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Tuesday, October 21, 2008

How To Build A High Traffic Blog Site - Robin Good Video

Delivering 1.2 million monthly page views is no easy feat. In this video, Robin Good shares with you how he has built this kind of traffic base and what choices he has made along his professional web publishing career to move this kind of traffic to his online domain.

Photo credit: Robin Good

If you want to blog for a living, you need an audience. Knowing how to monetize your content is good. But the most important step is getting people to come to your blog... and getting them to come in droves. That is the secret of any blogger's success story: a high traffic blog is the key to wealth and riches.

Sounds easy enough, right? Unfortunately it is not.

The truth is, it takes a lot of work to build traffic that is large enough to give you some discretionary income.

The if-you-build-it-they-will-come mentality just isn't enough if you want to make blogging work for you. As Robin Good explains in this video, making MasterNewMedia the blog it is today was no easy feat. It was a slow process - six years slow in fact.

But that work has paid off. Sitting on an average of 1.2 million page views per month and published in four different languages, MasterNewMedia has become a not-so-petite voice in the international blogosphere.

So how do you create the kind of success that Robin Good has?

My parent's used to tell me that the best way to learn was to learn by doing. Well, that old adage stands true for blogging as well. If you really want to make your blog into something that you can live off of, you just have to start working at it... and working at it... and working at it. As Robin Good would say, quality is second only to "perseverance" .

But no one said that you have to do it alone. It never hurts to have somebody there to help guide and teach you to become a better blogger.

If you want to find out what helped Robin get where he is now, here's the video along with its full text transcript:

Intro by Andre Deutmeyer




Building A High-Traffic Blog

Full English Text Transcription

Hi guys this is Robin Good for MasterNewMedia. Ciao!

More questions coming from you. What have I got this time?

The question is: "How many visitors do I get everyday and what did it take to create this reader base?"

Good question... good question indeed!

So what is my reader base?

You can come any first week of the month to International Edition and find the traffic stats. All of the data is there. The data is public and fully available to you. You can see unique visitors, page views, demographics, subscribers to RSS feeds and so on

So what is this number?

It is about 600,000 to 700,000 maybe a little more depending on the month. I think September might be a little bit more... around 700,000 to 800,000 unique visitors per month. Those numbers are divided between MNM English, Italian, Latino (Spanish), and Portuguese editions, and all together it makes those numbers.

These people read from one to two pages each on average. Lets say one and a half pages so that makes for about one-point-one, one-point-two million page views per month. That is in fact nearly the number of ad impressions I can carry over in a month - i.e. how many times I can display ads to visitors. It is just above one million. I think it is a million two or so... that is 1,200,000 ad impressions.

So how did I get to these big numbers?

I didn't do anything really special. I did many little things. And it took a relatively long time. I have been here since 2002 (this is one of my first posts).

In the beginning, things were much more infrequent, and then gradually it became more systematic until this became my work... my full time job, about four years ago.

So month by month by...

  • Sending out my newsletter
  • Publishing new content... writing about stuff that I really really like
  • Avoiding picking up the news and rewriting someone's news and not adding anything of my own by going out and unearthing stuff such as research and reports that don't get the exposure they deserve
  • Creating unique content destinations containing some special articles, guides, and anthologies, or collections of videos

Through this I have been able bit by bit to add more visitors to my site.

But of all the things that I have done, I think the one or the few that have made a significant difference are:

  • Consistency
  • Perseverance
  • Posting content that is not short and superficial but goes in depth
  • Creating very effective titles for search engine optimization
  • Doing special things that people have taken note of and tell their friends and then... link and link and link

I think these things, along with the fact that I started a long time ago when there were certainly less people for such a broad topic, brought me to where I am now.

Today it would be much more difficult, and I would have to be more specific. But I am not thinking in anyway that it can't be repeated or done better than I did.

So I hope that helps.

Look forward to your next question. Send them in at Robin.Good[at] Ciao!


Originally shot and recorded by Robin Good for MasterNewMedia and first published on October 21st 2008 as "How To Build A High Traffic Blog Site - Robin Good Video".

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