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from February 15, 2004 to December 16, 2003

Products that can eradicate all traces of your online activity have their place, but on your own computer they may be overkill. Features like AutoComplete, recently used file lists, and cookies were invented to ease and enhance your browsing experience, after all. FreeToGo 1.2 ($24.95 direct) ... read more

Robin Good - PC Magazine - February 15, 2004
Don't worry about DRM and lock-down computing. Historically they're doomed to fail. The former director of Geffen's technology group believes that wireless networks such as 3G, 4G and WiFi will provide the tipping point at which the entertainment industries come to the table to cut a ... read more

Robin Good - via Stephen Downes OL Daily - February 13, 2004
42 percent of the 500 American small businesses it surveyed said they would actually consider abandoning e-mail for business correspondence if the spam situation worsens. Not that today's antispam tools are useless. Many can stop a good portion of the junk mail streaming into your in-box, ... read more

Robin Good - PC Magazine - February 11, 2004

Online resource dedicated to list, organize and describe all instances of bots, such as automated search tools, search engine crawlers and other automated software agents which can be used for different purposes. Windows and Mac sections. Bots categories include: Search, Shopping, Tracking, Web monitoring, Chatterbots, Personal ... read more

Robin Good - February 9, 2004
The dangers of using Kazaa, Morpheus, Grokster, and other Napster-like peer-to-peer file sharing services. In using such services you "open up your system to a host of security and privacy threats, including viruses, worms, Trojan horses, snooping, data theft, spyware, and more." Apparently, MyDoom was originally ... read more

Robin Good - PC Magazine - February 5, 2004
Imagine being able to pinpoint someone's location anywhere in the world simply by typing a few keywords on your PC. Software allows spooks to pinpoint specific locations. That is what software partly funded by the US military is trying to do. ... read more

Robin Good - BBC News - February 4, 2004
An updated short list of recommended free tools and services that can be used immediately to free your computer from undesired spyware, malware, junkware and other malicious hidden programs. ... read more

Fares Rihani - January 30, 2004
Fear of inadequate protection of personal data has compelled half of consumers to reject or cancel doing business with a company. Accenture study reveals wide chasm exists between U.S. businesses and consumers regarding privacy and trust related to personal data findings point to opportunity for ... read more

Accenture - [via] - January 30, 2004

Wes Kussmaul offers some well thought out feedback to a question relating to how to best secure an online training environment. Advice covers issues of: , Identity, firewall, antivirus, use of passwords and back-ups. ... read more

Robin Good - Kolabora - January 24, 2004
No relief in sight? Will 2004 bring more of the same, or will it be remembered as the year in which Internet users "took back the streets" from virus writers, malicious hackers, and spammers? ... read more

Robin Good - PC World - January 2, 2004
The best and the worst effects of the various options out there. Also tested many of the more popular options in older to see if they stand up to the hype. ... read more

Robin Good - ArsTechnica - December 26, 2003
Automated teller machines operated by two financial services customers were struck by the W32/Nachi worm. Growing security concern about vulnerability of cash machines running Windows XP and interacting with other Windows systems. ... read more

Robin Good - PC World - December 23, 2003

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