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A reminder for those who have not yet taken the time to inform themselves: spyware and adware are big. "Typically, spyware arrives bundled with freeware or shareware, through email or instant message, or by someone with access to a user's computer. Adware is advertising-supported software that ... read more

Robin Good - Earthlink - April 16, 2004
"With these steps, you can turn your home computer into a miniature Web server that you and your friends can connect to when your Internet access is censored. If you are blocked from accessing a Web site, you can connect instead to the Web site running ... read more

Bennett Haselton - April 14, 2004
The first Mac OSX trojan horse, a piece of malicious code that intrudes computers without explicit consent from the computer owner, has been reported to be out there in the wild. The news item, initially reported by the Mac News Network and then by Slashdot, is ... read more

Robin Good - Slashdot - April 9, 2004

"Trusted Computing (TC) continues to be one of the most controversial technologies to come along in many years. Ross Anderson's (anti) TCPA FAQ, Lucky Green's apocalyptic DEFCON presentation, and sites such as and are full of predictions of online disaster if TC technology is ... read more

Robin Good - Unlimited Freedom - March 28, 2004
"A new Internet worm wriggled across the entire Internet in the span of a few hours Saturday morning to all computers running several recent versions of firewall software from Internet Security Systems, including BlackICE and RealSecure, according to this story at The flaw exploited was ... read more

Robin Good - Slashdot - March 22, 2004
Microsoft has released a technical case study of its internal security procedures, in which it spells out a three-pronged approach to thwarting malicious hacker attacks and urges enterprise admins to spend more time anticipating and preventing attacks. The case study includes several best practice recommendations for ... read more

Robin Good - - March 21, 2004
Follow the buzz and the key movers in the Online Collaboration arena. Kolabora offers a new special page where not only you can follow top tools, facilities, issues and trends, but where you can also suggest new ones to track. Powered by Waypath Buzz-o-Meter, this page ... read more

Robin Good - March 20, 2004
The Panopticon offers a powerful and compelling metaphor for understanding electronic surveillance. The prison-like society, where invisible observers track our digital footprints, does indeed seem panoptic. Bentham would surely smile wryly if he saw us complying with institutional norms as we use barcoded library books or ... read more

David Lyon - [via Nick Ru] - March 18, 2004

Phatbot is a kind of "Trojan horse," a type of program named after the legendary stealth attack because it let hackers take quiet control of unsecured computers. Phatbot has raised substantial concern because it represents a leap-forward in its sophistication and is proving much harder for ... read more

Robin Good - LURHQ - March 18, 2004
A well written reference to setting the foundations for serious privacy management of any online Web site property. "Over the past quarter century, government agencies in the United States, Canada, and Europe have studied the man ner in which entities collect and use personal information-their "information ... read more

Stephen Cobb, CISSP - via Computerworld - March 16, 2004
Google is in many ways most dangerous website on the Internet for thousands of individuals and organisations, writes SecurityFocus columnist Scott Granneman. Most computers users still have no idea that they may be revealing far more to the world than they would want. ... read more

The Register - [via George Siemens] - March 12, 2004
Starting in just 16 months, the Motion Picture Association of America will take a huge step toward controlling the way we can use our television sets. As of July 1, 2005, every TV sold in the United States will come equipped with an electronic circuit that ... read more

Robin Good - MIT Technology Review - March 4, 2004
The ongoing Internet-security freakout for anybody using Windows keeps getting worse. Every other week yet another part of the online world gets a warning label slapped on it -- downloads, e-mail attachments, instant-messaging file transfers and now Web pages themselves. "Browser hijacking" is as bad as ... read more

Robin Good - Yahoo News - March 1, 2004
Do you want to obtain maximum privacy while surfing certain online destinations? The "IP Address Changer" allows you to change your IP anytime by routing your Internet traffic through overseas servers. A small dropdown box appears on your Internet Explorer toolbar with a list of 15 ... read more

Robin Good - PrivacyTools - February 29, 2004
If you are in the US the music industry CD Price Fixing Settlement check is in the mail.This is just the tip of the iceberg in the entertainment industry's abuse of power to maintain absolute control over their products and make a buck ... at the ... read more

Robin Good - DonateMyMusicCheck - February 27, 2004
In yet another stunning display of complete disregard for individual rights, US District Judge Susan Illston has now ruled that DVD X Copy violates the Digital Millennium Copyright Act. This software provides an easy way to back up your DVDs. 321 Studios, the maker of DVD ... read more

Robin Good - ExtremeTech - February 26, 2004
UK-based security firm mi2g has analyzed 17,074 successful digital attacks against servers and networks. The results may be surprising for some. The study by mi2g Intelligence Unit reveals in fact that the world's safest and most secure online server Operating System (OS) is proving to be ... read more

Robin Good - [via Slashdot] - February 22, 2004
Here is a great list of security tools that can be used to detect, monitor, report, track and identify issues and problems relating to your online/network privacy and security. Recommended. ... read more

Robin Good - [via] - February 22, 2004
A great online resource providing extensive advice, guidance and online resources meant to extend your privacy while surfing to the maximum. This is a great Web site helping those needing to anonimize their Web navigation through the use of proxies and several other stealth techniques. ... read more

Robin Good - via - February 16, 2004
PIP works with almost any kind of a removable storage device, from a USB flash drive to a FireWire-equipped digital camera. Upon installation, PIP copies your e-mail account (messages and contacts) to your selected removable storage device. It also copies personal Internet data such as History, ... read more

Robin Good - PC Magazine - February 15, 2004

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