's new feature allows you to create photo albums and store them online Join, listen and broadcast a live or recorded multi-person conversation and podcasts Send video clips directly from your mobile phone to popular video sharing sites Online service lets you send SMS text messages as emails Create your ... read more

Robin Good - June 18, 2006

Google has released a new, experimental AJAX-based search API that allows you to embed a dynamic search module into your web pages and enables your visitors to perform searches within Google and other sources directly from your web site. The Google AJAX Search API, which is ... read more

Robin Good - June 16, 2006

John Blossom hits it right on the head in this short article clarifying the differences between traditional media companies and content companies. If you are an online publisher of any kind, the understanding of this stuff matters to you more than any technology or SEO campaign ... read more

John Blossom and Robin Good - Shore - June 14, 2006

The intranet is changing. New communication technology is making it less a one-way publishing vehicle and more a platform for two-way communication, collaboration and innovation. In this chapter, we discuss these new technologies – from RSS, to wikis to blogs – and whether you should ... read more

Kathleen Gilroy and Bill Ives - Otter Group - June 13, 2006

Skype add-on that allows you to record your calls and auto answers to them when you are away Web-based photo search and facial recognition system Create chapters within your video and audio file to help your audience Access to your IM networks and your RSS feeds directly ... read more


Mobile messaging is about to break free from being a telephone-based-only universe, as more and more of the Internet-based communication channels start to interoperate with it. Swarming is about to bridge mobile phones and Internet-based communications channels. From instant messaging system that have now started to offer ... read more

Robin Good - June 10, 2006

Internet Broadcasting, Online Video, Internet Television: all these buzzwords stand to witness the booming popularity of video publishing and distribution on the Internet. Theatrical film releases may soon start to see their audiences first online and then through theaters worldwide just as the online movie ... read more

Robin Good - June 7, 2006

Connect two phones via a web-based interface and call people around the world for very competitive fees Search engine for images enables you to find similar photos within Flickr database Share your photos, edit them and create online slideshows with music Web-based images editor enables you to edit ... read more


"Why is news media yet unable to effectively understand how to best integrate user-generated content into their key online and offline publications?" Greg Sandoval at CNET News has a great summary of the relative non-progress of newspapers in adopting weblogs effectively. While deals such as the recently ... read more

John Blossom - Shore - June 2, 2006

Content and news aggregators, remixers, thematic content search engines and directories, topic-specific curators, newsmasters are the new front lines to where new media publishers, unbundled from the need to be tied to one, unique physical distribution network will be moving to. The more you will be able ... read more

Jeff Jarvis - Buzzmachine - May 27, 2006

While flashy iPods hog the billboards and street posters in may urban centers, the quiet revolution is not in proprietary mobile devices but in the rise of pervasive memory sticks that are affordable and increasingly roomy. Why lock your library of premium content into one expensive ... read more

John Blossom - Shore - May 26, 2006

Newsmastering is the ability to identify, select, aggregate, filter and distribute/publish news and informatiom streams on very tight, specific themes/topics. Newsmastering is a new emerging and much needed network function allowing the huge news flow to be categorized, filtered, de-spammed and re-routed and contextualized in one one ... read more

Marshall Kirkpatrick - Netsquared - May 24, 2006

As independent publishers keep lookingfor better and more effective ways to drive traffic to their web sites, email marketing remains one of the key strategic content distribution vehicles available to them. Even with the superfast growth and increasing popularity of RSS, email has not lost any of ... read more

Robin Good and Kim Roach - May 23, 2006

Videoblogging, podcasting and video sharing service offers you a free blog Video sharing community whose content is raised by user's ratings Online photo editor enables you to edit and add special effects to your images within your browser Web-based group email application allows you to send email to a ... read more


Video sharing platform allows you to publish videos and broadcast them from your website Record, mix and broadcast your podcasts and get free storage for them Music delivery and distribution service allows you to sell your music online Talking translator enables you to translate any text sentence into a ... read more


PJ180 is vMix new slideshow creator, enabling everyone to create great photo and image slideshows fully online and with from any computer type. vMix is an online service that enables people to publish and share their own video clips . Captured in one of our past Sharewood ... read more


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