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Open-source software is revolutionizing business, transforming governments and enabling education across the planet. Open-source is built on the principle that the source code of a program should be readily accessible, so that users have the right to maintain, adapt and improve the software they use in ... read more

Robin Good - February 16, 2007
Delivering and tracking effective e-learning content is an essential part of many companies daily workflow, and there are no shortage of services offering solutions to this problem. Not all of them offer an easy way to integrate your existing training materials with the need to monitor ... read more

Michael Pick - February 15, 2007

Are you a videomaker, an independent video producer or a web publisher interested in monetizing your video based content? While here at Master New Media I have recently showcased some of the most interesting ways to monetize online video content, I have to admit that the ... read more

Michael Pick - February 13, 2007

Nonetheless many discount blogs and small independent news sites as possible instruments for content monetization, most such critics are stuck into an old and intellectualized notion of what blogs and one-person web sites should be about. There is no law or tacit agreement among online publishers ... read more

Livia Iacolare and Robin Good - February 11, 2007

Yahoo! Pipes, is essentially a very powerful RSS feed remixer, which goes well and beyond the original newsmastering concept I described a few years ago. Potentially, Yahoo! Pipes is a highly disruptive visual programming environment that puts in the hands of many people the ... read more

Robin Good and Michael Pick - February 9, 2007

This article should really be titled "No More Stallman On YouTube? Free Software Evangelist Says No To The Use Of Proprietary Video Formats" as Richard Stallman is NOT an evangelist for open-source, but of Free Software, from which open-source movement later emerged. The key difference between ... read more

Robin Good - February 8, 2007

By subtitling or dubbing your Internet video output you expand its reach. This is a great way of adding value to your video, whether from an accessibility perspective, from the desire to reach an audience outside of your own first language, or even to add 'liner ... read more

Michael Pick - February 6, 2007

Podcast and audio files creator lets you record your own show and publish it online RSS to podcast service lets you turn any RSS feed into an audio podcast to share it across the Web Mobile podcasting service lets you listen to podcasts on any mobile phones Podcast preview ... read more

Livia Iacolare and Robin Good - February 4, 2007

The buzz this week is about Google's plans to offer eBook downloads for PCs and mobile devices. Great news, but will this allow the book industry to wrestle out of the stranglehold of a mass of conflicting delivery technologies and DRM strategies? That's not likely any ... read more

John Blossom - Shore - February 1, 2007

The audience has left the seats and it won't be told to sit back down again - armed with the tools of easy online video publishing, new media audiences are giving new fuel ad interest to fast growing area of consumer generated video. The explosion of ... read more

Robin Good - January 31, 2007

Every week it seems to become a little bit easier to get involved in multimedia content delivery and syndication - whether through sharing videos using Youtube, photos through Flickr, or your thoughts using popular blogging platforms. The ability to upload, embed and easily share media content ... read more

Michael Pick - January 30, 2007

Has your telecom company called to offer you its latest Internet high-speed line offering bundled with their latest home-IPTV bonanza? Watch out, surprises coming.... In this article I report about the very negative experience of installing the newest Internet high-speed offering cum IPTV solution in my ... read more

Robin Good - January 29, 2007

Looking to get some of your just captured best digital shots and send them over to a colleague across the ocean? In need to create an online professionally-designed photo album where to present your latest photo-shoot? Want to create an effective photo slide-show without having ... read more

Livia Iacolare and Robin Good - January 28, 2007

The expression "digital divide" refers to the existing gap between those who can use new digital technologies and those who can’t. This is a key issue of today’s society, since it also provokes a distinction between those who can access certain information and those who are ... read more

Robin Good - January 27, 2007

It is now easier than ever to sell your pictures online, regardless of whether you are a professional photographer, or an everyday person armed with your camera-phone. In fact, the latter is increasingly desirable in the fast-paced, wait-for-no-man world of news content. Citizen journalists have already ... read more

Michael Pick - January 23, 2007

Browser compatibility testing is a web development practice that allows a web site owner to verify how her web site or blog, appears on computers utilizing browsers, operating systems and screen resolutions that are different from the one used in originally designing / developing a web ... read more

Robin Good and Michael Pick - January 22, 2007

Looking for the latest and most interesting tools and services to use with your new mobile phone? In this issue of Robin Good's Sharewood Picnic the spotlight is on mobile services and tools and I am happy to bring to you the very best we found ... read more

Livia Iacolare and Robin Good - January 21, 2007

As the pace of change continues to increase, new small online publishers as well as established content media giants will both need to understand where and how to invest extra time and resources to keep their companies growing while providing more of what online audiences are ... read more

John Blossom - Shore - January 16, 2007
If you want to create an electronic portfolio of creative works or a visual conundrum of images on a specific topic, to be easily integrated within an existing web page or in need to be distributed virally across as many sites as possible, Leafletter may just ... read more

Robin Good and Michael Pick - January 15, 2007

RSS tools and services play an increasingly important role in the effort to effectively aggregate, syndicate, market and distribute online content. Thanks to RSS feeds, many of your readers need not go and check your home page on the internet every single day to find out ... read more

Robin Good - January 14, 2007

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