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November 2007

  • Online Content Publishing Strategy: Long vs. Short Articles, What's Better?

      What's better? Writing short summary posts with the essence of the info you want your readers to get or long, in-depth articles and reviews like the ones I often feature here on Master New Media? Photo credit: Maddog - Edited by Robin Good I am sure I am...
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    Jakob Nielsen - Useit -- November 30

    How To Send Very Large Files Across The Web: Eatlime Does It

      Do you need to send huge, impossibly large files to your colleagues via the Internet? Eatlime, a new free, web-based (and desktop) service allows you to send huge files to anyone while making the process as simple as it can get. Still in Beta, the new...
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    Robin Good -- November 29

    Write Great Titles For Your Blog Posts - SEO - SEM Beginner's Guide

      Writing great titles for your own articles and blog posts is the second most important thing you need to do to get greater visibility and exposure on major search engines. Notwithstanding tons of articles on the topic and the supposed ease with which great titles could...
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    Robin Good -- November 28

    Share Music Legally Online: Listen And Get Access To Favorite Tracks From Your Top Ten Buddies With Ezmo

      Online music sharing is easier than ever, but it isn't always legal. Ezmo provides you with an easy-to-use online music player that lets you share your music collection with up to ten friends without having to look over your shoulder. If you take a look at recent...
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    Michael Pick -- November 27

  • Cross-Media Publishing: Create DVD Slide Shows, Videos And Print Photo Books With One True Media

      Cross-media publishing is the ability to publish content across multiple media like the Web, printed books, video, slide shows and more. A new web-based platform provides all you need to assemble fancy multimedia slide shows with audio and music while providing you with all the facilities...
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    Michael Pick -- November 26

    Usability And YouTube – What Makes YouTube So Successful In Spite Of Its Bad Usability?

      Is YouTube a usable site? Is YouTube unprecedented success due to its audience passion or to some clever navigation and interface design solution? Are YouTube users having a great user experience when using the most popular video sharing site in the world or are they frustrated...
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    Paula Alexandra Silva and Alan Dix - British Computer Society -- November 25

    How To Name Your Blog Site And Domain URL - SEO - SEM Beginner's Guide

      New site owners and bloggers frequently make a common mistake: naming their site with their own name. While this approach may give your ego a good boost, it really doesn't help anyone find your content more easily via search engines nor it helps readers understand your...
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    Robin Good -- November 24

    RSS Video Feeds - Open Video Distribution via RSS - Separate Hosting From Viewing

      Why should I make a video RSS feed? What makes open video so much better? Isn't enough to publish my video online and allow people to watch it from my blog or directly from Youtube? Image editing: Robin Good - Photo credit: Techno If you are curious to...
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    Nicholas Reville - Miro -- November 23

    The Amazon Kindle And The State of the eBook Marketplace

      The e-book revolution is about to take off? The launch of the Amazon Kindle has left many wondering whether the newest ebook reading device introduced by Amazon is a major misjudged flop or if it really represents one more convincing piece in the making of the...
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    Antonio Tombolini - Simplicissimus -- November 22

    How To Get Good Links: SEO - SEM Beginner's Guide

      Every single SEO expert will tell you that the next important thing to rank high inside major search engines is to get good incoming links from other sites. But how do you go about getting good links from other sites in ways that are effective and...
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    Robin Good -- November 21

    What Is RSS: A Guide To Really Simple Syndication Benefits, Best Uses And Applications

      This is a guide explaining what RSS is and how to best use it. It is targeted at the non-technical user who has not had yet the opportunity to fully understand what RSS is all about and how to best put it to use. Photo credit: Max...
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    Michael Pick -- November 20

    How To Bypass Internet Censorship And Filters: A Guide To Circumvention Technologies And Anonymous Browsing

      Bypassing internet filters, circumventing internet censorship blocks, sidestepping forced filtering by commercial internet filtering software are the key focus topics of this depth-guide to internet circumvention issues, tools and technologies. Photo-motage by Robin Good with images by: Erik Isselée (hamster), Doug Steven (censored sign), Marc Dietrich (scissors) Whether...
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    Ron Deibert - The Citizen Lab -- November 18

    Think Outside The Box: Fluid Intelligence And The Ability To Question Your Own Beliefs

      The ability to change, to inspire others and to seed ideas that will contribute to make our planet a better place, are very close to those reading these pages. Sharewood and my idea of helping independent publishers stems from the very desire to help others, helping...
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    WantToKnow Team [via Sepp Hasslberger] - Transformation Team -- November 17

    Content Strategy: Have A Strong Focus - SEO-SEM Beginner's Guide

      The new small piece of online marketing advice that I am adding today to the large SEO-SEM puzzle, focuses on the importance of selecting and maintaining a very clear site and content focus - theme. Photo credit: Julian Addington-Barker As the web moves forward, the ability to...
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    Robin Good -- November 16

