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RSS feeds are a great way of not only promoting your own online content, but also of leveraging that of other independent publishers for syndication purposes. Sooner or later you are going to want to make the news from your RSS feeds accessible to a broader ... read more

Robin Good and Michael Pick - March 30, 2007

The creation and management of rich-media is of chief importance to enterprise communications, not just in terms of effective webcasting, interactive marketing and the delivery of powerful learning content but also in the organization and monitoring of their effective use within an organization. One-size-fits-all solutions often ... read more

Michael Pick - March 29, 2007

The video blog has evolved significantly in the last year, propelling a new wave of web celebrities into the limelight - with such names as Amanda Congdon, Ze Frank and Loren Feldman carving out their own niches in the world of web 2.0 video. But a ... read more

Michael Pick - March 27, 2007

A new social media network with RSS aggregation capabilities has arrived on the scene, promising to provide a one-stop solution for the promotion of all of your online media. Whether you are a blogger, NewsMaster, podcaster or online video-maker a crucial part of your work is ... read more

Michael Pick - March 20, 2007

Web Science: The Science And Engineering Of The Common Good - The Importance Of Free Open Standards For A Healthy Evolution Of The Web: Tim Berners-Lee reports to the United States House of Representatives "The Web of the future will look a lot more like a large ... read more

Tim Berners-Lee - CSAIL Decentralized Information Group - March 15, 2007

It is easier than ever to create your own Internet radio station and stream your music, thoughts or discussions live over the web. Not so very long ago you would have faced either incredible equipment expenses and music licensing fees, or the continuous threat of having ... read more

Michael Pick - March 14, 2007

Social news aggregators like the popular Digg service bring all of the latest news together, and have their users vote on which items are of most interest - with top items floating up to the site front page, and those of less interest disappearing from sight. ... read more

Michael Pick - March 12, 2007

The term search engine is for many of us synonymous with Google - if you're looking to quickly find something online, it usually seems like the easiest option to head on over to Google and see what you can find. But there are hundreds of search ... read more


Looking for AdSense Alternatives? Here is a reference guide to the most interesting alternative solutions to monetizing your online content with contextual ads. Google AdSense is one of the most popular ways to monetize your blog, but there are times when it is worth considering the alternatives. ... read more


Stop [social] networking: Build your own network! - If you ever thought about creating your own mini YouTube, MySpace or community site, in which members can upload media, write and contribute directly, the time of your dream has finally come... thanks to Ning. It is now possible ... read more

Michael Pick - March 6, 2007

Video conferencing: A much improved version of VSee videoconferencing solution launches today, bringing this very promising and talented video conferencing solution ahead of its key few competitors. The new video conferencing solution by VSee not only sports an outstanding full web conferencing feature-set paired by great ... read more


Publishing and viewing online video is an incredibly simple prospect these days, and the hardest part of it is choosing which of the many video sharing services to use. However, if you are hoping to use free software - free as in freedom, in the GNU, ... read more

Michael Pick - March 1, 2007

myFeedz is a new service aimed at personalizing and adding a democratic, social dimension to the RSS feed reading experience. Here we have an interesting attempt to roll together the success of social news sites such as Digg, services that quickly learn your viewing preferences such ... read more

Robin Good and Michael Pick - February 27, 2007

Until some years ago, videomakers would have never foreseen the possibility to edit videos online in a semi-professional way and without having to buy expensive video editing software. However, today’s Web is populated by sites that allow users to edit videos online within their browsers, without ... read more

Livia Iacolare - February 25, 2007

Digital Rights Management, or DRM, is an all-too-pervasive means by which the manufacturers of hardware and software - including music and video - place restrictions upon the people that buy it from them. If you have ever downloaded a music track from iTunes, or a ... read more

Robin Good & Michael Pick - February 24, 2007

Small Business Rejoyce! More Online Collaboration + Less Microsoft Office = Google Apps Premier Edition. As the leading alternative to Microsoft Office the new Google Apps Premier has the keys to open up the gates to organization-wide online collaboration. Google announced yesterday the release of new premier ... read more

Michael Pick - February 23, 2007

The very broad and pervasive emergence of web-based image sharing marketplaces (such as photo sharing sites and online free photo archives) has rapidly revolutionized the traditional photo agency market making it increasingly difficult for the many small picture and photography agencies to compete with the many ... read more

Robin Good - February 22, 2007

Subtitling and dubbing Internet video is a great way of expanding the reach of your own video, and of bringing whole new audiences to pre-existing content originally created in another language. In this second part of my guide to subtitling and dubbing on the cheap, I ... read more

Michael Pick - February 21, 2007

How to create your own online store and sell selected products from your site: from affiliate marketing to integrated drop-shipping - A Mini-Guide. "Drop-shipping is a type of retailing where the retailer does not keep goods in stock, but instead passes the customer's order and shipment details ... read more

Michael Pick and Robin Good - February 20, 2007

The time has come for the evolution of an advertising platform, "giving entrepreneurs, advertisers and publishers of all sizes the infrastructure and tools for creating customized online advertising networks". With these new distributed advertising platforms, "network builders can define, assemble, merchandise and manage new, highly-targeted advertising ... read more

Michael Pick and Robin Good - February 19, 2007

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