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In its newest book, "Free Culture", Stanford Professor Lawrence Lessig shows us that "while new technologies always lead to new laws, never before have the big cultural monopolists used the fear created by new technologies, specifically the Internet, to shrink the public domain of ideas." Penguin ... read more

Lawrence Lessig - May 3, 2004
"It may seem unintuitive to argue that packaged commercial content can co-exist alongside consumer content while concurrently stimulating content creation and sharing. In order to understand how this can work, it is crucial to understand how the current system of copyright is broken and can be ... read more

Joi Ito - April 28, 2004
It is here. This is the new frontier. One, that requires individuals with a brave spirit and an open attitude toward openness and transparency to start interacting and taking on the opportunities available in this new rich vastland. The game of life for these individuals is all ... read more

Robin Good - April 26, 2004
Creative Commons encourages artists to share and distribute their work for free. And that could be the key to a new multibillion-dollar industry. "Creative Commons is like a marketing tool," says Magnatune founder John Buckman, who has grossed $180,000 for 126 musicians since May 2003. "Free ... read more

Robin Good - Business 2.0 - April 24, 2004
"If we could freely display every piece of art we came across and enjoyed, and if we actively pursued new creations, it would only be natural to pass older pieces along after a certain amount of time. We only have so much room in our lives ... read more

Amanda Koh - [via Minciu Sodas] - April 24, 2004
"INgrooves, the world's largest digital record label, has released a proprietary software program, INgrooves Digital Music Access(TM) ("IN-DMA"), which will allow artists and labels, primarily in the Dance & Electronic genre, to view and manage their music for sale on all the digital services." This is ... read more

Sellout Central - [via Creative Commons] - April 21, 2004
How Can You Tell Whether a Book Can Go Online? In order for a book to go online, either the copyright holder (usually the author) has to give permission, or the book needs to be in the public domain (i.e. copyright on the material has expired), ... read more

Robin Good - The Online Books Page - April 12, 2004
A valuable list of online resources that provide access to copyright-free content, including image, music and software libraries. ... read more

Google Answers - [via Kottke] - April 4, 2004
Balanced intellectual property laws are essential to innovation. Silicon Valley needs to step up and protect the open traditions that have helped build the high-technology industry, Stanford Law School Professor Lawrence Lessig told an audience of Silicon Valley entrepreneurs, lawyers, and venture capitalists at the recent ... read more

Robin Good - PC World - March 20, 2004
You thought the chill was only for the United States? Think again: From now on companies in Europe will be able to raid, confiscate and freeze the bank accounts of those accused of copyright infringement. How do you like this newly passed EU legislation? While this ... read more

Robin Good - [via BBC News] - March 11, 2004
Buzznet is a photoblog community offering free hosting space for your digital photos and mobile phone shots. They offer image uploads via your web browser and cameraphones using email, making it easy to setup your own gallery of photos. Recently they became the first photoblogging service ... read more

Robin Good - Creative Commons - March 9, 2004
The current battles surrounding peer-to-peer file sharing are a losing proposition for everyone. The litigation campaign against music fans has not put a penny into the pockets of artists. We need a better way forward. First, artists and copyright holders deserve to be fairly compensated. Second, ... read more

Robin Good - EFF - March 2, 2004
If you are in the US the music industry CD Price Fixing Settlement check is in the mail.This is just the tip of the iceberg in the entertainment industry's abuse of power to maintain absolute control over their products and make a buck ... at the ... read more

Robin Good - DonateMyMusicCheck - February 27, 2004
In yet another stunning display of complete disregard for individual rights, US District Judge Susan Illston has now ruled that DVD X Copy violates the Digital Millennium Copyright Act. This software provides an easy way to back up your DVDs. 321 Studios, the maker of DVD ... read more

Robin Good - ExtremeTech - February 26, 2004
"Unless artists quickly grasp the possibilities that are available to them, then the rules will get written, and they'll get written without much input from artists." (Brian Eno at Midem 04) ... read more

Robin Good - Wired News - January 28, 2004
Not long ago, the Internet's ability to provide instant, inexpensive and perfect copies of text, sound and images was heralded with the phrase ''information wants to be free.'' Yet the implications of this freedom have frightened some creators -- particularly those in the recording, publishing and ... read more

Robin Good - New York Times - January 26, 2004
A five year old essay that is as fresh today as the day it was written. I like to celebrate and review this excellent essay by Eben Moglen, Professor of Law & Legal History at the Columbia Law School which clearly outlines the roots and foundations ... read more

Robin Good - First Monday - January 4, 2004
These days, almost all things are copyrighted the moment they are written, and no copyright notice is required. Copyright is still violated whether you charged money or not, only damages are affected by that. Postings to the net are not granted to the public domain, and ... read more

Brad Templeton - January 3, 2004
A new Creative Commons Flash-based story that tells through animation, music and voice the giants steps forward that the global community of individual artists, publishers, writers and musicians have been making thanks to Creative Commons open licensing schemes. The rules have changed and it is just ... read more

Robin Good - Creative Commons - December 17, 2003

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