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Telecoms: Will they be the owners of all future content distribution channels? "Traditionally, telecom companies simply offered various types of phone services and connectivity, and moved lots of data around - maintaining and constantly improving pipes & networks was the primary mission." Today, the basic connectivity ... read more

Gerd Leonhard - MediaFuturist - June 19, 2008

Ingenious individuals, hackers, professional amateurs and passionate self-learners are all contributing to a unique transformation taking place right under your nose. The future forces shaping the world of how we create things are in turmoil. The changes that are taking place now and in the few ... read more

Technology Horizons Program - The Institute for the Future - May 30, 2008

The future of music is in bloggers hands. It is blogs and other independent online publishers with strong voices and personalities who are going to dominate the future of music evolution, discovery, promotion and distribution. "Whether or rather how you will get to keep the music ... read more

Gerd Leonhard - Media Futurist - May 23, 2008

Traditional content publishers, those who have yet to embrace and understand fully the logic of the web, have been utilizing their legal arms and small army of lawyers to wage a copyright war... fight, discourage and destroy anything that appeared as a slightly moving object in ... read more

John Blossom - Shore - May 9, 2008

Monetization and business opportunities for online content publishers are increasing and opening up new alternative ways to do well in the online professional web publishing space. Unfortunately, most publishers, bloggers, and now even my favorite content business analyst, John Blossom, see things from a rather limited ... read more

John Blossom - Shore - May 2, 2008

Duplicate content: is it an issue you need to worry about? Whether you are on the side of those publishing content that is duplicated on other sites or on the side of those republishing contributing authors content on yours, it is important to understand what are ... read more

Robin Good - March 18, 2008
A few days ago I had the opportunity to meet briefly with Ty Roberts, CTO of Gracenote, a company which you may have not heard of, but which has already helped you thousands of times play and identify your music collection titles and artists on your ... read more

Robin Good - February 14, 2008

Where does fair use end and where does copyright infringement start? The use of video to create documentaries, remixes and video mashups is undergoing lots of scrutiny and evaluation by those in charge of regulating what and what can't be freely published as well as the ... read more

The Center for Social Media - The Center for Social Media - January 25, 2008

Open internet television: a grassroots dream or a collaborative effort for a greater good toward which we can all work? This is the question that Jeremy Allaire and Adam Berry of Brightcove ask publicly in this open letter they have released for the Consumer Electronic Show ... read more

Jeremy Allaire and Adam Berrey - Brightcove - January 9, 2008

"Our current political economy is based on a fundamental mistake. It is based on the assumption that natural resources are unlimited, and that it is an endless sink. This false assumption creates artificial scarcity for potentially abundant cultural resources. This combination of quasi-abundance and quasi-scarcity destroys ... read more

Michel Bauwens - P2P Foundation - October 27, 2007

How do you manage copyrighted materials posted to social media outlets? The recently published UGCP principles document suggests to online social media sites to adopt whatever technology may provide a best fit solution to place a limit on the amount of infringing materials being posted to ... read more

John Blossom - Shore - October 26, 2007

Markets may be changing from a logic of pure capitalism (making commodities for exchange, so as to increase capital), to logics where the logic of exchange is subsumed to the logic of partnership. There is now a thriving field of social cooperation, which some call the ... read more

Michel Bauwens - October 20, 2007

As music sells increasingly more through concerts than through CDs, content superstars, like Madonna and the Rolling Stones, show that serious revenues can be built around events, without music publishers, record companies or labels and without the need to push pricey locked CDs to your own ... read more

John Blossom - Shore - October 14, 2007

Open-source misses the point of defending users freedom and assimilating open-source with Free Software only plays against the original Free Software movement ideals and goals. The necessities of commercial business have somehow eroded the original Free Software ideals and the operational advantages have rapidly gained ... read more

Richard Stallman - Free Software Foundation - October 13, 2007

Want to see your online video mash-ups up there on the silver screen? The Basement Tapes is a collaborative documentary all about the changing face of copyright in the digital era, created by its online audience via video-sharing and remixing, an evolving online script powered by ... read more

Michael Pick - April 13, 2007
Curious to learn how we got where we are in terms of personal computers and operating systems we use? This great video mashup, tells you in four-minutes, where we are coming from and what alternatives are out there, if you don't like what you see. ... read more

Michael Pick - April 3, 2007

Digital Rights Management, or DRM, is an all-too-pervasive means by which the manufacturers of hardware and software - including music and video - place restrictions upon the people that buy it from them. If you have ever downloaded a music track from iTunes, or a ... read more

Robin Good & Michael Pick - February 24, 2007

This article should really be titled "No More Stallman On YouTube? Free Software Evangelist Says No To The Use Of Proprietary Video Formats" as Richard Stallman is NOT an evangelist for open-source, but of Free Software, from which open-source movement later emerged. The key difference between ... read more

Robin Good - February 8, 2007

The Read/Write culture of the remix and mash up are reshaping the web as we know it. But both continue to be threatened by those who would maintain an economic choke-hold on creativity. For while smart start-ups and media producers are backing the new wave of ... read more


Nonetheless the Creative Commons organization and its innovative and open content licensing approach have now been around for more than a few years, there are still a great number of would-be independent publishers, authors, and artists that while wanting to make best of the new opportunities ... read more

Robin Good - November 24, 2006

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