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Digital Rights Management, or DRM, is an all-too-pervasive means by which the manufacturers of hardware and software - including music and video - place restrictions upon the people that buy it from them. If you have ever downloaded a music track from iTunes, or a ... read more

Robin Good & Michael Pick - February 24, 2007
Everybody trusts Google - the name has become synonymous with web searches and contextual advertising, but mounting evidence leads some dissenters to ask the vital question 'are my privacy and security at risk when using Google services?' This is also the contention of a new short ... read more

Michael Pick - February 10, 2007

Trusted computing is a set of open specifications based on the idea that computer security can be achieved by implementing a particular microchip (called Trusted Platform Module), whose task is to allow users to install and utilize only “trusted” software (which is software that has been ... read more

Robin Good - February 2, 2007

The Read/Write culture of the remix and mash up are reshaping the web as we know it. But both continue to be threatened by those who would maintain an economic choke-hold on creativity. For while smart start-ups and media producers are backing the new wave of ... read more


Looking for the latest new media tools, web 2.0 services or for just-released new independent publishing software? Searching for how to distribute content online? Needing to communicate more effectively without having a big budget? Here is Robin Good's weekly collection of the best new media ... read more

Livia Iacolare and Robin Good - October 29, 2006

Participatory media has exploded in recent times, and moves from strength to strength almost daily, with new services arriving and evolving that make communicating easier than ever. But who owns the work you share? We are living through a huge shift away from top-down, one-way mass ... read more

Michael Pick - COA News - October 6, 2006

Software Patents Stifle Innovation And Kill Competition In Favour Of A Few. A software patent effectively stifles innovation and ensures that an elite few reap the rewards, while everyone else is left out in the cold. While Copyright, Copyleft and Creative Commons licenses protect authors work in ... read more

Michael Pick - The Foundation for a Free Information Infrastructure - October 5, 2006

Robin Good remix of the P2P file-sharing open-source movie Steal This Film from Sweden's Pirate Bay. Steal This Film (Part One) is a freely available open-source movie about file sharing, Bit Torrent and the news story of the Swedish very popular Pirate Bay torrent tracker. In the ... read more

Robin Good - September 18, 2006

"The idea is pretty simple: use a generic web browser and a set of online services to provide all the functionality needed by a computer user, removing the need for any application to be installed on the computer itself. I call it Office 2.0)" by John Blossom The ... read more

John Blossom - Shore - September 15, 2006

A complete set of web-based applications provided by Google that you can offer to the visitors of your web site Send pictures, files or video clips to your contacts from your desktop through an avatar-based interface Web-based browser that protects your privacy on multiple fronts Online directory of web ... read more

Robin Good and Livia Iacolare - September 10, 2006

Wiki Collaboration Tools Evolve Into Fully Professional Shared Workspaces with Great Accessibility and Ease of Use. I have now been using wikis for over two and half years, and frankly I couldn't do without them anymore. Their ability to facilitate my frequent needs to create shared workspaces ... read more

Robin Good and Michael Pick - September 7, 2006

Anonymous browsing, without leaving traces of where you have gone and what pages you have looked at, is now possible thanks to a new web browser launching today: Browzar Browzar which is a fully free browser, guarantees browsing privacy as it doesn’t save any cache, history, ... read more

Michael Pick - August 31, 2006

AOL, the fourth popular search engine, recently released search queries of 650,000 AOL subscribers on the Internet. Though AOL now says that it was a mistake and quickly removed the search data from their website, mirror copies of AOL search terms continue to be available across ... read more

Amit Agarwal - Digital Inspiration - August 15, 2006

"Pay attention. Practice compassion. ;-) " Recently, science and technology blogger Roland Piquepaille interviewed Howard Rheingold, and asked him a number of questions about the future. Howard, is the author of SmartMobs, a best -selling book about the emerging power of small and large groups of individuals ... read more

Howard Rheingold and Roland Piquepaille - Primidi - August 7, 2006

Server slowdown problems? If you, like me, are a small, independent online publisher, losing consistent traffic while knowing that the cause is not your readers taking off to other better destinations can be as frustrating as trying to hold water with your hands. If your real-time traffic ... read more

Robin Good - July 5, 2006

The Google loop: "Online shoppers often start with a Google search. Google search advertising program, AdWords, helps them find your online business through targeted text ads that appear beside Google search results. From today you can add the Google Checkout badge cart to your AdWords ads, ... read more


IM is the fastest growing communications channel ever. It is growing faster than the use of telephone and mobile use, faster than e-mail usage. Although people tend to associate it with teen-agers use, instant messaging is increasingly well entrenched in the enterprise as an efficient collaboration ... read more

Robin Good - June 23, 2006

Skype add-on that allows you to record your calls and auto answers to them when you are away Web-based photo search and facial recognition system Create chapters within your video and audio file to help your audience Access to your IM networks and your RSS feeds directly ... read more


"In reaching the conclusion that the coverage of Google relates primarily to the company’s corporate fortunes, one wonders if trust placed in the company may be based on the wrong qualities. If profitability is the foundation of trust, then Enron looked like a stalwart of twenty–first century ... read more

Lee Shaker - May 22, 2006

Videoblogging, podcasting and video sharing service offers you a free blog Video sharing community whose content is raised by user's ratings Online photo editor enables you to edit and add special effects to your images within your browser Web-based group email application allows you to send email to a ... read more


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