    How To Name Your Site: Beginner's Guide To Search Engine Optimization

      Naming your site appropriately, titling your posts in effective ways, using keywords to help search engines understand your content focus are all key ingredients to get people to find your site on the web. That's why if you want to get visitors and good traffic to...
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    Robin Good -- November 15

    Attention Profiling: APML Beginner's Guide

      Attention profiling is quite possibly the next wave of smarter, more relevant web browsing. APML is an emerging standard that promises to make it much easier for websites and services to cater to your exact tastes, reducing the information overload of seemingly endless web content. Photo credit:...
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    Michael Pick -- November 14

    Social Marketing: The New Facebook Conversational Marketing Proposition - Social Ads And Company Pages

      Last week Facebook announcement of a new range of social marketing options has given a good injection of innovation to the online advertising world, stuck, for already too long, on the stale, interruptive and unperforming banner-ad metaphor. Social, conversational advertising options, as Facebook has just...
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    John Blossom - Shore -- November 13

    Online Video Advertising Made Easy - Create, Buy And Sell Video Ads Online With Aditall

      Aditall provides an online marketplace for creating and selling, or buying and customizing inexpensive video advertising for the web. Video advertising is one way of making your message stand out on the web, and has now even been included within the ad units offered by the popular...
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    Michael Pick -- November 12

    Social Networking Meets Video Microblogging On Seesmic Upcoming Platform

      Seesmic, the new video communication platform being setup right now in San Francisco by Loic LeMeur, (presently open only to a limited group of invited beta users) is the first one that hints at pushing the envelope of video publishing and microblogging by creating a social...
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    Robin Good -- November 11

    Great Design Requires Good Listening: Six Keys To Become An Empathic Designer

      You can tell a great designer from her ability to tune in, identify and deeply understand the needs and expectations of her design client. The greater this ability, the greater, in my experience, the likelihood of design success. Photo credit: Yuri Arcours Great designers, whether famous or not,...
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    Joshua Porter - Bokardo - social web design -- November 10

    Online Social Networking And Education: Study Reports On New Generations Social And Creative Interconnected Lifestyles

      Is social networking good for education? The National School Boards Association (USA) in partnership with research firm Grunwald Associates LLC, and the support of Microsoft, Newscorp and >Verizon has just published a data-rich survey dissecting social and education related activity patterns by American students. ...And the...
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    NSBA - National School Boards Association - NSBA - National School Boards Association -- November 9

    Web Television Formats: Key Ingredients To Make Your Web TV Stand Out

      Nowadays everyone wants to make a web TV. But outside of all the glamorous announcements and the new fancy video players used by these new web TV stations, very little innovation in content production has yet come to the surface. Here are my personal recommendations for...
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    Robin Good - Master New Media -- November 8

    Investment Research: Crowdsourced Recommendations And User Insight Fuel Wikinvest New Wiki-Based Information Gathering Model

      Investment research is a highly competitive research field and having the ability to leverage a large pool of individual market watchers and investors may create more value than any traditional competing information gathering approach. This is what new online service Wikinvest attempts to do. Nonetheless this new...
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    John Blossom - Shore -- November 7

    Video Marketing Online: The Secret Formula For Success By Tubemogul

      Online video marketing and promotion is positively one of the most effective routes independent publishers can take up nowadays if they want to significantly increase their Web traffic, visibility and exposure. But what are the key ingredients to make video marketing effective? What are the key variables...
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    Tubemogul Team - Tubemogul -- November 6

    Database Publishing 2.0: Create Online Databases, Social Lists And Custom Interactive Atlases With Listphile

      If you want to create, maintain and publish online databases, social lists, galleries or even interactive mash-up atlases as added-value content for your blog or website, you may very well want to take a look at Listphile. This simple, free, easy-to-use web application makes it a...
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    Michael Pick -- November 5

    How To Blog: A Beginner's Blog Publishing Guide

      How to blog is something that a lot of us old hands take for granted, but for the beginner starting a blog can seem like a daunting tangle of questions and issues to be resolved. In this guide, I have gathered all of the essential resources...
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    Michael Pick and Robin Good -- November 4

    The Peer To Peer Manifesto: The Emergence of P2P Civilization and Political Economy

      Our current political economy is based on a fundamental mistake. It is based on the assumption that natural resources are unlimited, and that it is an endless sink. This false assumption creates artificial scarcity for potentially abundant cultural resources. This combination of quasi-abundance and quasi-scarcity destroys...
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    Michel Bauwens - P2P Foundation -- November 3

    Open Social: Google's New Social Networking Platform - What Is It And Why It Matters

      While social networking giants such as MySpace and Facebook have been building huge online communities by utilizing proprietary approaches and protocols, a new group of companies led by Google is embracing an open standards approach to social networking that may indeed revolutionize social media as we...
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    Robin Good -- November 2

    How To Select Images For Web Publication

      Selecting effective images for an article, post or web essay is not easy. Though an amazing number of new free image libraries, image search engines and other visual resources have sprung up like mushrooms in the last two years, the ability to select what's appropriate and...
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    Mrudula Kodali - WebCredible -- November 1

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