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After Skype has recently made the headlines with its release of the SkypeIn service, which allows Skype users on any computer platform to receive phone calls from any standard telephone line, a new tool challenges this latest feature, with an impressive PC-based offering where, those who ... read more

Robin Good - March 17, 2005

Several months ago I changed from Internet Explorer to Mozilla Firefox as my default browser. I asked around a bit before making my choice and really felt attracted to the open design of the program and the huge, though somewhat geeky community that is so vigorously ... read more

Robin Good - October 29, 2004
Browser News is an online resource devoted exclusively to provide information about Internet browsers and related issues: HTML, compatibility, page load times, standards, and more. Authored by Chuck Upsdell, a Web site designer and engineer himself, Browser News is not a new site and its value comes ... read more

Robin Good Recommends - September 16, 2004

I was not aware that the W3Schools had a public page listing its own browser statistics along with stats data for most popular screen resolutions, most popular operating systems and more. The statistics are made with data coming from the W3C.org own servers, verified against a ... read more

W3C - [via Slashdot] - September 5, 2004
This is something we have been longing for quite a while, and, in my humble opinion, something that can have a profound disrupting role in how IT departments and Web developers will select their Web coding and testing standards. As it appears, we may have a ... read more

Dan McTaggart - August 31, 2004
If you don't know about the Navigation Stress Test, it is time you consider it for serious adoption within your Web testing toolset. The Navigation Stress Test allows to evaluate the accessibility, usability and navigation framework effectiveness of any Web site. Though the author himself declares ... read more

Keith Instone - August 23, 2004
"The best way to improve the effectiveness of your company's web site is to let your site's users lend you a hand (quite literally) through the process of paper prototyping. Paper prototyping is a fast, low-cost method of testing web site designs. It involves creating rough ... read more

Troy Janisch - Evolt.org - July 19, 2004
To smartly celebrate its five million members registration record, BrainBench has opened up its full test library (normally these are ALL paid tests) for the remaining nine days prior to the launch of the Candidate Database, July 15th. All 450+ Brainbench certification assessments are completely FREE ... read more

Robin Good Recommends - July 5, 2004

The MIT Information Services and Technologies office provides an excellent starting point for anyone needing to test, evaluate, analyze or assess the effective usability/accessibility of a Web site. In one well organized page, all critical areas of usability and accessibility are covered through a simple guidelines ... read more

Robin Good - MIT Information Services - May 11, 2004
"Recent history and the Internet have opened up some unprecedented global marketing possibilities. The ability to reach a global market on the Web has highlighted some interesting challenges for user-centered design as well. One largely anticipated outcome of globalization was convergence. Levitt (1983) predicted that shared ... read more

Kath Straub - Human Factors International - April 8, 2004
"I will never be too clever to ever stop measuring how people use our Web site. I don't know what will work with our visitors the first time around. I couldn't have said that one headline would work better than another until I tested it. I ... read more

Robin Good - MarketingProfs.com - April 7, 2004
In an interesting Web Site Compatibility Test, MarketingExperiments tested five different Web sites on 14 different computer systems and discovered how to improve the conversion ratio for these sites by 42% without changing a single word of copy. Though their specific solution is hidden under a ... read more

Robin Good - March 29, 2004
WebSpeed Simulator helps you design more efficient web pages by previewing your Web page at the speed of real world dial-up connections. You can avoid designing pages that look great on your LAN but are too slow for the real internet. If you use Flash or ... read more

Robin Good - March 6, 2004
Test the download time for any public web page on the Internet and review access times at 14.4, 28.8, 33.6, 56K, ISDN, and T1 connection speeds. ... read more

Robin Good - Websiteoptimization.com - December 28, 2003
The perfect complement to Browsercam.com: test your Web site on a Mac Safari browser without having to own one. ... read more

Robin Good - iCapture - December 28, 2003
... read more

Robin Good - Master New Media - May 22, 2003

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