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"Accessibility is about building web pages that can be navigated and read by everyone, regardless of disability, location, experience or technology." (Tim Berners-Lee Founder of the World Wide Web Director of W3C) Here is a new innovative mini-resource about accessibility its role, its laws and its ... read more

Max Design - [via] - October 29, 2004
IAwiki is a WiKi and in this particular case, it's a collaborative knowledge base for the topic of 'Information Architecture'. IAwiki is much more than that though. It's certainly a knowledge base, but not exclusively for Information Architects. Anyone involved in any aspect of the creation ... read more

Robin Good - October 17, 2004

Here is some truly innovative and beautifully designed "user experience" site for a luxurious and expensive car. The Volvo V50. The entry scene is set by the natural framing on a city street created by the window of a coffee bar. The photography, initial visual opening ... read more

Robin Good Recommends - October 14, 2004

A Well designed web site information map must visually convey the structural and functional information about a Web site. The creation of Web site information maps is one of the key activities of the effective information architect. In dissecting content, page types, user navigation paths and ... read more

Jason Withrow - Boxes and Arrows - September 26, 2004
News By Name is a free, non commercial news site with "up to the minute news headlines collected from multiple news channels. Incoming news is automatically scanned for 'names' allowing for charting, archiving and email alerts by name, showing you who's hot and who's last weeks ... read more

Robin Good - September 24, 2004
Browser News is an online resource devoted exclusively to provide information about Internet browsers and related issues: HTML, compatibility, page load times, standards, and more. Authored by Chuck Upsdell, a Web site designer and engineer himself, Browser News is not a new site and its value comes ... read more

Robin Good Recommends - September 16, 2004
Web site designers build components of a whole. This is really the essence of this valuable article by Jakob Nielsen preaching the relevance of more standardization in the design of Web sites, to facilitate the user in finding the information being seeked while not having to ... read more

Jaob Nielsen - Alertbox - September 13, 2004
Peter Morville, author of one of the key reference books on Information Architecture, has published a rich and well-curated list of information architecture resources online. Given his experience, know-how and vision, you can count on this being a must print-out reference. Peter Morville' selected article list ... read more

Peter Morville - Semantic Studios - September 9, 2004

"Finding information hidden in huge amounts of data is one of the constant leitmotivs of Information Visualisation. Autofocus is a software that combines computational linguistics with visualisation to achieve this goal. ...The goal of this program is to simplify the search for existing files in our ... read more

Juan C. Dürsteler - Inf@Vis! - September 3, 2004
While RSS continues to escalate in popularity as a viable distribution medium for content, issues about how to make newsfeeds more accessible and easy to use are just now emerging. It must be said, that being the application of RSS feeds highly varied and differentiated among ... read more

Robin Good - - August 26, 2004
"To discover which designs work best, watch users as they attempt to perform tasks with the user interface. This method is so simple that many people overlook it, assuming that there must be something more to usability testing. Of course, there are many ways to watch ... read more

Jakob Nielsen - August 18, 2004
E-learning teams are noticing and becoming aware of the immense potential of UXD (User Experience Design) practices in addition to the learning design methods used until now. "This article is an early attempt to define the elements of learning experience design or LXD and to explain ... read more

Maish Nichami - Australian Flexible Learning Community - August 10, 2004
Behind an innovative, elegant and for many aspects, effective interface, the Map of Creativity gives you access to an exploratory view of all the best ongoing learning projects available on the Web. "Given the enormous number of innovative projects, many of which are unknown outside a ... read more

Robin Good Recommends - [via Andy Carvin] - August 6, 2004
"Intelligence is moving to the edges, flowing through networked computers, wireless devices, empowered users and distributed teams. Ideas spread like wildfire. Innovations emerge from uncharted borderlands. Information is in the air, literally. We're exploring a new world called cyberspace, and we're navigating without a map. How ... read more

Peter Morville - Digital Web Magazine - [via] - July 29, 2004
The critical importance of white space in the effective delivery of visual content is well supported by this report comparing the reading performance of four different white space layouts. "Margins surrounding the text and leading (space between lines) were manipulated to generate the four white space ... read more

Robin Good - Usability News - July 26, 2004
Frequently people ask me why is it so important to use "standard", validated HTML code, even when they correctly see the page in their preferred browser. "All browsers know how to deal with correct HTML. However, if it is incorrect, the browser has to repair the document, ... read more

Robin Good - W3C - July 24, 2004
Why are companies reluctant to redesign their websites? Here is an interesting interview covering the of why companies and organizations have so much trouble when deciding to improve the look and accessibility fo their Web sites. The article highlights the importance of getting everyone on the ... read more

Ben Bradley - Darwin - July 19, 2004
Bruno Bozzetto is the best and most appreciated Italian character animator, and his work, translated into many movies and several TV and cinema advertisements is really above the rest. In a candid email this morning, Marc Freedman, CEO of TrustyFiles sent me over the link to ... read more

Bruno Bozzetto - July 13, 2004
AAALogo is a software tool to create logotypes in a simple and effective way. AAALogo has a very simple and highly interactive Flash-based interface which integrates immediate access to over 2000 basic symbols and graphics shapes. The end user can easily drag, resize, color and move ... read more

Robin Good Recommends - July 12, 2004
Newsletters are still one of the main distribution and loyalty-building channels for much of the content published on the Internet. Their value for keeping an open channel with your readers and their potential for expanding your loyalt reader base is unabated. Though I personally estimate the ... read more

Heidi Cohen - ClickZ - June 27, 2004

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