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"The most effective way to successfully achieve the ambitious goal of building a socially just and environmentally sustainable global society from the ground up is to first focus on our immediate health and well being. One of the greatest absurdities of modern life is when we ... read more

Jeff Buderer - Ryze Page - May 14, 2004
Today wealth is created through knowledge. The more effective the knowledge flow in an organization, the more wealth created. Within companies and public work, knowledge flow must always be severely limited. This is because of the control required for public work. Knowledge Leveraging Compensation is a ... read more

Barry Carter - March 25, 2004
One of the problems we've got with social software is that it relies on a large architectural model. But this doesn't serve goal-oriented groups terribly well. I'm beginning to think that a better model is shipbuilding, where the goal is to provide groups with a place ... read more

Robin Good - Mopsos - February 5, 2004
NetAction provides some guidelines and resources to use email and the Web as effective, inexpensive, and efficient tools for organizing, outreach, and advocacy. Technology is a tool that can be used strategically to enhance grassroots organizing and outreach efforts related to political campaigns and public policy ... read more

Robin Good - NetAction [via Joseph Daisy] - February 5, 2004

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